Best Places for Lucky Bamboo in Your Home for Feng Shui

Updated December 28, 2021
Home Bamboo water plant

Want a simple way to attract a positive vibe to your home? Adding lucky bamboo to almost any room in your house invites the beneficial energy you're seeking--but don't second guess where to place lucky bamboo in the home. Instead, follow room-by-room placement tips and use a feng shui sector diagram to generate positivity in your living spaces.

General bagua map

Put Lucky Bamboo in the Kitchen for Happiness

The kitchen is one of the best places to keep lucky bamboo in the home. Make your kitchen a happiness magnet by placing lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) in the following locations.

  • Set lucky bamboo anywhere in a kitchen located in your house's new beginnings and family sector.
  • Put lucky bamboo anywhere in a kitchen located in your home's wealth and prosperity sector.

If you have a dining table in your kitchen in either of these sectors, then place the lucky bamboo on it as a centerpiece. Otherwise, determine where each sector is in the room by placing the above diagram over the kitchen with the bottom along the entrance wall, and put lucky bamboo in either room sector. For a kitchen located in any area of your home, you can place lucky bamboo where stagnant energy (chi) may pool, such as above cabinets or on top of the refrigerator.

Lucky Bamboo in the Bathroom Neutralizes Negative Energy

lucky bamboo on counter in bathroom

In feng shui, the best hope for a bathroom is to neutralize the negative energy (sha chi) that comes from wastewater. Fortunately, lucky bamboo in the bathroom is an ideal remedy to minimize this type of energy and keep it from spreading through your home. Adding lucky bamboo is good bathroom feng shui, regardless of what sector your bathroom is in.

Place an arrangement on a shelf above the toilet, sink, or bathtub, or put it directly on the back of the toilet, edge of the tub, or sink vanity. Even better, plant the arrangement in a clay pot and allow the vessel's earth element energy to neutralize and absorb the excess waste water chi from your bathroom.

Lucky Bamboo in the Office Invites Wealth

office with lucky bamboo

Since your office is where you go about the business of making and spending money, drawing wealth and prosperity energy there is essential. For optimal home office feng shui, the room would ideally be located in the wealth and prosperity sector of your home to draw money luck, but that's not always feasible. Not to worry, however, because a carefully placed lucky bamboo arrangement in your home office will invite prosperity regardless of the room's location. Wondering where to place lucky bamboo in the office when the room is not in the wealth and prosperity sector? Consider one of the following locations.

Desk bagua map
  • Place the sector diagram above over your desk with the bottom-center (career) where the chair is. Put the bamboo in the wealth and prosperity section or the fame and reputation sector of your desk.
  • It's impractical to put lucky bamboo in the career sector of your desk since that's typically where your keyboard goes. However, you can use the desk diagram for your entire office layout with the bottom along the room's entrance wall. Place the lucky bamboo in the career sector of the office for luck or in the room's wealth and prosperity or fame and reputation areas.

Lucky Bamboo in the Living Room Helps Move Energy

lucky bamboo in living room

In your living room, lucky bamboo can serve a few different purposes. First, it keeps energy from stagnating, maintaining chi flow around your furniture arrangements. Square tables are a common feature of living room design, and their shape and placement often block or slow energy flow. However, placing a lucky bamboo plant on these tables draws the chi so it is above the table's surface and invites it to move freely around the room.

Lucky bamboo also attracts abundance when you place it in the wealth and prosperity sector of your living room because it represents the wood element that supports this energy. Likewise, lucky bamboo placed in the fame and reputation sector of your living room provides a wood element to feed the fire element, adding fame luck to your living or family room.

Put Lucky Bamboo on the Dining Room Table to Attract Abundance

lucky bamboo in dining room

The dining room is the seat of the family abundance, and lucky bamboo can double that energy. To accomplish this, use a lucky bamboo plant as the centerpiece on the dining table. You'll gain bonus wealth energy if there's a mirror in the dining room that reflects the table and lucky bamboo.

Don't Place Lucky Bamboo in the Bedroom

bedroom with nightstand

The goal of a feng shui bedroom is to promote a sense of peaceful relaxation and rest. So, while you want chi movement in your bedroom, it should flow in a gentle and calm manner. Lucky bamboo is a powerful energy mover. In this relaxing space, it can cause the chi to move forcefully, and vigorous energy is the last thing you need for sleep or relaxation. So, avoid placing lucky bamboo in this space, no matter how tempted you are to do so. Instead, opt for simple, uncluttered surfaces for a restful environment.

Lucky Bamboo and Feng Shui

Don't overlook the significance and benefits of lucky bamboo in the home for feng shui design. Take advantage of the good feng shui energy that a lucky bamboo plant attracts. By adding lucky bamboo to the rooms of your house in a thoughtful way, you can attract luck, prosperity, and happiness for all your home's inhabitants.

Best Places for Lucky Bamboo in Your Home for Feng Shui