Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Published April 18, 2018
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Are Cancer and Aquarius compatible? As astrological signs, they aren't, but as people, maybe. Much depends on the entire horoscope of each. However, on the most basic level, these two live in different worlds. A successful romantic relationship will take time and a lot of difficult compromises. Other relationships might be easier, but any relationship between them will depend on each understanding and appreciating the strengths of the other.

Cancer and Aquarius Occupy Different Worlds

A Cancer and an Aquarian live in different worlds and each wants something different from life. Their worlds are so different that even if they tried, they might not be able to form a close relationship.

Cancer's World

Cancers live in a world that's up close, personal, and emotional. Their lives are about creating a sense of emotional belonging in place and time. They have an understanding of and feel secure with what's familiar: longtime friends, home, family, culture, and heritage. Their mission in life is to build a home and family and to nurture and care for those they love.

Cancer strengths include:

  • Loyalty
  • Caring
  • Dependability
  • Imagination
  • Empathy

Aquarius' World

Aquarians live in the world of the intellect. Their lives revolve around unconventionality, intellectual independence, and humanity as a whole. They have an understanding of and live in a more communal world where they can objectively interact with a diverse set of people and ideas. Their mission in life is to improve the world by sharing their vision with others.

Aquarian strengths include:

  • Intelligence
  • Open-mindedness
  • Inventiveness
  • Originality
  • Independence

Aquarius and Cancer Relationship in Romance and Marriage

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Aquarians aren't particularly affectionate or romantic. As a matter of fact, most are almost naïve in matters of the heart. For an Aquarian, love is something of an intellectual exercise. Aquarians need a romantic partner who is strong, self-assured, and independent.

For Cancer, love is a gut instinct and all about emotional intimacy. Cancers need a romantic partner who is loving, attentive, and affectionate enough to make them feel safe and secure in that love.

One thing they do share is a high level of determination. When either wants something, they will move heaven and earth to get it.

Sex Between Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer finds the art of romance to be sexually arousing and needs heartfelt, emotionally intimate sex. An Aquarian finds intelligence sexually arousing and needs sex to be experimental. The beauty of sex for this couple is that it will foster emotional intimacy and free an Aquarian them from their heady existence, which will enable them to embrace their emotions.

In turn, the emotional closeness that Aquarius shows is an act of love that will allow Cancer to feel safe enough to be open to experimentation and trying something different.

It's in the bedroom where a Cancer can begin to bring some warmth and depth to an Aquarian's cool intellectual demeanor and where an Aquarian can begin to expand Cancer's reserved and traditional nature.

Making It Work Between Aquarius and Cancer

The key to a wonderful loving romance or marriage is for each partner to make the most of the other's strengths. Cancer must fall in love with the Aquarian's mind, and the Aquarian must fall in love with Cancer's emotions, then both will need to nourish and cater to what they love about the other.

Cancer and Aquarius Friendship

An Aquarian wants to make the world a better place, and a Cancer responds to life by trying to give to others. Both are caring and friendly individuals whose friendship will be most likely based on their shared interest in helping others. So, while they may find it difficult at times to understand each other in many ways, they will be friends who respect one another.

Cancer and Aquarius as Work Colleagues

Every work environment needs the security of the conventional employee who can take care of day-to-day business (Cancer), but its growth depends on the unconventional employee who looks to the future and is innovative (Aquarius). Although a Cancer and an Aquarian are not likely to take their relationship beyond the workplace if each works in a position that plays to their strengths, they can create a dynamic work relationship.

Aquarius and Cancer Relationship Compatibility

This is an odd couple relationship. An Aquarian prefers being out in the world socializing with the masses and a Cancer prefers staying close to home and family. Everyone wants their relationships to be fulfilling, but sometimes the most fulfilling relationships are those that struggle through the interpersonal difficulties, where each embraces the other's world and they grow as individuals. An Aquarian and Cancer relationship is one of those.

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility