Aquarius Women and Capricorn Men

Updated January 2, 2020
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An Aquarius woman and a Capricorn man may seem to be incompatible on the surface. Still, they actually work quite well together in many ways. These two can have a beautiful relationship as long as each understands and is appreciative of the other.

Aquarius Woman and Capricorn Man's Initial Attraction

Of course, physical attractiveness is important, but these two are initially attracted to one another by several unique positive characteristics that are spontaneously displayed when they meet.

A Capricorn Man

An Aquarian woman may initially be captivated by a Capricorn man's unusually quiet, reserved, or even shy exterior. And once she looks into his eyes, she sees a man who's likely to be an active, contrary, and intriguing person that she'd like to get to know.

An Aquarius Woman

A Capricorn man may be initially attracted to an Aquarian woman's fast mind, dynamic character, and sense of individuality. And once he gets to know a bit about her, he'll be fascinated by her unique and unconventional way of approaching life.

Aquarius Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibilities

A strong, proactive, free-thinking, and radically independent Aquarius woman and a hard-working, ambitious, determined, and down to Earth Capricorn man may seem like an odd love match. However, they do share some complementary and compatible qualities.

Air and Earth

Aquarius is the fixed air sign, and Capricorn is the Cardinal earth sign. Aquarius and Capricorn are signs that are joined in the zodiac. There's a magnetic power - a mutual attraction - because they are so near each other. Aquarius is intellectual and analytical with far-reaching ideas. Capricorn is in touch with the physical world and is focused on building something tangible. In short, her head is in the sky; his feet are on the ground. Although quite different, they can have a complementary and mutually beneficial relationship.

  • An Aquarian woman's unique intellect and futuristic thoughts and ideas can lift a Capricorn man up and give him a different spin on life.
  • A Capricorn man's drive to make tangible changes in the world can inspire an Aquarius woman to get out of her head and begin bringing physical form to her futuristic ideas.

Saturn Ruled

Saturn, the planet of structure, is the ruling planet of Capricorn and the traditional ruler of Aquarius. This means the two share some similar Saturnian qualities. While an Aquarius woman may be a non-conformist, even bit flippant, on the outside, she's just as serious, sensible, trustworthy, and loyal as a Capricorn man on the inside.

Both Aquarius and Capricorn:

  • Have a way of thinking that follows clear, rational steps to arrive at a solution.
  • Are very ambitious and want to change the world.
  • Have authority.
  • Rarely allow others to control them.

Social Skills

Aquarius is attracted to and appreciative of Capricorn's social skills. Capricorn understands the importance of networking to excel in business and is patient enough to grow many valuable business connections. All of this can make a Capricorn man powerful and successful, two elements that attractive to an Aquarius woman. While a Capricorn man is equally attracted to and appreciative of an Aquarius woman's chameleon-like ability to fit into any social setting.

Great Friends

Both an Aquarius woman and a Capricorn man appreciate friendship, and they can be great friends who compliment one another. No one can cut through a Capricorn's stoic demeanor like a quirky, fast-talking Aquarius woman and no one can ground an Aquarian woman's flights of fancy like a practical "just do it" Capricorn.

Aquarius Woman and Capricorn Man Romance

An Aquarius woman and a Capricorn man can be great friends or even enjoy a casual fling. But you might have to look to more than Sun signs in their astrological synastry for romantic, demonstrative affection. Typically:

  • An Aquarius woman intellectualizes her emotions, is not sentimental, or particularly interested in romance.
  • A Capricorn man is emotionally reserved, cautious, and a bit shy and introverted when it comes to romance.

Sexual Intimacy

An Aquarian woman is sexually experimental, a Capricorn man is physical and lusty, and both are open to kinks and fetishes in the bedroom. Both also prefer sex that's fun rather than heavy or overly romantic. The physical aspect of their relationship is typically exciting and adventurous. Their time together in bed will initially be one of the best aspects of their relationship.

Woman sitting on man's back on bed laughing

Greatest Challenge to Romance

While these two are likely to find each other sexually exciting, their most challenging problem when it comes to more than friendship or casual sex is the lack of emotional engagement.

Emotional Intimacy

Due to the emotional nature of each, neither an Aquarius woman nor a Capricorn man will rush into a romantic love affair. However, if or when they begin a casual sexual relationship, it could be the enjoyment of their sexual intimacy that will lead them both to the emotional intimacy and bonding romantic love requires.

What a Capricorn Man Expects

A Capricorn man is traditional, practical, and has a definite path in life mapped out. He wants a career, home, and family with a supportive partner, and has high expectations of his mate. Those expectations include a partner who will nurture him and help create a home life that feels safe and comfortable. Woe unto the Capricorn man who actually believes an Aquarian woman can be domesticated.

What an Aquarius Woman Wants

An Aquarius woman needs the freedom to come and go as she pleases. She's a strong, cool, intelligent, and objective woman who needs the mental stimulation of meeting new, different, and interesting people and places. To a conservative and practical Capricorn man, who tends to be a bit of a loner in his personal life, she might seem to be from another planet with her futuristic thinking and eclectic circle of friends. This is likely to be disconcerting to Capricorn man who enjoys privacy, order in his life, and is grounded in a more traditional lifestyle.

Compatibility Issues and Obstacles

As you can tell, an Aquarius woman and a Capricorn man have some genuine compatibility issues and obstacles to overcome. These problems aren't merely situational; they're personality-driven. Compromise will make those bumps in the road easier to handle, but that may be difficult to achieve because both can also be quite stubborn. Even if the two can rise to the challenge, their efforts still might not be enough to smooth out the wrinkles that could continue to accumulate as their relationship continues.

Appreciation and Understanding

Theirs may never be a huggy, kissy, romantic relationship. Still, an Aquarius woman and a Capricorn man can make their relationship work. However, both must appreciate, understand, and be willing to accept the other as they are. With this kind of open appreciation, understanding, and acceptance, as well as their shared loyalty to one another theirs can be a long-lasting relationship that thrives and remains healthy.

Aquarius Women and Capricorn Men