How to Start Dating a Scorpio Woman

Published June 11, 2020
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You may have a crush on a Scorpio woman, but don't know how to start dating her. Knowing what is a turnoff and what is a turn on for this complex sign helps you get started the right way.

Know When to Start Dating a Scorpio Woman

If you've been friends up to now, you want to know how to recognize your Scorpio woman wants to upgrade your relationship to lovers. She will start sending you subtle messages, such as texting you more often, expressing concern for you, turning up at your regular haunts, inviting you to join her for more outings, and finding excuses to talk with you more often.

Decide Where to Take a Scorpio Woman on a Date

There are many choices for your first date with a Scorpio woman. You want it to be special and meaningful to her. This water sign loves being on or near large bodies of water. An ideal first date is an oceanfront evening dinner followed by a moonlit after-dinner walk on the beach. If you don't leave near the coast, then a lakeside restaurant can be followed by a moonlit boat ride.

Challenge Her Adventurous Spirit

A Scorpio woman enjoys going on adventures. She likes probing the unknown and finds adventurous outings invigorating. Plan a date or two doing things that are exciting and challenging. This could a weekend rock climbing venue or Saturday at the local water park.

Introduce Her to New Experiences

Scorpio appreciates learning new things. She finds new experiences very satisfying. Plan a unique date, such as a submarine ride followed by an afternoon zip line adventure. Find out if she has a bucket list and start planning your dates around it.

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Look for Signs a Scorpio Woman Is Secretly in Love With You

A few signs that a Scorpio woman may be secretly in love with you are seen in her behavior towards you. You may often find her looking at you across the room, or whenever you look up while in a group setting. She may suddenly be around more than usual, popping up at your favorite bistro and striking up conversations with you. Any time you text her, she's quick to respond. It's time for you to make a move and ask her on a date!

See the Truth in a Scorpio Woman's Eyes

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, you can attempt to see the soul of a Scorpio woman. If you suspect your Scorpio woman is secretly in love with you, just look into the depths of her eyes and chances are you'll see for yourself if it's true.

Be Honest With Her

Scorpio can be brutally honest without realizing it. She appreciates honesty in her relationships. You want to make an effort to always be honest with your Scorpio woman, lest she feel you've lied to her. It doesn't take much for Scorpio to feel the sting of betrayal, and there is no coming back when she feels she can no longer trust you.

Engage Her With Mental Stimulus

Your Scorpio woman has a very complex and interesting inner world. She is curious and questions everything. Share the discoveries you've made of ancient cultures or spiritual revelations.

Explore Psychic and Intuitive Topics Together

Scorpio has psychic and intuitive abilities. She understands the supernatural and paranormal worlds and loves exploring them. Delve into various paranormal topics with her and offer her new ideas and experiences, such as an afternoon spent in a meditation chamber followed by a chakra tune-up with crystals and gemstones.

Don't Give Away All Your Secrets

A Scorpio woman has an aura of mystery that can be intriguing. She looks for this same quality in a lover. It helps if you keep some of your secrets, so you aren't just an open book that she soon finds boring. Intrigue her by playing your cards close to the vest. Make her see that it's worth her time to get to know you, since there's more to you than what she sees.

Learn Techniques to Cope With Her Emotional Nature

A Scorpio woman has an extremely emotional nature. She can turn from hot to cold in a flash. You want to learn and develop several techniques that allow you to cope with her changing moody nature. You can become adept with dealing with her emotional changes without it destroying your relationship. You will need an abundance of patience, but she's worth it.

Express Your Emotions Freely

Scorpio connects with others through her emotions. You need to share how you feel with her early on in your relationship. By admitting your feelings for her, you can move your relationship forward and give her the kind of reassurance she needs that you're committed to her.

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Let Her Know if Something Bothers You

If something comes up in your relationship that you feel is troublesome, tell her immediately. Never let emotions fester. Scorpio wants an honest relationship and emotional honesty plays a vital role in achieving it.

How to Approach a Quiet Scorpio Woman

If your vibrant, passionate Scorpio woman has suddenly gone quiet, it's time to have a heart-to-heart chat. This type of shutting down indicates she is upset over something and it's best to get it out in the open so the two of you can resolve it.

Be Romantic and Enjoy an Exciting Sex Life Together

Scorpio is a romantic and highly sensual person. She wants romance in her life, so be sure to plan plenty of romantic evenings. As a passionate and sensual woman, you want to keep the mystery and romance going so you can continue to share an exciting sex life.

Surprise Her With a Thoughtful Gift Beyond Flowers

You can infuse intrigue and romance into your relationship with thoughtful and unexpected little gifts. These don't have to be expensive but should be thoughtfully chosen to appeal to her personal tastes and likes. For example, if she loves strawberry crepes, then surprise her one morning with homemade ones that you serve in bed.

Taking That First Step to Start Dating a Scorpio Woman

If a Scorpio woman has caught your eye, the next step is to ask her on a date so you can figure out what it is like to date a Scorpio woman. Forget the casual coffee date and go all out for a memorable romantic first date!

How to Start Dating a Scorpio Woman