Your Virgo Midheaven Sign and Path to Success

Published June 26, 2020
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If your midheaven sign is in Virgo, you are blessed with a critical eye that benefits you in any chosen career. Once you know the attributes of a Virgo midheaven (MC), you can take steps to use the positive traits and circumvent the negative ones.

Critical Eye of Virgo Midheaven in Career

A Virgo midheaven is like a hawk sitting in a tree taking in your surroundings, assessing and evaluating everything before you. This hawk-like perception allows you to see flaws in plans or projects and course correct to avoid disasters or costly delays. You understand the mechanisms of processes and can mentally run them through your analytical mind to spot potential problems.

Practical With High Standards

You have a practical approach to your career with high standards. You're methodical and precise in every task you undertake. This trait can serve you well in careers where job performance is valued.

Overly Critical of Others

While your personal standards are high, you need to recognize that very few people can live up to your expectations. This attribute can make you over-critical of others, especially coworkers, friends and family.

Focus on a Single Purpose or Task

You're able to filter out the unimportant things with a laser focus on what the problem is. You remain honed-in until the job or task is completed. You always double-check everything you do to ensure it is correct and will function as needed.

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Miss Important Issues

If you are too focused on a single task or issue, you may miss the bigger picture. For example, if you tackle a new project and are focused on meeting the deadline, you may overlook a vital step that could speed up your process or if ignored derail your plans. Always take a step back when you reach the middle of your project or task to ensure you haven't overlooked something.

Organizational Skills

Your analytical mind carries over into all aspects of your job and life. You must have order and organization. While it means keeping your office and home orderly, this trait goes beyond your physical surroundings. Your thinking is organized and compartmentalized for easy referencing. Your workflow follows a specific organizational pattern that you don't change if at all possible.

Negative Side of Drive to Organize

There can be a negative side to being organized when you feel anything less than optimization leads to chaos. You need to understand that coworkers and subordinates may have different ideas about performing their duties. You can cultivate an appreciation for how other people work without the kind of organization you require.

You Need Structure at Work and Home

You need a framework for your daily tasks. You thrive in a structured work environment. Your home life also follows a well-organized routine that you don't like to alter for any reason. These schedules provide you with a feeling of security.

Set in Your Ways

Your need for a structured life can cause problems at work and at home. Most jobs require a certain amount of flexibility to adapt to crises, sudden changes in schedules and unforeseen delays. You can learn new skills to cope with the things that are beyond your control.

Responsible and Duty Bound

You have an almost militaristic approach to life and your responsibilities. You have a sense of duty to do your very best in everything you undertake.

Negative Side of Responsibility

You can be very hard on yourself if you don't live up to your responsibilities as you anticipated. You view a shortcoming in your duty as a fatal flaw and must learn to forgive yourself for simply being human.

Perfection in Everything

A Virgo MC has a need for perfection in work. Your attitude is to do it right the first time or don't do it at all.

Negative Impact Drive for Perfection

You tend to be very hard on yourself when you fail to be perfect, especially if you make an error in your work. This rigidity in your expectations often spills over in other areas of work and life. You need to guard against using this same measuring stick when assessing coworkers and those you manage.

Concentration and Focus on Career

You are, for the most part, optimistic and focused on reaching the next level in your career. Your drive to achieve your goals can be unrelenting. This need to succeed will always get you to the next goal. It is the reason you're able to take advantage of opportunities when you get the slightest glimpse of them on the horizon.

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Imbalance in Your Life

Your drive to achieve can border on obsessive if you don't intentionally pull back periodically. You need to take personal time to smell the roses. Spend time with your family and friends. Remember, reaching your goals is only important when you have someone to share in your victory. Don't neglect those you love by keeping your personal relationship in the same excellent shape as your career. This will require you learning a work-life balance.

How the World Perceives You

With a Virgo midheaven, your reputation is everything to you. You'll do whatever you must to protect it. People view you as a highly competent and loyal person. They know they can come to you when they need assistance. You have a solid confidence in your abilities and those in your company know they can rely on you.

Protecting Your Public Image

Your need to control the narrative about yourself and protect your reputation spills over into your social media activities. You're very cautious and careful what you share or say. In fact, you often avoid interaction out of fear you'll say or do something that will reflect badly on yourself. While in general this is a wise work-related practice, you should explore the various ways you can socially interact via social media with a group of trusted friends, so you don't cut yourself off from them out of fear.

Pointing the Way to Success by Understanding Virgo Midheaven

The strengths and weaknesses that Virgo midheaven brings to you are varied. You can use them in a positive, beneficial way to make your career what you envision.

Your Virgo Midheaven Sign and Path to Success