Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

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Aquarius and Pisces are considered the hippies of the zodiac. An Aquarius man says, "I'll live my life and you live yours." A Pisces woman says, "It's all good." He's a visionary, she's a dreamer. The result may be the chemistry of kindred spirits.

The Aquarius Man

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Aquarius is the universal fixed air sign that focuses on worldly ideas and an ideal humanity. Aquarius is the sign of the universal mind. Because of their fixed nature, no matter how radical or conventional an Aquarian's ideas or ideals are, they are not easily changed. Aquarians have a fundamental independence of mind and a need to express their individuality. They feel they were born to serve humanity and can latch onto a cause they believe is for the betterment of society and pursue it with relentless determination.

The Aquarius man is an often eclectic, sometimes erratic, sometimes brilliant, always stubborn, sometimes aloof, New Age sort of guy. He's a visionary, a freethinker and often humanitarian by nature. He defines himself by his thoughts and ideas and seeks out others who think and believe the same way he does. Then he expresses his individual uniqueness while still being part of a larger community. An Aquarian's highest goal in life is to make the world a better place.

What An Aquarian Man Needs in a Partner

In a relationship, interdependence is the Aquarian man's aim. He longs to coexist rather than merge with his partner. Bonding with another human is hard for a man who intellectualizes his emotions and feelings. So, he can be aloof, awkward, and hesitant to commit. He needs an independent partner who will engage his emotions, trust him, inspire him, excite him with endless possibilities, give him wings to fly, and offer a greater purpose in life.

The Pisces Woman

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Pisces is the universal mutable water sign that focuses on vague feelings and impressions. Pisces is the sign of universal love. Because of their mutable water nature, Pisceans can easily go with the flow and change course mid-stream. They are impressionable, empathetic, gentle, kind, and patient. They can adapt to the circumstances that surround them and have a deep sense of love and compassion for all living things.

A Pisces woman is sensitive, mystical, and instinctual rather than intellectual or mechanical. She has an innocence about the world and hope for a future full of wonders. This is a woman who sees the best in everyone and everything who is receptive to new ideas, as well as anything or anyone unique, exotic, unconventional, and strange. Intuitive, metaphysical, and chameleon-like by nature, she can blend into whatever reality she finds herself in, has a soft heart, and is deeply affected by the moods and feelings of others.

What A Pisces Woman Needs in a Partner

In a relationship, a Pisces woman longs to merge with and lose herself in her partner. So, she needs a strong and confident partner who will foster her independent nature, give her something and someone to believe in, inspire her creativity, and keep her on track. A partner who has a quirky way of seeing the world will understand her sensitivity and need for solitude.

Mutual Attraction

Surprisingly, a partnership between an intellectual and aloof man and a highly sensitive and emotional woman really can work. When they meet, they feel like kindred spirits. There's a spiritual bond and mutual attraction.

Both are open to people from all walks of life and all opinions, philosophies, and beliefs. Each has a tendency toward universalism and inclusion, is concerned about the welfare of others, and wants to make the world a better place. Each is about something more than themselves, and both feel misunderstood.

As a couple, they are likely to be working together to make a difference in causes they feel are for the betterment of humanity. As a matter of fact, an Aquarius man and a Pisces woman probably met through their shared interest in some social cause.

Each is attracted to the other because of their shared:

  • Original, eccentric, offbeat, and unique angles on life
  • Open-minded acceptance of others
  • Humanitarianism
  • Free spirted, artistic, peace-loving, and friendly nature

Alike but Different

While both an Aquarius man and a Pisces woman can be very caring people who share all the attributes above, their approaches are very different.

Differences include:

  • On her own, she prefers to help people one by one, and he's more interested in the big picture and what's good for all.
  • On his own, he can appear almost uncaring in a one one one situation, and she can be a pushover for a sob story.

However, when they play off each other's strengths (his head and her heart), a Pisces woman's emotional depth keeps an Aquarius man from becoming too into his head and aloof, while an Aquarius man stabilizes a Pisces woman and mitigates some of her drifting dreaminess. Working as one, they can be a couple who exemplifies unconditional involvement with loving detachment, both in their relationships with others and their relationship with each other.

Sex Is the Key to Romance, Intimacy, and Creativity

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Sex fosters emotional intimacy. This is probably the reason an Aquarius man starts out shy, friendly, and takes things slowly when it comes to romantic, sexual involvements. It's not that an Aquarius man has no emotions, he just keeps them contained and won't often reveal them.

An Aquarius man needs a muse to trigger those emotions, and that's the alluring and feminine Pisces woman's role in their romantic relationship if it is to survive. She can be the muse and sexual guide that frees him from his heady existence and allows him to grow to his greatest potential.

It's a mixture of her open acceptance of and affection for him, as well as her willingness to listen and show interest in understanding what he's thinking about and working on that will warm his heart and magnify his self-confidence and creativity in all areas of his life. Her reward is for him to be transformed into the affectionate, romantic, attentive, creative lover and partner she desires.

Their sexual creativity and erotic play will become like a spiritual battery charger for both. For an Aquarius man, their time together in bed equals mental freedom. It can smash barriers and limitations in his thinking and free him to embrace his emotional nature. For the Pisces woman, it's the time when her Aquarius man can fulfill her desire for a deeply intimate connecting experience between their two souls.

So, if a Piscean woman is feeling ignored or lonely when her Aquarius man is in his head, she should remember to shed her clothes and use her mystical charms to lure him into the bedroom. He'll get a brain break, and she'll get the intimate mystical merging she desires.

Altruistic Marriage

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This can be a marriage of head with heart that's filled with both passionate love and altruistic love and compassion for others. Marriage hugely expands their intimacy, as well as their social consciousness. Once committed, this is a couple whose time together will have a universal theme of working together at making both grand and small contributions to their community and possibly to the greater world.

They both love to travel to exotic places and if their situation allows, they might spend their honeymoon or vacations making a difference in an impoverished village in some third world country. Perhaps less grand but certainly as meaningful, they might use their spare time volunteering at the Humane Society or in efforts to feed and clothe the needy. Likewise, when the kids arrive, they'll strap them on their backs or grab their hands and take them along.

Emotional Intelligence

This couple certainly has some differences due to their conflicting air/water combination. An Aquarian man is ruled by his head while the Pisces woman is ruled by her heart. When head and heart come together and open and honest two-way communication takes place, this is a couple who will have the emotional intelligence to work out their differences. At their best, he will be supportive of her dreams, and her sensitivity to the needs of others will inspire him to be ever more creative in his altruistic thinking.

So Much More Than Sun Signs

Everyone is so much more than their Sun sign. Every Aquarian and Piscean is different in different ways. Plus, any significant planetary placements in either sign bring out the altruistic qualities of any Suns sign. As far a compatibility between an Aquarius and Pisces is concerned, the rising sign, the Moon sign, and the signs of both Venus and Mars all have a say. Sun sign compatibility is relevant and fun to read, but be aware that defining compatibility by Sun signs only can sometimes lead you astray.

Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility