Gemini in a Marriage

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Marriage seldom crosses a Gemini's mind, so, if you've managed to snag one, congratulations! These carefree, forever young, fun-loving, restless, and independent individuals are the social butterflies and busy bees of the zodiac. It's almost a certainty your life together will never be boring.

About Gemini

Gemini is the mutable air sign. At the center of any Gemini's personality is the need to circulate freely, gather new information by conversing with others, and then share what they've learned. Ruled by the planet Mercury, they are intelligent, quick-witted, and curious.

Gemini men have a Peter Pan quality. They're clever, adventurous, fun, and confident, but selfish and self-centered guys who seem never to grow up. Gemini women are Tinkerbells who like to tinker with things and people and spread "pixie dust" around. They have active minds, are flighty, sassy, independent, elusive, a little selfish, cute and smart, but a bit naïve.

A Gemini of either sex is fun, broad-minded, easygoing, optimistic, versatile, and adjustable individual who is sometimes difficult to take seriously.

  • They tend to avoid responsibilities and would rather live life in their heads than in the real world.
  • They are inconsistent, fickle, and their lives often lack direction.
  • They have short attention spans and are easily sidetracked.
  • They tend to ignore and put off problems.
  • They are fidgety and seldom know what they'll do next.
  • They believe having fun is the most important thing in life.

Married Life With a Gemini

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Is a Gemini good marriage material? Well, that depends on the person asking. If you're a homey sort of person who needs security, or one that's possessive, controlling, jealous, or exacting, life with a Gemini in not likely to provide you with the kind of commitment and togetherness you require. Plus, a Gemini's reluctance to discuss deep feeling could leave you feeling a bit short-changed.

On the other hand, if you're a person that's curious about life and all it has to offer, has a live and let live attitude, and is willing to shoulder most of the responsibilities in exchange for having such a charming, witty, fun, and entertaining mate, a Gemini could be the person for you. Just keep in mind they will also be as flirty, flaky, moody and undependable as they were when you were dating.

One thing's for sure, to be happily married to a Gemini, you'll have to be able to keep up with them, or they'll lose you somewhere along the way.

The Gemini Temper

When the cool, level-headed Gemini blows a fuse, it's best to have some ear plugs and keep a safe distance. They can't tolerate stupidity, and their temper can be sparked by seemingly trivial and insignificant happenings. They save up peeves and carry around a lot of verbal ammunition they'll throw at you all at once.

It can be quite disturbing when a normally carefree and charming Gemini gets angry and loud and when their temper flares, they can give a tongue lashing that's not soon forgotten. The best thing a partner can do is to just let Gemini vent. It's not wise to talk back and escalate the argument. Trust that Gemini will blow themselves out, and it will be over as quickly as it began.


A Gemini is prone to buying on a whim and is seldom concerned with being frugal. They are anything but savers. Additionally, because they bore easily and hate routine, they are prone to switching jobs often, which can have a negative effect on finances.

Though it may worry a partner, a Gemini is an optimist and isn't overly concerned about maintaining a steady, reliable income. The good news is they always seem to have some lucrative scheme up their sleeves or another job waiting so it's rare that they find themselves in a serious financial pinch.

However as you can imagine, a Gemini is best paired with a partner who understands their spendthrift nature and is willing to be the responsible and practical one when it comes to finances.

Sex After Marriage

A Gemini is an adventurous, imaginative, verbal, and creative lover. They are happy to experiment and get a little naughty, anything that makes sex fun. However, they're not into the emotional or physical aspects of sex; it's mental stimulation and sexy talk they want. So if you're a sensual, passionate person who's into candlelight and romance, a Gemini might not be the best marriage partner for you.

Even after marriage, Gemini expects sex to be a verbal, light-hearted, fun affair, and the fact they love you has little to do with it. They believe it's something you giggle and talk about rather than something that binds two people together and makes the earth move. For some people, this approach can be superficial and unfulfilling; for others, it can be a fun relief. It just depends on your preference.

One of the Kids

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Geminis love kids, especially when the kids get old enough to play with them. A Gemini parent brings a sense of fun and humor into their children's lives. They love reading to their kids, taking them to the movies or on trips here and there, and they are always ready to pique their child's curiosity and answer questions about anything and everything.

A Gemini loves entertaining their kids and having fun with them, but they're not the best when it comes to sharing their emotions or being a responsible parent. So, it's often up to their mate to dry the children's tears, give them hugs and cuddles, and provide some constancy in their lives, like regular meals and bedtime routines.

Every Gemini Is Unique

There are no unadulterated Sun sign personalities, and a Gemini is no different. Every Gemini is a combination of sub-personalities (planets). Each plays a role in Gemini's psyche, each takes on the traits of the astrological sign it is, and each vies for Gemini's attention. All of these combine to make every Gemini unique. Even so, every Gemini man is a Peter Pan at heart, and every Gemini woman is a Tinkerbell. However, just how easy it will be for them to express these two forever young archetypal characters is defined by the nature of their entire natal chart. All Geminis are much more complicated than their Sun sign.

Gemini in a Marriage