14 Awesome Entertainment Ideas for Seniors


Retirement living can get pretty boring. Never fear! Elderly entertainment can come in several forms like ballroom dancing, community theater or even walking. Sedentary seniors might find board games or book clubs enjoyable. Examine several forms of entertainment for the elderly to find the best one for you.

Active Elderly Entertainment Ideas

Ballroom Dancing

Gliding across a ballroom can be fun and a great way to meet new people. If you've never tried ballroom dancing, check out your local dance studios or community center for open dance classes. Many people get hooked on this type of activity because of the socialization and easy exercise. Some enthusiasts even enter ballroom dance competitions! In many larger cities, you'll find ballrooms that sponsor these events on a weekly basis.

Community Theater

While watching productions at the theater is entertaining, have you ever thought of being on the stage yourself? Character acting isn't just for the young; there are plenty of roles that directors have a hard time filling because they don't have anyone to play the older roles. Look in your local newspaper for audition times or call your local community theater to find out more about their upcoming productions. Get involved in the arts and have fun!

Red Hat Society

Ever been to a restaurant when a group of ladies in red and purple glide in? The popular club The Red Hat Society has spread across the globe to the delight of women everywhere. This group believes that you are never too old to have fun and have tea parties! While any female is welcome, only those aged 50 and older can wear the red hat and purple outfit. Join this group and find out what you have been missing.

Nordic Ski Walking

An activity that combines sight-seeing, birdwatching and photography is Nordic ski walking. All you need to join in the fun is to get a pair of Nordic ski walking poles, which can be purchased online or in any sporting goods store. The price for these poles generally ranges between $50-$200, depending on the model you choose. By using these poles to walk, you will find that you can walk longer and farther in just about any setting. They can also help people keep their balance better on terrain that isn't perfectly flat.

Outdoor Treasure Hunting

A new way to spend time with friends, grandkids and other family members is GPS treasure hunting or geocaching. This neat new trend requires you to use a handheld GPS unit to find certain coordinates where treasure or other geocache boxes are hidden. If you like the outdoors and want to add a little fun to your walking or hiking adventures, this is a great idea for elderly entertainment. If you think you can only do this by hiking on mountains, think again. Many geocache areas are located in towns and other accessible areas. Check out the Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site to become a member of this hot new sport!

Sedentary Entertainment Ideas

Don't worry if you have mobility issues, there are plenty of other activities for you to enjoy. Consider the following options:

  • Attend literary events such as book signings at your library or coffee shop
  • See new exhibits at the museum or science center
  • Visit an art museum and enjoy a leisurely lunch
  • Check out the weekly arts and entertainment section of the newspaper for upcoming events of interest
  • Join a book club or start one of your own to discuss interesting literary finds with friends
  • See a new movie or attend a play at a local theatre
  • Go to a high school musical or play for an inexpensive cultural event
  • If you enjoy a particular board or card game, set up a regular play time with friends at the library or senior center
  • Arrange for special travel or educational lectures at your senior center

Enlist the help of a friend or family member so that you can enjoy things outside of your home. You could also hire a companion who could help you go on weekly outings.

Entertainment Is Easy to Find

Now you have quite a few ideas to keep yourself entertained, but here's one more. Try some fun and easy trivia questions for seniors.

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14 Awesome Entertainment Ideas for Seniors