Senior Citizen Online Communities: A Guide to Virtual Groups

Updated April 1, 2021
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Joining an online group for seniors is an excellent way to get involved with a fast-growing group of your peers. You'll make new friends, maybe find a date, and keep up with the latest news about senior health, travel, and events through various online groups. There are so many sites worth checking out.

Finding Online Groups for Seniors

There are many online communities for people entering their golden years. Each will have its own flavor and pace. Some online communities thrive on support; some on specific topics or hobbies like exercise, boating, golf, and other activities; and still others have a more humorous flair.

To find a community that best suits you, try out a variety of sites. The following are some great places to start.

SeniorNet RoundTable Discussions covers all kinds of topics in their chats and best of all, it has great online tips and tricks, perfect for anyone new to a senior citizen online community. The site includes a wide variety of online senior events that are free to site members.

The Third Age

The ThirdAge is an all-inclusive site for seniors. You can join a senior citizen online community; learn about health, news, relationships, money, beauty, fun, senior activities, and more. Plus, take fun quizzes and classes. Everything is geared towards seniors and it's a great site to explore.

Another site like ThirdAge is This site is a one-stop-shop for anything and everything that could be relevant to senior living. The site contains great articles on diet, health, family, and fitness.


Buzz50 offers seniors the ability to browse different groups and strike conversations up with like-minded seniors. Spend some time discussing your favorite pastimes with other people from around the country in your demographic.

Older Is Wiser

This site is geared towards those over the age of 50. It contains relevant articles, numerous forums, and chat room options, blogs, and even contests.

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GransNet is for grandparents who want to connect with other grandparents. It goes beyond making these obvious connections via forums and does what many other senior sites are doing in becoming an all-encompassing spot for anything senior-related. GransNet covers beauty and health topics, medical issues, and more.

Never Mind the Bus Pass

You might be aging, but you've still got it! For those getting up there in years, but are still feeling as sharp as a tack, Never Mind the Bus Pass is a fun and humorous place to spend some hours online.

Online Senior Dating Sites

Just because you are aging doesn't mean that you can't date! Dating websites are a common means for seniors to meet other seniors with whom they might make a connection. Common online dating websites include:

  • OurTime - a site geared towards mature adults looking to settle down
  • SilverSingles - the site claims to match up some 2,000 couples per week and is one of the most popular dating websites for mature adults
  • SeniorMatch - You have to be at least 45 years old to join this staple site. SeniorMatch has been around since 2003 and has built up a reliable and steady relationship as a go-to spot for older singles looking for connection.

Senior Blogging

The last type of online community you can join is a blog community. Senior blogs can be a great way to connect with others. MSNBC recently ran an article on Web-savvy seniors. The benefits for senior bloggers include:

  • Keeping your mind sharp.
  • Meeting people all over the world.
  • Being able to share life experiences with others.

Online Social Groups for Seniors Safety Basics

Going online is fun and can be a great way to make new buddies. However, there are also important tips to consider before getting online. As with any situation that involves meeting new people, your first priority is staying safe. Remember, just because something is online, doesn't mean that it can't become dangerous.


Make sure you research the online community before signing up to chat. Ask your friends where they visit and use common sense. If a site is asking for money or personal information like credit card numbers or social security information, avoid it. There are plenty of great free online communities out there that don't ask for personal information.

Screen Name

Choose an unidentifiable online screen name. Never use your entire full name.

Personal Info

Never offer personal information to other members and be vague about your address. Saying you live in California is better than in Eureka, California, or worse yet, giving a street address.

Meeting People

If you decide that you'd like to meet someone from your online community in person, take it slowly. Try moving from community chats to personal instant messaging first. After private messages or e-mails, then consider a telephone call or video chat.

Meeting in Person

If you decide to meet someone in person, take a friend or two along. Only meet during the daytime and in a public place, and make sure someone else knows where and when you're going to meet this new person. Never go home with someone you've just met, or invite them back to your home. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get to know one another in the future should things pan out.

This all might sound overly cautious. However, it's wise to take precautions when meeting a new online friend. This advice is the same whether you're 20-years-old or 80-years-old. No matter how much life experience you have, it's always best to put safety first.'

Active Online Communities for Seniors

Online communities are improving daily life for seniors all over the world. Remember to stay safe and consider what you truly want to get out of an online experience. If you ultimately decide that this is for you, then why not jump into an online community today and give it a try?

Senior Citizen Online Communities: A Guide to Virtual Groups