How to Make a Gemini Woman Miss You

Published May 19, 2020
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It isn't difficult to get a Gemini woman to realize she really does miss you. It just requires a little creativity on your part, and Gemini appreciates anyone who puts effort into everything they do.

1. Flirt With a Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman loves to flirt. It is her form of foreplay and if you're good at flirting, you can attract her attention again. Be genuine and creative. Gemini wants new and fresh, so cliché lines won't work on her. You have to put real effort into this one since flirting is an art form to a Gemini woman. Flirting should be light, fun and exciting.

Keep on Flirting

Once you've managed to flirt successfully, you can step up your game with a casual invitation for coffee or dessert. Be sure you keep up the flirting on your outing.

2. Use Witty Words to Grab Her Attention

A Gemini woman is all about communication and is an excellent wordsmith. She's turned on by a witty conversation and loves to laugh. Send her a witty meme or a funny joke. She'll probably text you back with one of her own. Keep the lines of communication open and let your charming humor shine through to remind her how you make her laugh.

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3. Capture Her Imagination

A Gemini woman is usually thinking about three or four things at the same time, so you need something creative to capture her attention. She loves intriguing ideas and theories and will drop everything to venture down that proverbial rabbit hole. Offer her something she cannot resist joining you.

4. Appeal to Her Intellect

An important trait of a Gemini woman is her intellectualism. Nothing turns her on more than a sexy mind. You can remind her how much fun the two of you had with a little mental nudge. Send her a photo of your latest art project or text her a link to your latest read about lost civilizations. She'll be intrigued and when she texts you back, seize the opportunity to begin a conversation with her.

5. Remind Her of the Good Times You Shared

Send her a text with a photo taken of the two of you. Your message should be light-hearted such as, "Came across this while organizing photos. Great fun!" Chances are she'll respond, and you can turn this exchange into a longer conversation and possibly a date.

6. Show Her How Self-Confident You Are

If you bump into your Gemini woman, show her how well you're doing with a confident and positive attitude. Engage her in conversation and let your self-confidence shine through, not as arrogance, but with the air of you're doing really well without her. She'll be impressed.

Nonchalance Wins the Date

You can mention to her that you're on your way to grab a coffee or lunch and comment how great it was to see her and turn to leave. Stop in your tracks and offer her a casual invitation to join you if she likes. Don't wait for a response. Just yell over your shoulder where you'll be and leave. She'll love your nonchalant attitude and will be curious to see what you've been up to.

7. Invite Her to Celebrate Your Success

You can use a promotion or other success as a segue to reconnect. Text her a link to an article about your promotion or your upcoming art show. Gemini is always supportive of other people's successes, so it's almost guaranteed she'll respond to congratulate you.

It's a Party, Not a Date

Take advantage of this contact to extend a personal invitation to the event or in the case of a promotion, a party. Keep the invitation as a general one where there will be several guests, so she understands it isn't a date. The point is to let her see you're still successful and enjoying life without her. She will find this very attractive.

8. Appeal to Her Adventurous Spirit

Gemini loves adventures of all kinds that allow her to discover and experience new things. Post photos on your social media of an exciting adventure you shared with friends followed by one of the two of you on an adventure. Include a small message such as, "Great adventures with special friends are the best!

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Invite Her on an Exciting Adventure

When she responds, take the opportunity to tell her about your next upcoming group adventure and invite her. Just make sure it is an exciting, intriguing adventure that you know will capture her imagination and make her curious enough that she can't resist coming along. When she invites herself, you want to be prepared to discuss in-depth with her and show her that you've done your homework. You can end up having a very lively, fun and interesting conversation that can always lead to other things.

9. Wow Her With Your Creativity

A Gemini woman is fascinated with creative people like herself. She enjoys seeing others express their inner natures through art or their career. Use this to attract her attention again. If you've renovated a room in your home or a backyard garden, send her photos of your project. If you're an artist, musician or performer, share your latest creation with her.

Invite Her to See Your Endeavors

When she responds, invite her to see your latest creation. If you have a new kitchen offer to cook a meal for her. A new garden is an ideal setting for a summer evening meal for two. If you're performing, send her the details and plan to go out afterwards for a drink or dinner.

10. Engage Her in a Video Game

Gemini personalities love games. If you've discovered a fun video game you think she'd enjoy, text her the info to join you online for a fun romp. Keep the conversation lively and flirty as you play along. Make sure she has fun, so she'll want to do it again.

Keep the Fun Going

You can engage in a few other games and when the time is right carry the game theme over into an in-person invitation. Make a date to meet at a go-kart track, batting cage or a trampoline park.

Ways to Make a Gemini Woman Realize She Misses You

There are many ways you can make a Gemini woman realize that she misses you. Never let yourself be out of sight out of mind by keeping the lines of communication open between you.

How to Make a Gemini Woman Miss You