Inspired Design Ideas to Use Beautiful Shibori Textiles in Your Home

Bring gorgeous color and texture to your home using shibori fabrics.

Published March 8, 2023
living room with shibori fabrics

Shibori, the Japanese tie-dye art of creating resist fabrics in intricate patterns, can bring beautiful style to your home. If you've fallen in love with gorgeous shibori textiles, you have many ways you can incorporate this unique element into your design. As with any bold print, you'll want to consider the placement of the item and how it complements the other details in your home.

Frame Shibori Fabrics

Once you try your hand at the shibori technique, you might see just how much of an art it truly is. Display your tie-dye masterpieces by framing the fabrics and displaying them as art. A trio of varying shibori prints would perfectly complement a boho bedroom or a coastal style living room.

Use Shibori on Your Duvet

Bedding is an opportunity to have fun with your home decor, and tie-dyed details are definitely fun. Incorporate a shibori-style dye in a soft blue or muted shade of coral for a refreshing update to your bedroom or guest room.

Make Shibori Pillow Covers

Print, texture, and color combine for the perfect pair of pillows in a shibori-style dye. Mix up the techniques for a collection of shibori pillows that breathe new and vibrant life into your sofa or bed.

Use Shibori Alongside Neutral Decor

One of the most beautiful aspects of the shibori technique is the focus on beautiful and vivid colors. Help these colors stand out in your home by surrounding them with neutral tones. Rich shades of indigo pair perfectly with black, white, cream, or beige.

Pair Shibori With Natural Textures

The organic essence of the shibori technique fits perfectly with natural textures. Pair your shibori fabrics with natural decorative details like rattan, rustic wood, stone, bamboo, and jute. The commonly used indigo dye also pairs well with natural wood tones.

Use Shibori in Subtle Ways

If you love the look of shibori textiles but aren't ready to commit to a large amount of the pattern, try a few subtle approaches. You can introduce shibori into your home in a way that feels natural and comfortable for you to gauge just how much you love the trend.

  • Try a shibori runner on your dining room table.
  • Use shibori tea towels in your kitchen decor.
  • Hang shibori curtains in a guest room.
  • Add shibori to your patio furniture with tie-dyed cushions.
  • Toss a lightweight blanket featuring shibori across your bed or sofa.
  • Incorporate shibori into your dining experience with tie-dyed place mats or cloth napkins.
  • Try a shibori shower curtain for a fun update in your bathroom.

Sample the Shibori Trend

As trends come and go, it's up to you to find the decorative details that will have staying power in your home. Try your hand at the shibori technique and introduce the print to your home to find out just how gorgeous and striking this trend is. Even a small amount of the tie dye detail might give your home the trendy update you've been looking for.

Inspired Design Ideas to Use Beautiful Shibori Textiles in Your Home