Why People Born With Mars in Sagittarius Love Adventure

If Mars was in the lucky sign of Sagittarius when you were born, you can expect to live a pretty exciting life!

Updated November 22, 2022
Mars in Sagittarius

Those born with Mars in Sagittarius are the zodiac's frontierspeople. They are the wanderers and explorers with their eyes on the horizon, and they love to test boundaries and eagerly blaze new trails. Mars in Sagittarius is forever on the move and never fears what comes next. Mars is comfortable in Sagittarius and bequeaths a person with energy, ambition, passion, good fortune, and expansion.

What It Means to Have Mars in Sagittarius

If the planet Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius when you are born, then you have Mars in Sagittarius in your astrological chart. Mars is your hero, your warrior within. It reveals how you get what you want, your passion, desire, sex drive, and fighting spirit. Sagittarius is the "don't tie me down" mutable fire sign of the zodiac, ruled by optimistic and lucky Jupiter. When Mars teams up with Sagittarius, life is an unending adventure. These individuals tend to go where life leads them and experience a great diversity of people, places, and events during their lives. Their openness, curiosity, and search for knowledge lead them to be lifelong students who ask questions, and they have their own unique way of seeing the world.

They Are Optimistic

Mars in Sagittarius can find the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary happenings of life. The best part of having Mars in Sagittarius is that these happy, dancing souls are willing to go where life leads. And despite setbacks, losses, or failures, they can pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and optimistically start another new adventure.

Mars in Sagittarius infographic

They're Adventurous & Nomadic

Those with Mars in Sagittarius believe that life is an adventure and they should be able to go anywhere and do anything they wish. And, they have the energy and enthusiasm to do just that. They live a nomadic lifestyle and love traveling, camping, adrenaline sports, and animals (especially horses).

They Have a Fiery Temper

Mars is the planet of aggression and anger. When Mars is in Sagittarius, the individual is impatient with a fiery temper. They love to engage in lively debates but can become impatiently angry and self-righteous when someone severely challenges them. Despite their fiery temper, they try to avoid confrontations and difficult situations. Luckily, while they have a short fuse, they don't stay mad long.

Mars in Sag's Relationships

A person with Mars in Sagittarius is free-spirited, has few inhibitions, and takes pleasure in each new friend. They are always up for a good time, have a great sense of humor, and love to party. They are attracted to people who are as fearless, carefree, and as non-judgmental as they are.

Horseback riding on the beach

A female with Mars in Sagittarius is bold and independent. She tends to exhibit maturity from a young age and is highly ambitious. Her optimism, combined with her exuberant energy, keeps her life moving onward and upward. It doesn't take long for her to acquire an extended repertoire of talents that makes her an extremely interesting person. Females with Mars in Sagittarius are attracted to free-spirited individuals and respect their need for freedom.

A male with Mars in Sagittarius is a great talker and entertainer. These guys generally put their physical side on display. This is a male that has many questions, demands, and urges. Like a female with Mars in Sagittarius, he's a multi-talented guy who's always moving onward and upward. If a man has Mars in Sagittarius, he's not a romantic; he simply wants to play the field and have a good time. Males with Mars in Sagittarius are attracted to someone who's a bit of a challenge, strong willed, and able to stand up to them.

They're Passionate Lovers

Those with Mars in Sagittarius are passionate and enthusiastic lovers. These carefree individuals are enamored by the fun and breathless experience of the chase and enjoy sex as a sporting adventure. Still, they shy away from permanent commitments. They never fall in love at first sight, and rejections don't dishearten them; they simply move on. If a person gets too needy and attached or expects too much of them, they'll be off and running.

They Are Difficult to Domesticate

It's challenging to domesticate an individual with Mars in Sagittarius. Mundane family life tends to bore them, and they can kick up the dust when bored. They might start petty quarrels, bolt out the door, take off on a solo weekend trip, buy a new car, or do anything to break the monotony. It takes a lively and free-spirited mate to appreciate the fun and excitement such a restless and adventurous person can bring to a marriage and family.

Best Match for Mars in Sagittarius

Mars is the planet of physical sex, and Venus is the planet of love. If you have Mars in Sagittarius, you're most compatible with individuals who have Venus in one of the air signs or fire signs. However, if the individual happens to have Venus in Sagittarius, it can spark almost instant love and sexual attraction. This connection can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Mars in Sagittarius Transit

Mars takes just over two years to complete its orbit around the zodiac, and it spends about 40-45 days in each sign. But it can spend over six months in one sign when it retrogrades, and Mars is in retrograde for approximately 58-81 days.

Mars Transits and Your Natal Chart

Wherever the planet Mars is transiting in your natal chart, there's a call for increased assertion - "oomph!" - and self-expression. Every two years or so, while Mars moves through Sagittarius, you'll want to reach, expand, and explore the Sagittarian area of your chart. This is when you can look beyond your present limitations and realize the vast possibilities available to you. Still, you can also be reckless due to your increased confidence and optimism. Moderation is key when Mars transits through Sagittarius.

Celebrities That Have Mars in Sagittarius

The famous or infamous individuals below show how hard it is to hold back an individual with Mars in Sagittarius.

  • Jennifer Lopez: Leo Sun, Mars in Sagittarius
  • Vladimir Putin: Libra Sun, Mars in Sagittarius
  • Prince Harry: Virgo Sun, Mars in Sagittarius
  • Kendall Jenner: Scorpio Sun, Mars in Sagittarius
  • Ted Bundy: Sagittarius Sun, Mars in Sagittarius
  • Saddam Hussein: Taurus Sun, Mars in Sagittarius
  • Richard Nixon: Capricorn Sun, Mars in Sagittarius
  • Ice Cube: Gemini Sun, Mars in Sagittarius
  • Bill Maher: Aquarius Sun, Mars in Sagittarius
  • Christopher Reeve: Libra Sun, Mars in Sagittarius

How to Find Where Mars Is in Your Chart

Want to know if your natal Mars is in Sagittarius? Visit AstroSeek.com and enter your birth data. Or, Cafeastrology.com has an easy-to-use and read Mars sign table.

Your Sagittarian Hero's Journey

Mars is the fighting principle of the sun and for all the inner planets that lie within its orbit (moon, Venus, Mercury.) If you have Mars in Sagittarius, the house your Mars occupies and the aspects it makes can tell you more about your hero's journey.

Why People Born With Mars in Sagittarius Love Adventure