Mars in Taurus: Connecting Power and Stability

Published February 11, 2021
Mars in Taurus

"Slow and steady wins the race" could be the Mars in Taurus mantra. Those with Mars in Taurus are earthy, physical, and seemingly placid creatures who are the bulldozers of the zodiac that are driven by the desire for a secure, stable, and abundant lifestyle.

Mars in Taurus General Traits

Mars is the go-getter planet that rules the action-oriented sign of Aries. Taurus, the Fixed Earth sign, represents the sweetness of earthly life. Mars is not comfortable in Venus ruled Taurus. Mars wants to "go," and Taurus would just as soon sit beneath a tree. Taurus slows Mars down but also gives it more force and stamina.

Mars in Taurus Positive Traits

Positive traits of Mars in Taurus include:

  • Patient
  • Stable
  • Calm
  • Easygoing
  • Committed
  • Sensual
  • Strong

Mars in Taurus Negative Traits

Challenges associated with Mars in Taurs include:

  • Stubborn
  • Passive
  • Overindulgent
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of motivation
  • Possessive
  • Explosive anger

Mars in Taurus Lifestyle

Those with Mars in Taurus are peaceful individuals who lead an esthetically pleasing style of life and often involve themselves in the environment, music, dancing, singing, poetry, and the arts. But they are also hard workers who are practical, realistic, and driven to to enjoy life by creating beauty, wealth, comfort, and security.

Mars in Taurus Style of Action

Those with Mars in Taurus dislike change and have to overcome their inertia before taking action. However, once they finally decide to take action, they won't be detoured and have the patience, courage, and perseverance to get what they want. Slow, cautious, and unrelenting is the Mars in Taurus style of action.

Mars in Taurus Anger

A person with Mars in Taurus won't be pushed around and is formidable when angered. Ordinarily peaceful and conciliatory, it takes a lot for these placid individuals to get angry. They tend to let their frustrations build, hold in anger, and become silent and cold before they explode like a stick of dynamite.

Mars in Taurus Physicality

Those with Mars in Taurus have an imposing physical presence. They have tremendous physical energy and stamina and are usually powerfully built.

Sex, Love, and Romance for Mars in Taurus

When Mars is in Taurus, it's ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance. This means that romantic relationships are very important to those with Mars in Taurus. However, as with most everything in their life, they move slowly and are cautious about sex, love, and romance, but they also have the courage to persevere when the are attracted to someone.

Couple on swing contemplating the mountains

Mars in Taurus Sex

Individuals with Mars in Taurus have a strong sex drive and sexual stamina. They have a hunger for the physical expression of love and are masters of sensual pleasure and foreplay. They take their time, are demonstrative, affectionate, and have a skillful touch when it comes to pleasing their lover.

Marriage and Family

Although an individual with Mars in Taurus may be slow to commit, the comfort and stability of a family is what they strive for. They are not players; they are hardworking and loyal providers who ensure their family has a peaceful and abundant life. Those with Mars in Taurus are in heaven when it comes to home and family.

Mars in Taurus Compatibility

Mars in Taurus is thought to be compatible with both the earth and water signs. Although an individual with Venus in Taurus can be like an aphrodisiac, this partnership can lead to further inertia. So, these laid back and placid individuals are probably the most compatible with a person with Venus in Cancer. Like Mars in Taurus, Venus in Cancer is committed and is not casual about love, but can also spur their Mars in Taurus partner into action.

Celebrities with Mars in Taurus

While the entire birth chart is important to consider, you can see the determination, perseverance, physical energy, stamina, and staying power that's innate to individuals with Mars in Taurus revealed in the lives of the celebrities list below.

  • Madonna: Leo Sun, Mars in Taurus
  • Lucy Lawless: Aries Sun, Mars in Taurus
  • Muhammad Ali: Capricorn Sun, Mars in Taurus
  • Kanye West: Gemini Sun, Mars in Taurus
  • Stephen Colbert: Taurus Sun, Mars in Taurus
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Gemini Sun, Mars in Taurus
  • Michael Jackson: Virgo Sun, Mars in Taurus
  • Thom Cruise; Cancer Sun, Mars in Taurus
  • Celine Dion: Aries Sun, Mars in Taurus
  • Mick Jagger; Leo Sun, Mars in Taurus
  • Andy Warhol: Leo Sun, Mars in Taurus

Do You Have Mars in Taurus?

Are you driven yet peaceful? Are you a slow starter? Are you a bit of a bulldozer when you do get moving? Do you have a drive for wealth, the good life, and sensual pleasures? If so, you could have Mars in Taurus. If you want to know for sure, you can get a free birth chart at

Mars in Taurus: Connecting Power and Stability