Mars in Gemini Sign Significance and Distinctive Traits

Published April 15, 2020
Mars in Gemini

Mars is the planet of action and motivation. Gemini is the sign of the mind. Mars in Gemini is mercurial and driven to think, learn, and communicate. It can have both the strengths and the weaknesses of Gemini and is highly motivated to put them into action.

Positive Natal Mars in Gemini Traits

People born with Mars in Gemini are smart, resourceful, and lively individuals. They are quick, curious, and versatile, with agile minds. Their ability to communicate is one of their best assets. They are effective speakers who love debates, communicate courageously and have the ability to come up with brilliant ideas and then turn them into reality. They are "think it-do it" individuals who are multi-taskers and have no interest in idling away their time. Mars in Gemini's positive traits include:

  • Flexible
  • Eager
  • Inspiring
  • Witty
  • Strategic
  • Excitable
  • Inquisitive
  • Lively

Negative Traits

However, when Mars in Gemini's positive traits are taken to the negative extreme, they can cause problems. Due to their interest in so many things, those with Mars in Gemini have problems focusing on one person or thing for too long and can flit from one interest to another. However, their most significant problem can be their mouths. They have little patience, can be argumentative, and shoot off their mouths without thinking. Their words can cut deep, and they can be totally oblivious to the consequences of what they say. Additional negative traits include:

  • Nervous
  • Callous
  • Cynical
  • Rude
  • Sarcastic
  • Erratic
  • Fickle
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Curbing the Negative Traits

For those with Mars in Gemini, variety is the spice of life, boredom is their greatest enemy, and their most significant challenge is staying on track. They can become nervous, depressed, and upset when idle, so they need to keep busy. Planning is not their strong suit, but they should plan daily agendas with a variety of errands and exciting things to do to help them stay focused and on task. They can also overcome the negativity that comes from boredom by keeping their mind busy in creative ways such as writing, playing strategy games, or solving puzzles.

Mars in Gemini Attractions

Those with Mars in Gemini are fun and social individuals who thrive on meeting new and different people. They are attracted to and always strive to have individuals who are exciting and intelligent in their lives. In the Mars in Gemini world, it's not about who you are or what you have, it's what you know and how intelligent, interesting, fun, and exciting you are that's important.

Attracting Mars in Gemini

If you want to attract a person with Mars in Gemini, ask questions, and keep them talking. They are bored by the mundane and ordinary, so the more outlandish your conversations, the better. Spark their interest in something new or different, challenge their mind, make them think and laugh, even share some juicy gossip, but don't talk about feelings.

Sexual Nature of Mars in Gemini

Mars, in a horoscope, also describes your sexual nature and mannerisms. Diversity is the name of the sexual game for those with Mars in Gemini. When it comes to sex, they are into variety and experimentation, and they need verbal and mental stimulation. A meeting of the minds is the biggest turn-on, and their brain is their most sensitive erogenous zone.

Mars in Gemini and Love

In love, those with Mars in Gemini are fun date mates, but often have trouble with the follow-through of commitment. To them, commitment means the same-ole boring routine, and they'd rather keep their options open. When they do commit, it will be to someone fun and exciting, who always keeps them guessing.

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Mars in Gemini and Compatibility

Venus and Mars placements are primary in astrological compatibility. Venus is feminine energy. Mars is masculine energy. Still, attaching gender to either may be somewhat invalid in the 21 Century. However, the sign position of Mars and Venus can still offer clues as to what type of man or woman the individual is attracted.

A Woman With Mars in Gemini

A woman with Mars in Gemini is usually bright or creative and tends to be a bit androgynous. She's attracted to men who are intelligent, witty, lively, and playful. Speaking astrologically, a man with a Gemini Sun, other Gemini placements, or a Mercury emphasis in their birth chart.

A Man With Mars in Gemini

A Man with Mars in Gemini is a scamp who's turned on the most by a woman who is intelligent, witty, and lively. Again speaking astrologically, this is a woman with a Gemini Sun, other Gemini placements, or a Mercury emphasis in her birth chart. But if he hooks up with a woman who has Venus in Gemini, they'll definitely find it difficult to get away from one another.

Understanding Your Mars in Gemini

It's always best to remember that nothing stands alone in a birth chart. There are many things in a horoscope that can exaggerate or mitigate the mannerisms of an individual with Mars in Gemini. So if you have or are interested in someone who has Mars in Gemini and would like to understand all it says, you'll need to look beyond its sign placement.

Mars in Gemini Sign Significance and Distinctive Traits