Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Gemini Moms

Published July 10, 2018
Mother and daughter reading book together

A Gemini mother has a light-hearted approach to life and a unique ability to stimulate a child's imagination. However, how she relates to her child depends in part on how her easy-breezy approach to mothering affects each child. This can be seen in mother and child sun sign compatibility.

Gemini Mom

A Gemini mom is hip, cool, and filled with life. She knows how to bring fun into everything she does, but is not into the mundane tasks of motherhood. As a result, she may not be a particularly nurturing mom. She's a great teacher when her kids get curious, though, and she'll never tire of answering their questions. She loves reading to them and taking them to the movies, but can't stand spending hours on end with them. She wants to be their friend more than their mother and tends to be a permissive and inconsistent parent; fun one minute, loud and angry the next.

Aries Children

A Gemini mom and her Aries child both have energetic and happy natures. An Aries infant is responsive to their Gemini mom's cheerful banter. As an inquisitive toddler, they're always asking questions and this enchants a mom who loves teaching. A Gemini mom is witty and entertaining, so an Aries child and their friends will think she's great. But it won't be all fun and games. Due to their restless, reckless, and sassy nature, an Aries child needs consistent boundaries. A Gemini mom has a permissive and inconsistent nature and is prone to laugh at their antics one minute and turn on her anger the next. This can be confusing to a straight-forward Aries.

Taurus Children

Like their Gemini mom, Taurus children are generally happy and good-humored, but much slower paced, far more self-indulgent, and bullheaded. A Taurus child doesn't need constant activity and excitement; they need routine, which bores their Gemini mother. They need a lot of downtime and mom is always on the go. They go at their own pace and won't be rushed, and a Gemini mom can get irritable waiting for them. To keep her sanity, a talkative Gemini mom must learn to excel at luring and bribing; this is the most effective way to deal with her Taurus child.

Gemini Children

A Gemini child is interested in everything, continuously buzzing from one thing to another. As infants, they are happy with the diversity and distraction a Gemini mom naturally provides. Mom will be thrilled that they talk early, are curious, ask questions and want to understand everything. Lucky for a Gemini mom, they have her short attention span and don't need her undivided attention. As fun, happy and mentally stimulating as this combo can be, a Gemini mom should understand that her child will also be as irritable, unpredictable, and argumentative as she is.

Cancer Children

Cancer children are emotionally sensitive, quickly overwhelmed by noisy, chaotic situations. They are very different from mom. She thinks; they feel. She's a gadabout; they're homebodies. A Gemini mom's love of spontaneity and mental stimulation can overwhelm a Cancer child who needs more stability. Her need for distraction and diversity can feel like a roller coaster ride to the child. Though it's not in her Gemini nature, mom must give her Cancer child plenty of time at home and lots of reassuring affection.

Leo Children

Dramatic child playing while mother watches

A Leo child is naturally happy, warm and affectionate, but also bossy, stubborn, and dramatic. A Leo child can be a joy for a Gemini mom. Like their mom, they are curious, social, and interested in the world around them. They'll love their mother's sense of humor, and she'll be fascinated by her child's flair for the dramatic. This child's warm, open-hearted spontaneity and playfulness can open a Gemini mom's heart and add stability to her life. Gemini moms must remember that their Leo children need to be the center of attention.

Virgo Children

A Virgo child is serious, picky and shy. Though adaptable, they are not flighty like a Gemini mom. They have common sense, pay attention to details and thrive on order and routine, none of which are a Gemini mom's strong suit. They are quiet and observant kids, especially when there are a lot of people around, while their mom is outgoing and talkative. Even a Gemini mom's penchant for making plans and changing them is likely to drive a Virgo child mad. For her Virgo child's sake, a Gemini mom must go against her nature and try to stick to set routines.

Libra Children

Libra children are active and mild-mannered. Like their Gemini mom, they seldom want to be alone. A Gemini mom and a Libra child are both witty and curious. They enjoy interacting with others, which means playdates, parties and lots of fun friends. They're both indecisive but for different reasons; mom needs to change things up and a Libra child wants to please everyone. However, there's no better mom to teach a Libra child not to care so much what others think than a Gemini.

Scorpio Children

Mother and son talking on sofa

A Gemini mom is very different from her Scorpio child. These children are deeply sensitive, innately suspicious, stubborn and emotionally intense. By contrast, a Gemini mother is restless and has a variety of interests. Mom lives in the outside world of shallow activities and seldom hides anything. A Scorpio child leads an interior life and never reveals anything that's going on. A Gemini mom may never understand her Scorpio child, but she can talk to them openly and honestly. She can ask about their dreams and encourage them to discuss their feelings.

Sagittarius Children

Sagittarius kids are open, carefree, and funny. Like their Gemini mom, they are fun-loving and always up for an adventure. Their desire to go wherever they want aligns with a mother who encourages her children to explore life freely. The best connection between them is their shared love of learning. A Sagittarius child is interested in the big picture; they ponder and ask questions. A Gemini mom is about facts and figures, more than willing to flesh out what they're wondering about. A less permissive figure in the family can add focus and grounding to the Sagittarian child's life.

Capricorn Children

A Capricorn child can be a gift to a Gemini mom, who provides her children few rules and boundaries. Capricorn children seem to be born knowing about limits and working hard, but they know little about having fun. These kids can take care of themselves by the time they start school. As incompatible as these two seem, this combination works. A mom who's not really into parenting has a naturally responsible child who can parent themselves. A carefree mom can just let her Capricorn children be themselves and still teach them how to have fun.

Aquarius Children

Mother and daughter at airplane museum

A Gemini mom and an Aquarius child are both curious about different people and places, and neither is particularly cuddly. An Aquarius child is attracted to anything unique and unusual. A Gemini mom will love taking this child anywhere and having an amazing time exploring the world through their eyes. Aquarius kids are intellectually stubborn and march to the beat of their own drum. All a Gemini mom must do is give their Aquarius child space and time to explore their innovative thoughts and ideas.

Pisces Children

Warm and cuddly is not how you'd describe a Gemini mom, so she'll need to adapt to the sweet, sensitive Pisces child who needs closeness and affection. Pisces children are trusting, shy, and emotionally sensitive to others, especially mom. A Gemini mom must check her moodiness and impatience and stay in her happy place when dealing with her Pisces child. A Pisces child is delicate and needs her emotional support, so mom should try to connect emotionally without intellectualizing her feelings.

More Than a Sun Sign

The astrological sun in a horoscope represents the "self." More often than not, a mother has to set aside at least part of that "self" to facilitate their child's healthy sense of self. Mother/child compatibility depends on much more than sun signs. If what's written here does not sound like you and your child, a visit to a professional astrologer can show you why.

Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Gemini Moms