200+ Would You Rather Questions for Teens

Updated September 12, 2022
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Whether you're a bored teen looking for something to do with friends, a parent looking for a fun family activity that includes your teenage kids, or a teacher looking for a classroom game, Would You Rather (also known as WYR) is an easy way to have fun and stimulate your brain. This theoretical question game asks players to choose between one action or circumstance and another, often involving funny, unique, or crazy scenarios to choose from. Play from this list of over 200 good Would You Rather questions for teens to get the fun going. You'll find questions that will make you laugh, questions that will teach you things about yourself and others, and tough questions you'll find nearly impossible to answer.

Entertaining Would You Rather Questions for Teens

Get the fun started with some general teenage Would You Rather questions. In this lively icebreaker game, similar to Truth or Dare, players take turns asking and answering questions. For this fun activity, you play with a partner or in a group setting. The questions are a little more complex than Yes or No questions, so it will get people talking. Each question in the game starts with the phrase "Would you rather," followed by any of the questions. Or, scroll down for ideas on variations of gameplay to make it more interesting or ways to play in a group or classroom.

When you start a rousing round of gameplay with good Would You Rather questions, there's something here for any type of teen, whether they "would rather" answer questions about real-life scenarios or more fantastical topics.

  1. Be really strong or really fast?
  2. Be Deadpool or Ironman?
  3. Get a flat tire or run out of gas?
  4. Have a great job and live with your parents or live on your own and be broke and jobless?
  5. Be a part of the royal family or the president of a country?
  6. Combine breakfast and lunch or combine lunch and dinner?
  7. Live in the same house for your whole life or live in a different house every day?
  8. Turn into an older adult or turn back into a baby?
  9. Only buy things online or only buy things in stores?
  10. Live on a boat in the water or on an airplane in the sky?
  11. Be covered head-to-toe in tattoos or in hair?
  12. Go skydiving or bungee jumping?
  13. Lose your only set of car keys or your phone?
  14. Control minds or read minds?
  15. Travel to another dimension or another galaxy?
  16. Stop using paper or stop using plastic?
  17. Send a text to the wrong person or accidentally post an embarrassing photo?
  18. Marry a stranger or never get married at all?
  19. Drive a racecar or ride in one?
  20. Be a superhero or be saved by a superhero?
  21. Only take baths or only take showers?
  22. Buy all your groceries at a gas station or at a dollar store?
  23. Become an influencer or stay off social media?
  24. Wear a sweatshirt on a hot summer day or a tank top on a cold winter day?
  25. Break the camera or screen on your phone?
  26. Meet your favorite athlete or favorite musician?
  27. Watch a foreign film with subtitles or a silent film with subtitles?
  28. Skip cleaning the bathroom or skip cleaning the kitchen for a month?
  29. Have 10 siblings or no siblings?
  30. Not be able to feel anything, or be super sensitive to all touch?
  31. Have the hottest day of summer forever or the coldest day of winter forever?
  32. Jump out of an airplane or off the top of a mountain with a parachute?
  33. Swim with sharks or swim with piranhas?
  34. Be a ghost or a zombie?
  35. Downhill ski going super fast or super slow?
  36. Have a photographic memory or be able to hear colors?
  37. Have plumbing or electricity never been invented?
  38. Perform brain surgery or heart surgery?
  39. Walk barefoot over burning hot coals or the coldest ice?
  40. Get a terrible pedicure or give a great pedicure?

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Teens

Funny Would You Rather questions will make you think a little, but mostly just crack you up, making them some of the best questions for this popular game. When you get tired of telling funny jokes at school, check out these hilarious questions you can ask your friends to get them all laughing. From introverts to life-of-the-party types, these teenage WYR questions work for every personality. Even adults will get a kick out of these!

Girl with sunglasses texting question
  1. Sound like a sheep or a chicken when you laugh?
  2. Get sweaty or gassy when you're nervous?
  3. Forget the words while singing in public or sing out of key?
  4. Wear a shirt that's too tight every day or only be able to wear white head-to-toe?
  5. Trip and fall or throw up in front of your crush?
  6. Have your great-grandfather's name or his haircut?
  7. Only be able to text in emojis or only with misspelled words?
  8. Trade heads with the person on your left or the person on your right?
  9. Accidentally walk into a glass wall or a brick wall?
  10. Find a hair in your food or somebody's fake nail?
  11. Have a screaming sound or a crying sound for your ringtone?
  12. Have your dream eyebrows or dream eyelashes?
  13. Believe you have a spider sense or are a wizard?
  14. Be on an island with someone who annoys you, or all by yourself?
  15. Wash your hair with bar soap or wash your body with shampoo?
  16. Eat a spider or a bee?
  17. Spend all day on the toilet or spend all day in the shower?
  18. Smell like an onion or smell like garlic?
  19. Live with your mom forever or live with thirty cats?
  20. Accidentally send your boss or your grandma an offensive GIF?
  21. Put regular pants on two legs at a time or put one-legged pants on one leg at a time?
  22. Take a shower outside every day or never take a shower?
  23. Be able to do the worm or the robot amazingly?
  24. Be very ticklish or very sensitive to noise?
  25. Have no eyebrows or no fingernails?
  26. Have really loud gas or really stinky gas?
  27. Crawl or run everywhere?
  28. Walk around with your pants zipper down or two middle shirt buttons undone?
  29. Get a tattoo of your mom's name or your own name?
  30. Always be sweaty or always be cold?
  31. Kiss someone you like when you have bad breath, or never kiss them?
  32. Store all your food in your cheeks or in a hump on your back?
  33. Become a centaur or a mermaid?
  34. Lose a finger or a toe?
  35. Be terrified of pillows or terrified of blankets?
  36. Slap a seal or get slapped by a seal?
  37. Eat a good banana with the peel on or eat a peeled but bruised and mushy banana?
  38. Clean the toilet with your hand or with your foot?
  39. Shave your head or have hair down to the floor?
  40. Get flushed down the toilet or thrown in the trash?

Would You Rather Questions for Tweens and Middle Schoolers

Tweens are still in that in-between phase of not a kid anymore, but not quite a teen. They're seeking some independence, but are still growing into themselves. Try Would You Rather questions for tweens and middle school students for some engaging topics to talk about and get them thinking.

Good Would You Rather questions for middle school ages will be appropriate for a slightly younger audience, though they can still be funny or a little bit out there. As long as they're clean and not overly complex, they'll be fun for this preteen age group either in pairs, groups, or in the classroom.

Brothers bonding looking at smartphone
  1. Make your own bed every day or make your own dinner every day?
  2. Drink only soda or drink only juice?
  3. Only watch animated movies forever or never watch an animated film again?
  4. Be stuck as a tween forever or skip the tween years of your life?
  5. Only be allowed to watch Disney+ or only be able to watch the news?
  6. Have grey hair or pink hair?
  7. Listen to only your favorite musician for the rest of your life, or never listen to them again?
  8. Be famous at your school or be famous in another country?
  9. Eat cookies for breakfast or for dinner?
  10. Stay home from school whenever you want, or never have to clean your room?
  11. Watch a movie with no sound or listen to a movie with no picture?
  12. Eat nothing but candy or nothing but cake?
  13. Go to school all year long or go to school for two hours longer each day?
  14. Teach an adult how to be a kid or be taught how to be an adult?
  15. Give up pizza or ice cream for the rest of your life?
  16. Take pictures of animals or let animals take pictures of you?
  17. Drink melted ice cream or a melted popsicle?
  18. Be the principal of your school or have the principal become a student?
  19. Get no presents for Christmas or no candy for Halloween?
  20. Only do chores you hate, but do them less often, or do the chores you enjoy, but do them more often?

Would You Rather Questions for High School Students

Your high school years will be some of the most memorable in your life. These Would You Rather questions cover high school life, so they're perfect for teens to play with their friends, or for teachers and parents to entertain their high schoolers with. From breaking the ice at a high school club meeting to making a casual get-together with friends or family more fun, these teen question topics won't let you down.

  1. Get banned from TikTok or Instagram?
  2. Get caught starting a rumor or have a rumor started about you?
  3. Never be able to play sports or never be able to watch sports?
  4. Have your teacher or your parents take away your phone?
  5. Be able to only send text messages or only receive them?
  6. Play video games or read a book after school?
  7. Be the teacher's pet or the class clown?
  8. Have movie day in class or have a pizza party?
  9. Have emotional conversations with your friends every day or not be able to talk to them at all?
  10. Wake up early to get ready every day or wake up with 5 minutes to get ready?
  11. Be grounded for a month or not be allowed to come home for a month?
  12. Have a huge pimple on your face on senior picture day or at prom?
  13. Play tennis or basketball?
  14. Be super involved in clubs and sports or not be involved in anything?
  15. Take an extra math class or English class each semester?
  16. Commute to school on a tandem bike or a skateboard?
  17. Teach yourself something new or learn it from a mean teacher?
  18. Have a few really good friends or lots of friends you aren't close with?
  19. Be in drama club or band?
  20. Get a job while in high school or have to ask your parents for money?

Graduation Would You Rather Questions

As you start getting closer to graduation, you'll find you have some difficult decisions to make along the way. To lighten things up a bit, answer some Would You Rather questions about graduation and what kind of life you'll live after high school.

  1. Take advice from your 5-year-old self or your 115-year-old self?
  2. Go on a cross-country road trip with friends or spend a week at a cozy lake house?
  3. Go skydiving or bungee jumping to celebrate graduating?
  4. Start working full-time or go to college?
  5. Not have a graduation party or not get any graduation gifts?
  6. Take a year off before starting college, or start as normal?
  7. Move across seas or live 20 minutes from your parents?
  8. Go to university or trade school?
  9. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend in college or be single?
  10. Have early morning classes or night classes?
  11. Take only online classes or only in-person classes?
  12. Have unlimited coffee or take lots of naps?
  13. Go to parties every night, or never go to parties?
  14. Land your dream internship with no pay, or get a high-paying internship you hate?
  15. Be a tutor or be tutored?
  16. Attend the same school as your best friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  17. Work full-time and go to school part-time, or go to school full-time and work part-time?
  18. Live in a dorm or with your parents?
  19. Have an unlimited meal plan or free textbooks?
  20. Go to college for 2 extra years or finish it in 2 years total?

Would You Rather Questions for Teen Couples

As a teenager, you might want good questions to askyourboyfriend, girlfriend, or partner to spark interesting conversations. Would You Rather questions will help you learn about each other's preferences in a fun way, like finding out what you like to do for dates or how much you get to see each other. Even if you've been together for a while, these lighthearted questions will freshen things up.

Relaxed couple in the park spending time together
  1. Hang out at your place or my place?
  2. Go to the movies or a concert for date night?
  3. Not be able to hear me or not be able to see me?
  4. Be together every second of every day or be in a long distance relationship?
  5. Say "I love you" too soon, or not soon enough?
  6. See each other a lot but not be able text, or see each other once a week but text as much as we want?
  7. Binge-watch a show or read to each other?
  8. Wear matching shirts every day or let me dress you every day?
  9. Every picture in your house includes me or your celebrity crush?
  10. Never be able to stop saying how much you like me or never be able to say it at all?
  11. Have a lot of classes together but not sit by each other at all, or sit by each other in just one class?
  12. Win or let me win?
  13. Have detention together or not get detention?
  14. Have an expensive promise ring or an expensive vacation with me?
  15. Have the same haircut as me or wear the same clothes as me?
  16. Have a long beard or a curly mustache?
  17. Be called my girlfriend/boyfriend or my partner?
  18. Tell everyone every detail of our relationship or tell them nothing about our relationship?
  19. Have the same friend group or separate friend groups?
  20. Sneak out to see each other or not risk getting in trouble?
  21. Look alike or sound alike?
  22. Go for a run together or make a yummy meal together?
  23. Hate each other's friends or hate each other's family?
  24. Share a toothbrush or share a pillow?
  25. Be stuck together in a hug or in a kiss?
  26. Wear ugly clothes on a date or go to an ugly place?
  27. Go to a sporting event or snuggle?
  28. Watch a rom-com every night or a scary movie every night?
  29. Make every night a date night or never have a date night?
  30. Share the same taste in music or movies?

Would You Rather Family Questions for Teens to Ask

These would you rather questions make you think about family life and what you would choose when given difficult options. You could even ask these questions to your family members directly for an interesting way to pass the time.

  1. Have your own bedroom and share a bathroom or share a bedroom but each have your own bathroom?
  2. Trade places with a parent or the sibling closest to your age?
  3. Let your mom or sibling write your texts for you?
  4. Share a room with your sibling or never be able to talk to them?
  5. Live together as a family forever or never live together?
  6. Be mean to your family for a day or have them all be mean to you?
  7. Take turns making dinner alone or cooking together every night?
  8. Add a person or a pet to your family?
  9. Always know each other's business or know nothing?
  10. Share a phone or share clothes with your sibling?
  11. All have the same face or the same body?
  12. Be like the Brady Bunch or the Addams Family?
  13. Love each other and not be related by blood or be related by blood and dislike each other?
  14. Take a family vacation to the beach or hike in the mountains?
  15. Have too many family traditions or no family traditions?

Difficult and Deep Would You Rather Questions for Teens

Deep questions will make you think long and hard before answering what you would prefer. It may feel nearly impossible to come up with a sure answer for some of these, so just give it your best shot and enjoy the stirring conversation that follows.

Best friends using phone for would you rather game
  1. Have world peace or stop famine?
  2. Have your whole life on TV or never be able to watch TV again?
  3. Know everything and not be able to speak or know nothing and unable to stop talking?
  4. Make a new friend every day or make one perfect friend in your lifetime?
  5. Meet a deceased family member you've never met or a deceased famous person?
  6. Live without a soul or without a brain?
  7. Win the lottery or have the chance to go back in time?
  8. Be a bad person who looks beautiful or a nice person who looks unattractive?
  9. Live during a time of world peace or create world peace?
  10. Be a teenager forever or skip your teen years?
  11. Save all the animals of the world or save all the children of the world?
  12. Step in when you see bullying or beat your own bully in a fight?
  13. Have society revert to ancient times or skip a thousand years to the future?
  14. Win a billion dollars and give it all away or have to spend it on yourself all in one day?

Ideas for Playing Would You Rather Questions

While you can easily play a casual game of WYR with a friend or two, there are also lots of ways to make it more interesting or to play in groups. If you want to try a different way to play, one of the following variations might fit the bill:

Teenagers sitting on grass laughing
  • Set short time limits for answers like 10 or 15 seconds.
  • Require those who won't answer their question to complete a dare instead.
  • Choose a theme for all questions such as Disney characters or Music.
  • In a middle school or high school classroom, have students choose their favorite question and journal on it.
  • Have teens rate their favorite questions and name a winner.
  • For a group class game, have players go to one side of the room or the other depending on which answer they chose. Give an option for teams to explain why they chose their answers.
  • If playing with a group, keep a tally of the most popular answers, and then have a group discussion at the end of the game as to why those were more popular.
  • Hand out small prizes or candy for randomly answering questions one way or the other, just to keep it fun.
  • If you're a teacher, have students answer by raising their hands with their eyes closed. Tally the answers and reveal them to the group for further discussion.

Start the Fun With Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather and other question games like Yes or No, Never Have I Ever, or This or That are the ultimate games for parties, sleepovers, a night out, or traveling in the car. There's no quicker way to get to know friends, family, and even yourself than by asking revealing questions. These questions are so addictive, you won't be able to stop asking, "Would You Rather?"

200+ Would You Rather Questions for Teens