17 Awesome Jobs for Seniors Working From Home

Updated January 2, 2019
senior woman working from home

If you're a senior who wants to continue to earn work income, then jobs working at home, such as blogging or cooking, can be a perfect way to make a little cash. Skills you currently have from hobbies or previous work can easily translate into the perfect work at home jobs for retirees or seniors.

Types of Jobs Working From Home for Seniors

These work from home jobs require different skills, time, and effort and have varying start-up costs and potential earnings as well. It would be impossible to look at all the job options one by one in a short article. Therefore, the following is a short list of some ideas of different types of work that can be done from home:

Seller on eBay, Etsy, Amazon or Your Own E-commerce Website

eBay may be a great option if you have various items or antiques around the house that you would like to sell. Some people go one step further and visit estate sales and garage sales looking for items to sell on eBay that may make them a profit. If you have access to specific products to sell, you may want to try Amazon or build an e-commerce website. If you are an artist or hand make crafts, jewelry, etc, you may want to try Etsy or your own website.

Freelance Writer or Blogger

If you have a flair for writing you can look into becoming a freelance writer or blogger. You can write stories, write what you're passionate about or what you have an interest in such as health, cooking or travel.

Seamstress or Quilt Maker

You can work from home as a seamstress. Depending on your experience you can mend or alter garments or even create custom pieces. If you are a talented quilt maker, you can sell your quilts for $100 to $500 or more.

Maintaining Websites or Graphic Design

If you have a computer/I.T. background, this type of work at home job would be an excellent and easy transition for you.


Little ones will keep you young and active. If you have the patience and energy, childcare would be a perfect work at home job for you.

Business Consultant

You may want to consider becoming a consultant if you have an extensive background in business.

Tax Accountant or Bookkeeper

If you are a retired C.P.A. or bookkeeper, you can start your own work from home business doing income tax returns or books for small businesses.

Cook, Baker and Caterer

senior woman baking

If you love to cook or bake, you may be able to start a nice side business by selling catered meals for parties or selling homemade individual meals to customers. If you bake, you can make cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc, for parties or sell to small restaurants or local neighborhood shops. You may want to keep your business small or you can go as big as you want, depending on the additional help you have in the kitchen.

Tutor or Teacher

Becoming a tutor or teacher in your area of specialty. You can be a tutor in English, math, foreign language etc. or teach music or crafts.


If you have that proverbial green thumb, you may want to do gardening for profit such as selling items like fresh and dried herbs, flowers, or veggies.

Auto Repair

Whether you're retired from the auto industry or just have a love for cars, fixing cars may be the ideal work at home job for you.

Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

For true animal lovers, becoming a pet sitter or dog walker would be an excellent option.

Basic Resources

To find information about more work from home jobs for seniors, visit the following resources:

  • Home Biz Tools - This website is a tool to help people find the work they love and turn it into income. If you have an existing business, this site can help give you a competitive edge, increase profitability and have greater success.
  • Small Business Association - This association will help plan, launch, manage and grow your business.
  • The Work at Home Wife - This website lists great work at home jobs and career websites for retirees as well.

Find the Perfect Work-At-Home Jobs for Seniors

The best kind of job for anyone, whether young or old, is one they enjoy, can do well and produces the desired income. Finding the right employment is a highly individualized process.

Hone in on What You Want

First, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many hours a week do I want to work?
  • Why do I want a job? For social interactions, self-fulfillment, extra money, etc.
  • How much money do I want or need to make?
  • How much money do I want to put into start-up costs? Do I have any money to put into a business?
  • What are my best skills or strongest interests?
  • What supplies do I already have?

That last question is important. Obviously, it will be easier to sell antiques if you have some to sell. It will be easier to work on website design if you don't have to buy a computer.

Assess Your Skills

The best ways to assess your skills:

  • Consider what kind of employment you've held outside of the house.
  • A teacher, grant writer, lawyer, and cook - all of these jobs have skills that can materialize into a job at home.
  • If you were a kindergarten teacher for years and loved it, you might want to consider at home daycare for two or three children.
  • If you were a restaurant chef, you could prepare homemade meals and deliver them to families lacking the time to cook.
  • You don't need to just look at your primary job either. Make a list of all the skills you used at work in the past.
  • If you worked as a secretary for a large company you have typing skills, communication skills, phone skills, and more.
  • If you never worked outside of your home, make a list of all the skills you currently have. Painting, antique collecting, scrapbooking, landscaping - all of these skills can translate into work from home jobs for seniors.
  • After you have made a list of the skills you have, cross off the skills you have but don't like.
  • What you will be left with is a list of skills you both have and enjoy, which gives you a nice starting point when looking for work.

Look Out for Scams

Paying out of pocket for start-up costs is one thing. For example, you may need to buy sewing supplies or flower seeds. But, if someone is advertising at-home work and wants money up front, that can be a red flag. Don't trust them. Real businesses will never ask you for money; they pay you. To learn more about work at home scams and what to watch out for visit work-at-home scams.

Enjoy Your New Job

Some seniors may need to work from home to make extra money, some may feel the need to work, and some may just want to keep busy. Whatever your situation, just make sure your work from home job does not become stressful or overwhelming. You should be doing something that you're passionate about and that you truly enjoy.

17 Awesome Jobs for Seniors Working From Home