105+ Grandfather Nicknames From Classic to Clever

Published April 1, 2021
Grandparent nicknames

Becoming a grandpa is an amazing and exciting experience. This little person will admire his grandfather, adore him, and love him for all the days of his/her life. When he or she finally starts speaking, what will he/she call grandpa? These grandfather nicknames range from classic to unique and clever. One of these will undoubtedly be the perfect name for a doting grandpa.

Traditional Grandfather Nicknames

Many nicknames for grandfather, just like nicknames for dads, are commonly used by children. These nicknames are classic choices and have been used by grandpas for years and years.

  • Grandpa
  • Papa - most common nickname in 36 of the 50 states
  • Gramps
  • Grampy
  • Grandpop
  • PopPop
  • Pawpaw
  • Granddad
  • Granddaddy
  • Poppy
  • Pops
  • Paps
  • Pappy
  • Grandpappy
  • Grandpap
  • GPa
  • Gee-Paw
  • Grand
  • GG - for a great grandpa
105+ grandparent nicknames

Unique and Fun Grandfather Nicknames

Your child's grandpa is one of a kind, and your little one is so lucky to have him in his/her life. These quirky and unique nicknames will make him smile every time his little grandbaby shouts it out.

  • Grumpa - he looks crabby, but on the inside, he is nothing but love
  • Grand Bear - for a grandpa who is like a giant teddy bear
  • Hugs - goes great with a grandma nicknamed "Snugs"
  • Bop
  • Grandy
  • Grandsie
  • Skip
  • Paparoo
  • PaDa
  • Bud - sometimes your grandpa is your very best friend in the whole world
  • Papzie
  • Papzer
  • Grandbop
  • Big Pops
  • Master P - short for Master Pops and a play on rapper of the same name
  • Grand Pawzee
  • Gee-Ka
  • Grand Daddio
  • G.D.
  • Grand Dude
  • Mac Daddy G
  • The Big Guy
  • G Dawg
  • Papster
  • Pap Star
  • Super Pappy
  • Mr. G
  • Popsi
  • Popdaddy
  • Papples
  • Biggie G
  • Grifa - combination of "Grand" and "father)

Nicknames Based on Grandpas Other Loves and Traits

Sure, a grandchild is the single thing that grandpa loves most in the world, but what else does he love? Play on some of his favorite hobbies, interests and traits to give him a tailor-made nickname full of meaning and personality.

  • Swings - because he can't get enough of his grandchild or the golf course
  • Tinkers - for a guy always fiddling with something in the garage
  • Snooze - when is grandpa NOT sleeping in his favorite chair
  • Hooks - no one loves fishing more than grandpa
  • Mate - he would never leave his boat if it were up to him
  • Coach - he loves all sports and will teach his kin to love them too
  • Chuckles - for a grandpa who loves to jest and laugh
  • Silver - his hair color says it all
  • Teller - no one tells a story like Grandpa
  • Einstein - because he knows everything about everything
  • Sparky - older he may be, but there is no mistaking that spark in grandpa's eyes
  • Lucky - for a grandpa who always has luck on his side
  • Mitts - for a grandpa who loves to throw the ball around
  • Grand-go - because some grandpas always have to be on the move

Nicknames That Pay Homage to His Place in the Family

In your family, grandpa is the head honcho, the leader of the clan, and the wisest guy that you know. These nicknames are inspired by his status in the family.

  • GrandBoss
  • Ace
  • Exec
  • Chief
  • Prez
  • Kingpin
  • Chairman
  • Captain - your child will forever be his first mate
  • Cap
  • OG - he is, after all, the original
  • Alpha
  • Patri - short for patriarch
  • Grand Hero
  • Honcho
  • Gran the Man
  • Gran-Kahuna
  • VIG - Very Important Grandpa
Grandparent and baby smiling at home

Names That Mean Grandfather From Around the World

If culture and heritage are important to your family, use the name "grandfather" in a different language.

  • YeYe - Chinese, paternal side
  • Gong Gong - Chinese, maternal side
  • Lolo - Filipino
  • Grand-père - French
  • Opa - German
  • Saba -Hebrew
  • Zayde - Yiddish
  • Abuelo - Spanish
  • Sofu - Japanese
  • Deda - Russian
  • Avô - Portuguese
  • Papou - Greek
  • Morfar - Swedish
  • Awoowo - Somali
  • Nonno - Italian
  • Babu - Swahili
  • Tutu Kane - Hawaiian
  • Nana - India, maternal side
  • Dada - India, paternal side
  • Bonpa - Flemish
  • Jidu or Jitto - Syrian
  • BPoo - Thai
  • Afi - Icelandic
  • Gigi - Ukranian
  • Jid - Arabic

Considerations in Choosing a Nickname for Grandpa

Landing on a nickname for a grandfather is a personal choice, and so long as you and grandpa both approve, pretty much anything goes. The options are wide and varied, but consider a few thoughts prior to making a final decision. The name you choose should be acceptable to anyone and everyone. In an attempt to be funny, people sometimes choose nicknames that can feel offensive to others. Make sure the name you desire is not offensive in any way. Also, choose a name that is easy to pronounce. Consider who will be saying it most often. No child needs a tongue twister when trying to grab grandpa's attention.

Lastly, know that whatever you do choose, your child might have some other thoughts on it someday. Kids do what they will to nicknames, and often times the kid versions of a nickname end up cuter and more creative than the initial intended nickname.

105+ Grandfather Nicknames From Classic to Clever