North Node in Gemini: Curiosity & Communication

Published July 15, 2020
North node in Gemini

The north node in Gemini provides you with the necessary attributes of curiosity and communication to meet your life purpose. The karmic challenges you face are believing you know all the answers and your way is the only one.

North Node in Gemini Life Presents Challenges

You will discover life presents you with many challenges that require you to expand your point-of-view, so you can see all facets of what is happening. A north node in Gemini means the south node is in Sagittarius and represents the past life you must overcome with the north node Gemini.

Karma From Past Life

The Sagittarius' karma challenges you with past tendencies to hold on to dogmas and ideals as absolutes with no room to question their validity. Sagittarius, taken in its most negative extreme as a karmic sign, also gives you misplaced loyalties, devotion to the wrong person or ideology, and a desperate need to be free at the expense of others. These are a few of the normally positive attributes turned negative in karmic situations.

Balancing Karma With North Node Gemini

Gemini is an air sign, unlike the fire sign Sagittarius. Air signs don't move through their passions, the same way fire signs do. This gives you an advantage over karmic tendencies wrought by negative Sagittarius attributes. Taking a less personal and passionate approach to situations and challenges you must face can help you meet your karma and not repeated past mistakes that caused you and others to suffer.

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Combining Best of Both Zodiac Signs

With the help of Gemini, you can utilize the less extreme attributes of Sagittarius to enhance your life by allowing yourself to feel passion for certain issues and people when appropriate. You want to strike a balance to restore your soul progress and continue on your spiritual evolution.

North Node Gemini's Life Lessons

Your main life lesson is to become open to new things in your life experiences, such as ideas, methods, techniques, people, travel, and careers. You are challenged to take a 360° point of view of life. Unlike your past life, you are to explore and examine everything related to any issue or situation before drawing any conclusions.

Breaking Free of Past Life Negative Patterns

In your past life, you lived with very rigid thought patterns that defined your ideals and beliefs. This inflexible attitude, the worst trait of south node Sagittarius, limited your life experience by confining it to how you viewed the world and how you judged others.

Dark Side of Past Life Influences

You especially condemned and held those who thought differently from you in contempt, demonstrating the dark side of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Your stubborn streak was pronounced and prevented you from admitting when you were wrong and often drove you to extreme behavior.

Working Within a Gemini Framework

In this lifetime, Gemini gives you a looser framework for your life. You're encouraged to be curious and to explore everything you don't understand, but more importantly, everything you believe you understand. Instead of a strict, serious and judgmental attitude, your karma demands you lighten up and enjoy life.

Twice the Power

The Gemini symbol is twins. This duplicity provides you with twice the power to effect changes and fulfill your life lessons. The duality can present conflicting desires and ideas, but once you get the twins working in unison, you can make great spiritual strides.

Learn to Communicate With Others

The other big lesson the north node in Gemini presents to you is learning how to communicate with others effectively. This include communicating how you feel and what you think. If you can master the art of communication, then you can develop more meaningful relationships with others on a give and take basis of mutual respect. You can learn from others and develop the ability to see the world through their eyes instead of just yours.

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Express Yourself

Another life lesson that is important for your spiritual growth is to express yourself. This might be through the Arts, such as writing, painting, music, or the theater. You may decide to channel your creativity in a different direction, such as medicine, medical research, inventions, or creating a company that addresses a world issue.

Social Life and Community Building

You are charged to develop a social life and build relationships with other people, especially those within your community. As your relationships grow and develop, your spiritual understanding of their importance also grows.

Use the Best of Sagittarius to Strengthen Gemini

As you come into your own and grow in mind and spirit, you can call upon the south node Sagittarius positive traits that can help to strengthen your Gemini flexibility, open-mindedness and flexibility. When you focus on having fun with your explorations and adventures, then you gain greater insight into life and your purpose.

Meeting Your Life Purpose With North Node Gemini

When you allow the north node Gemini to dominate your ambitions, desires and dreams, you flex your spiritual growth muscles. By staying flexible to life's challenges and situations, you can meet your karmic debt and experience spiritual advancement.

North Node in Gemini: Curiosity & Communication