Best Zodiac Sign Matches for True Love

Find out which sun signs you're most compatible with for a happy, lasting relationship.

Finding true compatibility and lasting love isn't easy, but the odds are more in your favor if you look in the right place. Each sign of the zodiac pairs better with some signs than others. See who matches up best, and then use that info to your advantage. Maybe love really is just around the corner!

If you're unsure of your sign or that of a friend (or crush!), this sun sign date chart will help.

Elements and Chemistry

Your zodiac element, whether it's fire, air, earth, or water, influences your personality, and the elements have certain effects on each other as well. All of these influences affect the chemistry between each sign, either enhancing compatibility or diminishing it.

Nothing's written in stone, and a lot depends on how well the individual horoscope charts of two people complement each other. However, some sun signs are natural matches.

  • Aries and Aquarius
  • Taurus and Capricorn
  • Gemini and Libra
  • Cancer and Pisces
  • Leo and Sagittarius
  • Virgo and Cancer

Of course, each zodiac sign has a few other options that might work out nearly as well.

Aries the Ram

Aries is a fire sign and, as such, is sometimes headstrong and impetuous. Best matches for the ram include:

  • Gemini (air): This steamy match will enjoy sexual bantering and a fun sex life.
  • Leo (fire): This pair will have passion galore, but they will need to work at sharing the same spotlight.
  • Sagittarius (fire): These two signs will share a desire for adventure and risk.
  • Aquarius (air): The water bearer will dance circles around Aries, and Aries will love every second of it.

Taurus the Bull

Taurus is an earth sign, and the best matches for the bull are other earth signs and water signs.

  • Cancer (water): The emotional crab can confound the bull, but the bull enjoys helping Cancer discover hidden talents.
  • Virgo (earth): Virgo's mental skills, physical appearance, and penchant for neatness and order really appeal to Taurus.
  • Capricorn (earth): Capricorn's ambitious nature and sensible approach to money will help ground Taurus.
  • Pisces (water): Taurus will become pleasantly lost in Pisces' sensual dream world.

Gemini the Twins

Gemini is an air sign and loves the freedom to explore life and new ideas. The best matches for a Gemini are fellow air signs and fire signs.

  • Aries (fire): Aries' passion, sexual prowess, and mental agility will appeal to Gemini.
  • Leo (fire): Leo's showmanship and passion will intrigue and mentally challenge Gemini to expand beyond his or her comfort zone.
  • Libra (air): Like attracts like, and Libra's sensual side will make Gemini feel special.
  • Aquarius (air): These two air signs understand each other without having to speak. They'll just have to be careful not to indulge each other's weaknesses.

Cancer the Crab

Cancer is a water sign that retreats inside its protective shell whenever threatened. The best matches for a Cancer are:

  • Virgo (earth): The virgin's earth influence will provide a solid foundation for cancer to flow around.
  • Scorpio (water): Scorpio understands Cancer's deep emotions and will relate to the unspoken reasons behind Cancer's actions.
  • Pisces (water): Pisces dreams of the ideal mate. When paired with Cancer, these two can swim to great emotional depths that are very rewarding to both.
  • Taurus (earth): Taurus can give Cancer much needed support and strength. This encouragement will help Cancer come out of that protective shell.

Leo the Lion

Leo's element is fire, and the lion loves to be the center of attention. This sign's best matches include:

  • Libra (air): Libra's artistic abilities and love of sensual pleasures intrigue Leo.
  • Sagittarius (fire): Sagittarius' mental acuity and social skills impress Leo.
  • Aries (fire): Leo is fascinated by Aries' mental prowess, but these two must learn to share the spotlight for this relationship to last .
  • Gemini (air): Leo will be delighted by Gemini's wit and charm.

Virgo the Virgin

Virgo is an earth sign and needs order in a chaotic world. This sign appreciates home and purpose. Best matches for Virgo include:

  • Scorpio (water): Scorpio brings an emotional depth to the relationship that Virgo wouldn't usually explore. Scorpio has a sharp wit that Virgo finds enjoyable.
  • Capricorn (earth): Virgo finds Capricorn's practical nature and ability to create a home on a budget very desirable.
  • Taurus (earth): Virgo has a great appreciation for the bull's sense of style and excellent taste.
  • Cancer (water): Virgo enjoys being depended upon and held in esteem, which Cancer will surely do when Virgo helps Cancer define personal goals.

Libra the Scales

Libra is an air sign that enjoys beauty and the sensual pleasures life offers. Best matches include:

  • Sagittarius (fire): Libra finds joy in stoking the flames with Sagittarius and is fascinated by the centaur's intriguing mind.
  • Aquarius (air): The water bearer's eclectic lifestyle and deep appreciation for the arts appeal to Libra.
  • Gemini (air): Gemini is the perfect social butterfly match to Libra's lifestyle.
  • Leo (fire): Melodrama and the need to be center stage are okay with Libra because Leo is a living work of art.

Scorpio the Scorpion

Scorpio is a water sign with a sharp tongue. This sign seeks a mate that can provide deep emotional commitment. Scorpio's best matches include:

  • Capricorn (earth): Capricorn is up to the task and will snuggle down to a wonderful home life.
  • Pisces (water): These two signs understand each other and are quite content in their little pond.
  • Cancer (water): Cancer is another great match for Scorpio, although the crab will retreat from the scorpion's stinging barbs.
  • Virgo (earth): Virgo's need for order might try Scorpio's patience, but Virgo calms turbulent waters and wins the scorpion's heart.

Sagittarius the Centaur

Sagittarius is a fire sign and is most compatible with air and other fire signs. Best matches for Sagittarius include:

  • Aquarius (air): Aquarius's social graces appeal to the centaur.
  • Aries (fire): Sagittarius is drawn to fellow fire sign Aries and shares the same love of adventure.
  • Leo (fire): Sagittarius truly admires Leo's mentality and ability to stand before an audience and perform.
  • Libra (air): Libra's appreciation for art and the finer things in life will please Sagittarius.
  • Gemini (air): Gemini's fun-loving, flirty nature will seduce the centaur.

Capricorn the Goat

Capricorn is an earth sign that craves hearth and home. Signs that make the best matches include:

  • Pisces (water): Capricorn will make a safe and cozy home that Pisces can dream in.
  • Taurus (earth): Taurus and Capricorn make a grounded couple that appreciate the stability of a family and home.
  • Virgo (earth): Virgo craves security, and Capricorn's ability to budget, organize and make a home make this a wonderful match.
  • Scorpio (water): The scorpion's high passion and depth of character will quickly seduce Capricorn.

Aquarius the Water Bearer

Aquarius is an air sign that needs diversity in life and mental challenges. Best matches include these air and fire signs:

  • Aries (fire): The combustion of air and fire makes this a passionate relationship.
  • Gemini (air): This pair will enjoy a flirty, fun and very social relationship.
  • Libra (air): Libra will open up new worlds of art and sensuality for Aquarius to explore.
  • Sagittarius (fire): The passions Sagittarius awakens in Aquarius will quickly become addictive.

Pisces the Fish

Pisces is a water sign that pairs well with earth and other water signs. Best Pisces love matches include:

  • Taurus (earth): The bull helps Pisces become more self aware and make plans for a future.
  • Cancer (water): This is a very intuitive relationship, and Cancer instinctively understands what Pisces wants and needs.
  • Scorpio (water): The scorpion challenges Pisces to grow and swim in bigger waters.
  • Capricorn (earth): Capricorn's earthbound nature will help Pisces to grow in ways never contemplated before.

Look Deeper

Sun sign characteristics never tell the entire story, no matter how good they look on the surface. If you really want to know how much potential you and your romantic partner share, have your charts prepared by a professional astrologer who can show your where the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship lie. Armed with that info, you can make nearly any relationship work if you truly try.

Best Zodiac Sign Matches for True Love