Taurus Stellium Meaning in a Natal Chart

Published June 23, 2020
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A Taurus stellium provides you with a feeling of stability. This earth sign has a powerful influence over your natal chart that you can use to your benefit.

Power of Taurus Stellium in Natal Charts

A stellium (three or more planets) in Taurus gives you a sense of belonging. You are motivated to set roots as quickly as you can and begin building your life. It's especially good to find a Taurus stellium in a natal chart that is filled with signs that aren't grounding. With Taurus, you can find consistency that allows you to progress toward realistic goals.

Desire for a Home and Family

Perhaps one of the most decisive influences of a Taurus stellium is the desire for a happy home and to start your own family. This can almost be an imperative that overshadows the rest of your natal chart. A home and family will bring you a sense of security and safety. You find great satisfaction in creating a home that is comfortable, charming and inviting.

Strong Family Ties

It's no surprise that this earth sign has deep family ties. You think of your family as your friends and you love spending time with them. You often host your family get-togethers and love listening to the various family stories passed down from one generation to the next. You are best friends with your siblings, and you enjoy spending family vacations together.

Friends Become Family

If you don't have a family, then you quickly create one with the right friends. Your chosen family is just as important to you as blood relatives. You spend time with them and share meals and holidays, the same as you would with blood relatives.

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Connection to Nature

As an earth sign, it's not surprising you have a powerful connection to nature. As a child, you were like a wood nymph. You enjoyed slipping out of the house to trek into the forest. As an adult, you take a break with a hike or trail whenever you feel the world closing in on you.

Excellent Therapy

Simply sitting on your back porch or patio listening to the birds sing is restorative and excellent relaxation therapy. You always seek ways to stay connected with your element.

Art and Fine Living With Taurus Stellium

A Taurus stellium gifts you with a deep appreciation for art and a luxurious lifestyle. You enjoy the creature comforts of a well-appointed home. However, unlike the flamboyant fire sign, Leo, you prefer a more refined décor that reflects a highly sophisticated style.

Music to Your Ears

You love music and may have musical talents. You especially enjoy singing. Unlike the bellowing of your zodiac sign, the bull, you have a melodic and alluring singing voice.

Rhythms of Nature

You like the various rhythms and movements in music and find it resonates with many patterns in nature, such as a babbling creek, the cheerful lilting of songbirds, or the nightly cries of a hoot owl. For you, art often imitates nature and you use art to recreate the way nature calls to you.

Undaunting Determination

A Taurus stellium gives you a wide stubborn streak that can serve you in reaching goals. You have an undaunted determination when you set your sights on a goal. Nothing can stand between you and achieving the prize.

Going the Extra Mile

You are a diligent and hard worker. Employers love you and coworkers depend on you. You are loyal to both as long as you're treated fairly and compensated appropriately for your contribution.

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You have a clear understanding of your personal and professional worth. You are confident in your abilities and seek ways to grow in your profession. You take great pride in everything you do and believe in doing it right the first time.

Business Acumen

Taurus brings to you a strong business acumen that you exploit to advance your career. You view your career as a way to have all the comfortable luxuries you want. You aren't a spendthrift by any means and always seek the best deal for your money.

Stellium in Taurus' Impact on Your Life

You feel the impact of a Taurus stellium that overrides the other signs in your natal chart. You find home and family the most important gifts Taurus brings to you.

Taurus Stellium Meaning in a Natal Chart