20 Under-Sink Storage Ideas to Stow the Necessities

Get your bathroom and kitchen under-sink cabinets in order with clever storage hacks.

Published February 7, 2023
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Get your bathroom and kitchen in order with neatly organized spaces under your sinks. Use storage solution products, creative approaches, and a few stunning installations to get the cabinets beneath your sinks ready for a relaxing spa night or a smooth day of cleaning. Stop spending your precious time sifting through a cluttered mess and start creating the streamlined storage system your kitchen or bathroom is begging for with our under-sink storage ideas.

Under Kitchen Sink Storage Ideas

Set up the perfect system under your kitchen sink to make your cleaning routines easier. Choose the most efficient storage items and arrange cleaning supplies like a professional, so you can always keep your kitchen sink cabinet fully stocked.

Hang Hooks on Cabinet Doors

The interior side of cabinet doors is a great place to gain a little extra storage. Hang a few hooks to hold gloves, wash cloths, dish towels, and other small items that are usually found under your kitchen sink.

Use Stackable Drawers for Small Items

One or two sets of stackable acrylic or plastic drawers will add vertical space to your kitchen sink cabinet. Fill these drawers with dishwasher pods, microfiber towels, sponges, and other small cleaning supplies. You will still have plenty of space on top for a small bin or for stacking a few spare items.

Install a Rod

A small rod that stretches across the length of your cabinet will add additional storage space to your under-sink area. Hang this as high as possible so as not to subtract from the vertical storage space you have. Hang dishcloths on this rod or use it to hang your cleaning products by their trigger handles.

Include a Cleaning Caddy

A cleaning caddy is a great way to carry your cleaning supplies from room to room. You can use that same caddy to keep all your cleaning supplies organized under your kitchen sink. If one caddy isn't enough, you can designate one for your bathroom cleaning supplies and another for general household cleaning items.

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Mount a Wire Basket

A small wire basket or two mounted to the inside of your cabinet door is a handy storage hack. Use this to hold garbage bags or plastic grocery bags you plan to reuse. You can even use two wire baskets, one for clean dishcloths and one for dishcloths that need to be laundered.

Slide in a Lazy Susan

Don't worry about reaching through the cleaning supply clutter when you need a specific item. A lazy Susan will give you plenty of space for storing items like bleach, glass cleaner, and disinfectant sprays. Spin the bin around to reach whatever item you need at the moment. You can also use a lazy Susan for storing folded dishcloths, towels, and sponges.

Toss in a Few Mini Bins

For tight spaces or the tops of stacked drawers, small bins will help keep tiny items organized. Use small plastic, acrylic, or wire bins to hold extra sponges, small bottles of cleaning solution, and extras of your favorite candles or essential oils.

Fill Glass Jars With Small Supplies

One of the best organizational hacks for most spaces is to toss all the packaging your small items come in and place those items into a designated container. This also works for the space beneath your kitchen sink. Remove sponges, dishwasher pods, and steel wool from their packaging and place them in large glass jars. You can reach your items easily and instantly see when you need to add more to your shopping list.

Under Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas

Bath time for the kids and getting yourself ready in the morning runs smoothly with an organized bathroom storage space. Implement a few under-sink storage ideas below your bathroom sink for a tidy area when getting ready for your day or unwinding in the evening.

Store Hair Tools Efficiently

Hair tools like curling irons, flatirons, and dryers are probably some of your bulkiest under-sink items. Start by storing these items efficiently to get your organized cabinet journey off to a great start. There are a few options to choose from for storing your hair tools. Long, deep acrylic trays are a great way to store hair tools flat. You can also use a hair tool organizer with tall sections specifically designed for housing your curling irons and hair dryers vertically. To save even more space, an over-the-cabinet organizer can keep your hair tools within reach without taking up all your under-sink space.

Use Tall Bins for Bottles

Bottles of hair spray, body wash, and lotion accumulate quickly and easily fall over when you're trying to get ready. Instead of fighting the domino effect every time you reach for your favorite dry shampoo, store your tall bathroom items in bins. Narrow, tall bins that easily pull out from your bathroom cabinet will make grabbing your items easier and keep them all in line.

Keep Towels Tidy

Bath towels create clutter quickly in a cabinet, but they don't have to be an ongoing struggle for under your bathroom sink. If you're going to stack your towels, try rolling instead of folding. This will keep them from toppling over onto all of your other bath necessities. You can also add a basket to keep towels in their designated place. If your under-sink area has drawers, folding and storing towels vertically in the drawer will help the presentation remain tidy while keeping your towels easily accessible.

Use Jars for Packaged Goods

Discarding product packaging helps to cut down on clutter and improve your under-sink cabinet's visual appeal. When you toss the packaging for cotton swabs, cotton balls, and emery boards, reach for a few glass jars to store the items. Whether large or small, depending on the needs of your family, glass jars will clearly display the items while saving on space and keeping your cabinet pristine.

Cotton swabs in transparent jars

Install Slide-Out Shelves

Metal or wood shelves that slide in and out of your cabinet are an easy bathroom upgrade that will add extra space and convenience to your under-sink area. Use these shelves to store towels, a small trash bin, extra toilet paper, and baskets of your most-used toiletries.

Improve Storage With Drawer Units

For all the small or miscellaneous items you use in the bathroom, a few mini drawer units inside your cabinet will keep everything in its place. Use small units with three or four drawers for makeup, feminine products, bandages, or spare razors. You can also select single drawer units that stack to customize your storage space. Use clear drawers to spot the items you need or simply add labels to more opaque drawers.

Add a Tiered Shelf

For your smaller bathroom necessities, a two- or three-tiered vanity shelf will help keep them tidy in your cabinet. Use a clear tiered shelf so you can clearly see smaller items like perfume, makeup, skincare products, and nail polish. Tiered shelves also work well for housing washcloths, first aid products, and hair accessories.

Add Storage Options Under Your Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks may not offer much storage space on their own, but there are plenty of options you can explore to add storage under or around your pedestal sink. Tap into your creative side to find the storage option that works best for you.

  • Add a curtain around the bottom of your pedestal sink to conceal baskets of toiletries, stacks of toilet paper, or a collection of towels. You can even use this hidden space to tuck away a toddler potty or a trash bin.
  • Slide in a small, freestanding drawer unit to hold all your bathroom necessities in a stylish and clutter-free way.
  • Install a pedestal sink cabinet, like a bamboo sink shelf from Ikea, to gain the same storage space that vanities offer. This also conceals the plumbing that is often visible under a pedestal sink.
  • Add decorative baskets to the area under your pedestal sink to store towels, toilet paper, and hair tools. To conceal items that add clutter, you can select baskets or bins with tops.
  • If under-sink options don't fit your needs or you need to add to your counter space, add a small shelf right below your mirror. This can hold skincare products, dental care items, and decorative soaps.

Get The Most Out of Your Sink Area

Whether it's your bathroom or kitchen, the space under your sink is an opportunity to maximize your storage options. Use storage solutions and creative placement to get the most out of your under-sink cabinet. With a few pro organizational tips, your cabinets can go from untidy and hidden to an organized place in your home that you love to show off.

20 Under-Sink Storage Ideas to Stow the Necessities