Meaning of Venus in Astrology

Published February 7, 2019
Venus glyph, female symbol

What do you love and value in others? What sort of relationship appeals to you? How do you approach relationships? How do you give and receive love? What brings you joy, delight, and happiness? The planet Venus in your birth chart has the answer to these questions.

Venus: The Planet of Love and Money

Venus is your sense of beauty, your enjoyment of pleasure, aesthetic awareness, love of harmony, sociability, eroticism, as well as your attitude toward romance, money, personal possessions, and creature comforts. Venus is your ability to express affection, and to attract and appreciate the things of the world, whether they're emotional, physical/material, mental, or spiritual.

The Two Faces of Venus

Box with money

Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus and Libra:

  • As the ruler Taurus, she's earthy, sensual, fertile, and is concerned with self-love and pleasuring herself.
  • As the ruler of Libra, she's romantic, intellectual, social, concerned with fairness, and creating pleasurable harmonious relationships with others.

Venus rules the 2nd and 7th houses:

  • As the ruler of the 2nd house, Venus is concerned with personal values, self-worth, self-esteem, possessions, money, wealth and celebrating the bounty of the material world.
  • As the ruler of the 7th house Venus is concerned with marriage and committed long lasting partnerships of all kinds; spouse, romantic partner, business partner or even a known enemy.

Venus and Compatibility

Venus is a major player in relationship astrology. Venus is the attraction factor that lures you into a romantic relationship. When your Venus sign is compatible with your lovers, you share the same values, there's an affinity for one another, and a desire to spend time and enjoy life together. If the couple marries, their Venus compatibility brings a friendship that can sustain the marriage as the sexual passion wanes and waxes. Harmonious Venus connections can be the key to happiness in a long-term relationship.

Venus in the Signs

The qualities of the astrological sign your Venus occupies reveals what you love and value about yourself, and what you want others to enjoy and appreciate about you. The sign placement of Venus in your birth chart tells you, more precisely than your Sun sign, Moon sign, or Rising sign, what you're looking for in a relationship. Note: if you don't know the sign of your Venus, enter your birth date and year into the birth-chart creator at Astro-Seek.

Venus in Aries

Those with Venus in Aries enjoy the chase. They are thrill seekers who value their ability to go after, fight for and conquer what and who they desire. They are great at initiating a love affair but not so good at maintaining one. Their most harmonious relationships will be with someone who's attracted to hot and spicy, can give as good as they get, and is not overly concerned with forever.

Venus in Taurus

Those with Venus in Taurus are languid and great at relaxing and doing nothing. They're slow to give their affections, but once they do, they stick like glue. Their most harmonious relationships will be with someone who is sweet, quiet, and "touchy-feely." An individual who pleasures, pampers, and gives them gifts galore.

Venus in Gemini

Their mind rather than their body rules those with Venus in Gemini. They are flighty, changeable, fickle, flirty, and like to keep their relationships light. Their most harmonious relationships will be with someone who talks and listens, is spontaneous, mischievous, and fun, but will give them plenty of wiggle room.

Venus in Cancer

Venus is in Cancer is craves a committed and predictable relationship. The love they give is more maternal than romantic. These individuals wear their hearts on their sleeve and can be moody, but they have an enormous capacity for love and are emotionally intimate, sensitive, and sentimental. Their most harmonious relationships will be with a person who takes their time, is gentle and thoughtful, and makes them feel at home when they are together.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo is looking for a fun playmate and romantic love life. They are dramatic, enthusiastic, affectionate and adoring, and are attracted to colorful people. Their most harmonious relationships will be with a person who makes them feel uniquely special, attractive and appreciated, both with grand words of praise and loving gestures.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo is looking for the "perfect" partner. They are highly discriminating and very particular about the person they choose. In a romantic relationship, they want to serve and be useful to their partner. Their most harmonious relationships will be with someone who dresses well, always behaves mannerly, pays attention to every little thing they do for them, and is quick to show their appreciation.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra is a true romantic who is happiest when partnered with someone. They are eager for love and romance, are friendly, charming, well dressed and always looking to attract. Their most harmonious relationships will be with someone who is beautiful or handsome, has esthetic sensibilities, is intelligent, well-spoken, well-mannered, and well-dressed.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio is looking for the depth of a soul connection and absolute commitment in a relationship. They're intense and have a desire to merge with their partner, which means sex plays a big part in their love life. They want to be transformed and reborn in a romantic relationship. Their most harmonious relationships will be one with a deep sexual and emotional connection.

Venus in Sagittarius.

Those with Venus in Sagittarius looking to grow and expand their range of experience. They are adventurous, funny, straight forward, and honest. In a romantic relationship, Their most harmonious relationships will be with a person who can give them new experiences, is adventurous and full of life, is ardent and generous with their love, but doesn't require a lot of commitment.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn values predictably, stability and commitment in others. They take love seriously, and won't plunge headfirst into romance until they know until for sure it is right. Their most harmonious relationships will be with a person who is hard working, resourceful, accomplished, professional, and disciplined.

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius values unconventional and open-ended relationships don't follow the "normal" rules of romance. They're typically well-liked but have few close friends. Their most harmonious relationships will be with an objective person who matches them intellectually, can be their best friend and is not bound to conformity in relationships.

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces values romance and tenderness. They are extraordinarily romantic and love unconditionally. Their most harmonious relationships will be with a person who is compassionate, gentle, sensitive, affectionate, demonstrative in love and has a sense of humor and can put up with their moody ups and downs.

Venus in a Man's or Woman's Birth Chart

It's clear that in the 21st Century younger men have become more comfortable with their Venusian energy (metrosexual), but in the majority of birth charts what Venus means to a male and female is a little different. In a man's birth chart Venus is his projected femininity, and what he's looking for in his ideal woman or partner. In a woman's chart, it's how she projects her femininity into the world of others.

Venus the "Lesser Benefic"

Jupiter is the "greater benefic" and Venus is the "lesser benefic" astrological planet. Wherever Venus is in your birth chart, she's considered a favorable influence. There's another thing about Venus you might want to know: Venus' placement in your birth chart is where you can have financial favor and material gain.

Meaning of Venus in Astrology