How Your Aries Stellium Can Impact Personality

Published June 23, 2020
stellium in aries

Your Aries stellium will definitely impact your personality regardless your rising and sun signs. In fact, you may discover your Aries stellium is the prominent factor controlling your personality traits.

Aries Stellium in Your Natal Chart

Whenever there are three, four, or more planets in the same zodiac sign, you have what's known as a stellium. An Aries stellium affects your personality in ways that may be contrary to your sun or rising sign. When a stellium appears in your natal chart, it can actually dominate your personality and dilute many of the influences of your sun or rising sign.

Aries Stellium Personality Traits

Some of the personality traits you boast as compliments of your stellium in Aries include an insatiable need for excitement. You might even be an adrenaline junkie depending on your sun and rising signs. If your sun sign is also a fire sign, then you could be seeking the next extreme sport to master.

Competitive Edge

A stellium in Aries brings a finely honed competitive edge to your personality. You aren't just competitive in sports or your career, you're competitive in almost everything. This trait is so prominent that you probably aren't even aware of it until a friend or loved one complains that talking about how difficult your day was really isn't a competition.

Sports Enthusiast

If you aren't busy playing some kind of sports, you're passionately sitting on the sidelines of a professional team game or tournament. It doesn't matter what type of sports it is, you're in it for the competition. You often find yourself rooting for the underdog, although you eventually gravitate toward the winner.

Man kayaking

Passionate About Life

An Aries stellium means you're passionate about life in general. You believe life should be lived to the fullest and you don't let anything, or anyone, stand in your way. You want to enjoy all the bounty that life has to offer and your enthusiasm is contagious.

Don't Look Before Leaping

The impulsive nature of Aries, the fire element, can land you in awkward and even undesirable places. This is the nature of the fire element as it plays out in the first zodiac sign of Aries.

Take Too Many Risks

You say yes without understanding the risks or demands that will placed on you. You take unnecessary risks physically, emotionally and financially that could easily be avoided by take a step back and analyzing what you intend to pursue.

Excellent Social Skills

Aries brings an adept social skill set to you. Good social graces and manners bestow an endearing and often charming personality trait. You know how to take advantage of this gift and weld it like with the finesse of a master.

Always a Charmer

Aries stellium gifts you with the skills of a first-rate charmer. You can dole out the compliments and sweet talk all day and never once repeat yourself.

Love to Debate Others

Your mental agility is almost as sharp as your tongue when you're caught up in a debate. The more controversial your topic, the more impassioned you become. You can easily rattle off statistics to back up your stance and offer convincing arguments why you are right, and the other person is completely, without any doubt, wrong!

Games Aren't for Crybabies

This love of fun always includes a love for games of all kinds. You enjoy laughing and playing games with friends and family, but you don't show any mercy. After all, your competitive streak is like a beast that can't be tamed.

friends having fun playing video games

No Compassion for Losers

Your lack of compassion or sympathy for losers relegates them to the title of crybabies. This is where your social skills need refinement, so you might learn to be a gracious winner.

You Enjoy the Limelight

Any time someone turns the spotlight on you, you shine. You work hard, and when you receive recognition for a job well done or accolades for your civic-minded contribution, you accept it in the spirit it is given. You feel you've earned it and you deserve to enjoy that demonstration of appreciation.

Your Personality Is the Product of Stellium in Aries

It may surprise you to learn how many Aries personality traits your Aries stellium delivers to you. You can capitalize on these traits to empower you and enhance your life.

How Your Aries Stellium Can Impact Personality