Powerful Uses for Paper Lanterns in Feng Shui

Updated April 16, 2019
multi-colored paper lanterns

Many people question the use of paper lanterns in feng shui. Paper lanterns are a pervasive part of Asian culture. Just think of all the Chinese restaurants where you've seen paper lanterns hanging form the ceilings. Yet lanterns are more than simple decorations, in fact they actually have powerful uses in feng shui.

Paper Lanterns Help Fertility

Feng shui plays an integral role in helping fertility by using red paper lanterns. The colors mean a great deal in feng shui. Hanging red paper lanterns on either side of the bed can help to bring a child into the world. Many practitioners prefer to hang a lantern directly over the bed.

Use Feng Shui and Paper Lanterns to Reduce Stress

Though many people may dismiss feng shui, there has been credible evidence that incorporating feng shui into the practice of conception can reduce stress, induce relaxation, and improve health. Relaxation can help lead to conception. Hanging paper lanterns may not be like waving a magic wand in the air and waiting for a baby, but if feng shui can help bring harmony to your home and the special man or woman in your life, then it's certainly beneficial. Paper lanterns may not instantly initiate the physical cure you've been searching for, but they can definitely bring harmony to your home and improve the psychological aspect of fertility.

Paper Lanterns Bring Positive Energy

Placement is a very important part of feng shui. Positioning things properly is essential for enhancing the harmony, energy, and healthy balance of the home and bedroom. Paper lanterns can do a great deal toward putting the energy of your bedroom into harmony, especially the yang energy. Placing paper lanterns on either side of your bed will bring positive yang energy into the bedroom and improve the chi energy in the bedroom. This creative yang energy is harnessed by using brightly colored red lanterns.

Paper Lanterns for Healthy Marriage

Feng shui does have polarity, and using pairs of objects is very common and effective. Placing two red paper lanterns (both lit at the same time) on the sides of the bed will signify a long and happy marriage. It is imperative to light and extinguish the two lanterns at the exact same time. By doing so, the lanterns are in symbiotic harmony with each other, symbolic of the marriage and the harmony between man and woman. It is very bad to light only one paper lantern because this will not create a positive flow of energy between both partners.

Paper Lanterns as Symbols of Good Luck

During the Chinese New Year, you will see numerous paper lanterns. Paper lanterns are symbols meant to help bring good luck. They are great for parties and festivals.

About the Use of Paper Lanterns in Feng Shui

Paper lanterns are powerful products that have great significance in feng shui. Remember that it is more than just having paper lanterns, but knowing how to use them properly is essential for harnessing the positive energy of the lanterns. Incorrectly using the lanterns will do nothing to improve the positive chi and yang energy. In fact, paper lanterns used improperly can actually bring negative energy. For this reason make sure you understand the specific use of paper lanterns in feng shui.

Powerful Uses for Paper Lanterns in Feng Shui