Scorpio Woman and Aries Male in Love

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Unfortunately, couples often don't recognize how incompatible their compatibilities can be until it's too late. Scorpio and Aries' sexual compatibility is all-consuming and intoxicating, but without tenderness and understanding, their relationship will be very short-lived. Still, no matter how long their relationship lasts, this is a once-in-a-lifetime affair that neither will ever forget.

Both Passionate and Possessive

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac; Scorpio is the eighth. They are in what astrologers call an inconjunct or quincunx aspect. Getting signs that quincunx one another to work together can be demanding and always requires a stretch. When an Aries and a Scorpio come together, there is an astrological synastry incongruence that creates tension in the relationship. Scorpio and Aries will be strange bedfellows who strain one another with inappropriate expectations. The sparks that fly can be either creative or destructive. However, if the relationship is to last, each will have to take a leap in understanding the other to reconcile their irreconcilable differences.

Scorpio Woman in Love

A Scorpio woman is passionate and exudes sexuality. Love for her is real, committed and emotionally intense. Once her love is returned, she's protective, eager to please and committed, and she expects the same from her lover. She's also possessive and jealous, and sometimes there can be a fine line between a Scorpio woman's passionate nature and obsession. She's not a woman who shies away from confrontations with the man she loves. In fact, she actually prefers a good fight and might even start one if she feels she's being ignored.

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In the bedroom a Scorpio woman wants to own her lover - mind, body and soul. She is not prudish, has a healthy imagination and isn't afraid of experimenting. She can cast a spell over her partner, loosen his inhibitions and ignite his passions. She stimulates and wants her lover to stimulate her - emotionally, psychologically and physically. Sex for a Scorpio woman is intimately linked with a drive to be reborn.

Aries Man in Love

An Aries man in love is direct, bold and fearless. He's fierce and enjoys a challenge, and, like a hunter, the thrill of the chase is as important as the capture. For Aries, love is intimately linked to conflict. However, as independent as an Aries man may be, he's protective and can become jealous and clingy fairly easily when in love. He's a "me, mine" sort of guy, which means his protectiveness often translates into being jealous and possessive of a woman he considers his.

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To an Aries man, sex is a raw, natural, instinctive thing. He's a physical lover who is spontaneous and insatiable. He wants to make the first move and feels that's all's fair in love and war. Arguing is foreplay, pain is pleasure and rough sex turns him on. He's passionate, bold, athletic and experimental and has no taboos. He is unlikely to take things slow and needs a sexual partner who is submissive - but not too submissive.

Scorpio and Aries Are Compatibly Incompatible

Mars, the planet of war, is the natural ruler of Aries. Mars and Pluto co-rule Scorpio. Mars is the planet that represents our actions, sex drive and desires. Mars controls passion and indicates the strong and uncontrollable sexual urge. Pluto is the planet that represents transformation, regeneration and rebirth. Pluto is known for its destructive qualities and can intensify all things, primarily sex. Mar is the strong driving force which Scorpio and Aries have in common. They share an understanding of what it's like to fight and live to fight another day.

Aggressive and Sexual

The way each operates is very different, but both Aries and Scorpio are aggressive and extremely sexual. It will be very difficult for this couple to set their fighting instinct aside. Therefore, it's likely that their relationship will be a cross between an X-rated movie and the "Clash of the Titans".

This coupling is basically a combination of everything most couples don't want to deal with when it comes to a romantic relationship; possessiveness, jealousy, fighting and raw instinctive sexual behavior.

Overt Aries vs. Covert Scorpio

The Scorpio woman moves through life looking for fated connections and destined love. However, the Aries man just naively creates love in the moment and has no time for deep thought, fated connections or soul mate mumbo jumble. He's overt in his behavior.

Conversely, the Scorpio woman is rarely overt or obvious in anything she does. She's more clandestine, and the Aries man is unlikely to know what a Scorpio woman is doing until it's done.

Both Passionate and Courageous

Scorpio and Aries are equally matched in passion and courage. The Scorpio woman loathes being at the almost childish whims of her Aries man. He can seem like a force she wants to, but is unable to, control. The Aries man finds something uniquely mysterious, taboo, alluring, dangerous and challenging about his Scorpio lover.

The Aries man has the passion, courage and impulsiveness to keep everything exciting for his Scorpio woman, while she has the passion and courage to attempt to control her Aries man by taking his breath away and then bringing him back to life during every sexual encounter.

Both Jealous and Possessive

He's a rough-and-ready lover who is so dedicated to the physical dimension of sex that he doesn't have time for or pay much attention to the intimate and emotional aspect of sex. The Scorpio woman is all about intimacy and emotions. The Aries man is about just doing it, and the Scorpio woman is almost compulsive about sexual intimacy. These disconnects create a challenge that sparks jealousy and possessiveness.

The Scorpio woman wants to be her Aries partner's one great love. The Aries man takes up the challenge because he wants to be the best and only lover his Scorpio partner has ever had or will have. This is a relationship where it's best not to talk about former lovers or even glance in the direction of the opposite sex, because doing so is bound to bring on a fight.

Both Love a Good Fight

Making up

Scorpio and Aries both love a good fight. Of course the Scorpio woman sees the fighting as emotional engagement, and Aries sees it as foreplay. The end result is that sexual sparks fly, and they fall into bed and have hot passionate make-up sex. Though this settles them down for a while, it doesn't solve the problem. You can be sure the whole scenario of possessiveness, jealousy, fighting and passionate make-up sex will start all over again.

Making It Work With Scorpio Woman and Aries Man

This relationship will likely become the most explosive sexual relationship that either Scorpio or Aries will ever experience and one they will both long remember. But how can they make it last?

A Lot of "Ifs"

Scorpio and Aries have their best chance of becoming a lasting couple:

  • If they can find an understanding inside their sexual relationship
  • If they can manage to not let the fighting get out of control and break them apart
  • If they can be honest and open with each other
  • If neither has doubts about the other's loyalty
  • If there's a shared need to satisfy one another
  • If they treat each other with enough tenderness

That's a lot of "ifs." Still there are times when Scorpio/Aries' compatible incompatibility works. When it does, it's because of the couple's extreme loyalty and protectiveness of one another. However, even then it will be an on-again, off-again roller coaster ride that few outside the relationship will understand, and sex will almost certainly be the glue that holds the relationship together.

A Little Distance

Perhaps the Scorpio/Aries relationship works best when the couple lives apart or are kept apart by their different careers for extended periods of time. In this case, the passion and overwhelming emotions of their reunions will be enough to keep the more destructive elements of this pairing at bay.

Remember Mitigating Factors

It's important to note that all the above is about Sun signs only. Ultimately everyone and every relationship is unique, and generalizing too far without knowing the complete astrological picture can be misleading. There can be and usually are many mitigating factors.

A Formidable Team

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In most ways Scorpio and Aries seem to bring out the worst in each other. Scorpio is too dark and difficult for Aries, and Aries is too shallow for Scorpio. But both Aries and Scorpio are extremely powerful characters. If they can take the sparks out of the bedroom and into the world, they can make a formidable team. When Scorpio/Aries set their joint hearts on something, very little can stand in the way of this combination. Plus, the sex will always be phenomenal!

Scorpio Woman and Aries Male in Love