6 Awesome Retirement Poems

Retired couple

Retirement poems allow you to express retirement sentiments to someone whose work life is ending. Whether you print them on a plaque, use them in a card, or read them at a retirement party, these six original poems for retiring can help you express the thoughts and feelings associated with this significant milestone.

Hello to a New World

You've paid your dues,

Done your time,

Put in long hours, too,

And now, you're ready to retire.

That doesn't mean your life will end,

Indeed, it's just about to begin,

Great moments lie in wait for you

where life is free of schedules

time clocks and company rules,

Adventures abound like sparkling jewels,

A world of fun discoveries to relate

that come without an expiration date,

When the travel bug bites,

You're free to take flight,

And, since you're the boss of what you do,

Retirement plans are all up to you.

Retirement Checklist

Although a man of leisure, now,

Essential items you may need

to fulfill your retirement creed,

A cooler packed with beer, for starts,

A few things from your local mart,

A set of tools, called fishing gear,

Enjoy them now and around the year,

Appropriate attire you now require,

A floppy hat that's worn to fit,

Comfy shorts and shoes, a hit,

A shirt or two, a size too big

to give you room to grow,

And last, yet certainly not the very least,

A symbol's needed to commemorate

this momentous joyous date,

So, add a wristwatch to your list,

One that you can afford to miss,

Now, toss it far into the lake,

And, in this way, claim your stake,

A life unencumbered by time

as you cast your retiree line.

Things Change When You Retire

When you retire, you learn you had mistaken ideas,

And quite a few unfounded fears,

Rearview mirrors aren't makeup accessories,

A manicure while driving to work, no longer a necessity,

Curlers aren't required driving gear,

It's insulting to call older women: "my dear."

Several things you will no longer need,

Like lunch totes and thermoses filled with tea,

Or fingernail polish for pantyhose runs,

Saving each year for a Christmas fund,

High heels, brief case and business suit attire,

Worrying about layoffs and who's next to be fired,

Commuting to work, a race against time,

company meetings and unrealistic deadlines,

Living for weekends, a thing of the past,

And knowing you don't have to do anything fast.

Retirement's a new stage in life,

Doing what you want is certainly nice,

Enjoy your reprieve from the daily grind,

And embrace all the moments you're sure to find.

Retirement Perks

When you retire from work,

You soon discover the many perks,

In this new world, you're a novice,

Some of the rules are less obvious.

Work clothes need to be replaced

to fit a lifestyle absent of haste,

Discount drinks and meals are great,

As are other senior rates.

But the best perk isn't something bought,

It's doing those things you thought

impossible due to time and career,

So now, you have time free

to make your dreams come true.

Things No Longer Necessary

Things you no longer need

mount up when you become a retiree,

No more clocks buzzing alarms,

waking you up at the crack of dawn,

Work clothes and lunch totes now obsolete,

No set time to eat much less to sleep,

Scheduling appointments and other time off,

Longing to play just one round of golf,

Commuting to work with millions of folks,

Laughing at bosses' stale, humorless jokes.

Money you save, now pays for so much,

Time, you now own, more precious than such

things you can name, that kept you apart

from living your life with a brand new start,

So, here's to your change of status quo

and freedoms this stage of life bestows,

You now have time to find special niches,

So enjoy your retirement and accept our well wishes.


A new lifestyle awaits,

Shimmering through the years

of promises and hopes long held

in the whispered word of "someday"

silently wondering if that day would ever come,

now, standing on the threshold,

the doors of change wide open,

All you need do is step inside

to a new world of freedom

and time to live those dreams you shared.

Choosing the Perfect Retirement Poem

You can make up your own poems or modify one to customize it for the retiree you're going to honor. Use a few lines inside a greeting card, engrave it on a retirement gift, or embroider for a wall hanging keepsake. A poem can make this significant time extra special for retirees. If you're still looking for more ways to wish someone a happy retirement, try one of these funny retirement quotes.

6 Awesome Retirement Poems