Capricorn Personality Traits Revealed

This Sun sign is a powerful, strong, and responsible individual who prioritizes success and responsibility.

Published June 8, 2022
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Capricorns are sensitive but stoic, loving but have difficulty showing affection, and reserved but sardonic with a great sense of humor. The Capricorn personality is complex and often misunderstood. However, Capricorn traits indicate an individual with the power to accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

Keys to the Capricorn Personality

Understanding the sign of Capricorn is key to understanding the Capricorn personality. Capricorn is the cardinal and Earth sign of the zodiac. It's symbolized by the sea-goat, indicating a Capricorn's ability to keep their head while swimming in emotional waters. It's ruled by Saturn, the task-master and lord of karma and time. Capricorn is a universal sign that looks at the world from a philosophical or metaphysical perspective.

Capricorn Personality Traits and Characteristics

Strongest Capricorn Characteristics

A Capricorn's strongest trait is the ability to persevere against all odds. They have a great deal of strength and practicality, as well as the ability to think rationally and logically, and to deal with the hard facts of reality and overcome limitations. Capricorns set lofty goals, both personal and professional, then persevere and steadily work toward attaining them. Their goals are usually associated with their instinct to thrive in the physical world. Striving for success, recognition, and respect are important characteristics of any Capricorn.

Positive Capricorn Traits

Capricorns are ambitious and always driven to do more and do better. They are responsible, self-controlled, and determined individuals who, even as children, have a mature and disciplined approach to life. It's often said that Capricorns are born old and grow younger with age. At their best, Capricorns are confident, loyal, faithful, tolerant, helpful, and sincere.

Negative Capricorn Traits

Negatively, a Capricorn can also be melancholiac, pessimistic, depressed, and cynical about life. Some can be withdrawn workaholics. At their worst, a Capricorn can be demanding, cold, stern, suspicious, resentful, inhibited, and stubborn.

Capricorn Traits in Relationships

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In relationships, a Capricorn will protect everything and everyone they love. Typically, they aren't demonstrative, but that doesn't mean the affection is not there. In most cases, they will have an affectionate and playful side with members of their "trusted circle." However, affectionate or not, if a Capricorn loves you, their love is strong and long lasting. Capricorns are loyal, faithful, helpful, and dependable friends or marriage partners.

Capricorn's Physical Characteristics

Capricorns come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, depending on their ancestry. Additionally, the prominence of other astrological signs in a birth chart, particularly the rising sign and the moon sign, can diminish the intensity of the Sun sign's influence on the physical appearance.

Even so, there are quite a few uncanny similarities amongst those who share Capricorn as a Sun sign.

Soulful Eyes

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Perhaps the most distinguishing physical feature that is common to all Capricorns is the gaze of their soulful, sultry, serious, and mysterious eyes that seem to look into you and past you and but offer no clue as to what they might be feeling or thinking.


Most Capricorns have a full face with a high forehead, noticeable eyebrows and teeth, smooth, clear skin, a thin upper lip, and distinctive cheekbones. They are timeless, and their face holds up with age. Why? Because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of time, structure, and endurance.


Typically, Capricorns have fine, glossy and simply styled hair. They don't have time for hair that's high maintenance, so Capricorns tend to find a no-muss no-fuss hairstyle or haircut they like and stick with it.


Capricorns tend to have strong hands and short, stiff fingers with a dominant middle finger, flat square palms, and square fingertips. Because of their strength and assuredness, Capricorns also have a firm, impressive handshake.


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Capricorns are most often solidly built, physically strong, and blessed with very tough bodies that can endure almost anything. This general sense of sturdiness remains throughout their lives.

Taste in Clothing

A Capricorn's taste in clothing is almost always simple, sophisticated, and comfortable. They typically wear tried-and-true basics in neutral colors. For a night out on the town, Capricorns prefer understated elegance and, as professionals, they wear clothing that reflects their strength and ability.


Capricorns are calm, controlled, have a reserved, quiet, soft-spoken manner, and tend to project confidence, but they also shy away from being the center of attention. Capricorns often stand to the side and observe. They frequently have serious looks on their faces with their arms folded or their legs crossed, which makes them seem aloof or unapproachable. However, when you engage a Capricorn, they're quick to light up their face with a smile.

Physical Strengths and Weaknesses

Capricorns typically have a healthy, strong constitution. They are noted for their longevity; however, they are subject to depression and are prone to have health issues with bones and joints, particularly their knees. Their teeth and stomach can also be areas of vulnerability.

Capricorn Eminent Personalities

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Capricorns are ambitious, prone to look to the future, and always in control of themselves. They keep their eyes on the prize and make the most of their time. As the eminent personalities below prove, success after success is the name of the game for a Capricorn.

  • Elvis Presley - Born January 8, 1935
  • LeBron James - Born December 30, 1984
  • Michelle Obama - Born January 17, 1964
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. - Born January 15, 1929
  • Gabby Douglas - Born December 31, 1995
  • Steven Hawking - Born January 8, 1942
  • Justin Trudeau - Born December 25, 1971
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Born January 13, 1961

Am I a Typical Capricorn?

The Capricorn personality is multi-faceted and complex. If you are a typical Capricorn, you are:

  • Steady and even tempered
  • Professionally driven and responsible
  • Loyal
  • Practical
  • Resilient
  • Focused

However, it's important to note that while Capricorn is your Sun sign, other aspects of your chart may result in variations of these traits.

Clarity, Purpose, and Resilience

All Capricorns are different, and their complete natal chart tells each individual's story. However, most are self-sufficient, cool-headed, great in a crisis, and committed to their families, friends, and careers. It's in Capricorn's nature to forge ahead, overcome any doubts and fears about what they can accomplish and who they can become. Capricorns have a clarity of purpose and resilience that's unmatched by any other sign of the zodiac.

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Capricorn Personality Traits Revealed