Venus in Virgo Meaning and Personality

Published May 11, 2020
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Venus in a birth chart is about beauty, love, romance, and relationships, it also relates to your values, style, and money. Virgo, the Mutable Earth sign, is about the constant search for perfection and acceptance. When Venus is in Virgo, the goddess of love puts on her work clothes and goes to work attempting to make everything, including herself, perfect.

Venus in Virgo Traits

Venus in Virgo shares the traits of a Virgo Sun, but there is a difference. If you have a Virgo Sun, Virgo can be considered your entire personality's guiding light. If your Venus is in Virgo, Virgo traits guide your Venus.

Positive Venus in Virgo Traits

Those with Venus in Virgo are always trying to make those they care about better. They are problem fixers and puzzle solvers who willingly come to the rescue of their friends and lovers. At their most positive, those with Venus in Virgo are:

  • Devoted and self-sacrificing
  • Clean and wholesome
  • Observant and detail-oriented
  • Quiet and meditative
  • Careful and reserved
  • Considerate and helpful
  • Modest and loving

Negative Venus in Virgo Traits

Venus in Virgo's more negative traits results from its perfectionist tendencies. At their worst those with Venus in Virgo can become nitpickers who display:

  • Excessive expectations of self and others
  • Extreme concern for self and others
  • Exaggerated standards of right conduct
  • Excessively critical of self and others
  • Fussy and hard to please

Overcoming the Negative

Those with Venus in Virgo can overcome these negative traits by consciously choosing to look for the positives in themselves, as well as in other people and situations, and by not giving their advice or opinion unless asked.

Venus in Virgo Romance and Relationship

A person with Venus in Virgo has a shy, modest, and reserved love style. They are not overly demonstrative, and they're generally not verbal in expressing their love. They show love through their actions and gestures. Those with Venus in Virgo want to serve the one they love and are devoted and self-sacrificing helpmates. Being in love often brings out the very best Venus in Virgo traits.

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Dating Venus in Virgo

Those with Venus in Virgo are usually selective and discerning when it come to who they date and who they love. They are drawn to individuals who are clean, tidy, and punctual. They like planned dates - nothing spontaneous - and low-key activities such as taking in a museum, a nature walk, an afternoon drive to the mountains, or a peaceful day at the beach. Anywhere they can enjoy meaningful conversations and even companionable silence.

As Lovers

Venus in Virgo makes for a demure, patient, and attentive lover who is generous, thoughtful, and sensual. They are usually not adventurous or assertive, and their primary focus is on pampering, pleasuring, and pleasing their partner.

Differences Between Men and Women

Men and women with Venus in Virgo have very similar characteristics when it comes to what they love and find pleasurable. However, Venus in a woman's birth chart also reveals she expresses her feminine qualities, while in a man's chart, Venus speaks to the type of woman he finds attractive.

Beauty and Style

Those with Venus in Virgo are fastidious and give careful attention to their appearance. Their perfectionist tendency leads them to be clean, tidy, and neatly groomed with everything "just so." They often believe beauty begins with a healthy body, so they are also health and body-conscious. They have natural and earthy tastes in both fashion and colors. The Venus in Virgo style is subtle but effective.

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Finances and Money

Related to money, those with Venus in Virgo are usually responsible, thrifty, and practical when it comes to managing their money.

Venus in Virgo and the Sun Signs

Venus never travels more than 45- 48 degrees from the Sun. This means there are only five Sun signs, Cancer through Scorpio, that can have Venus in Virgo.

  • If a Venus in Virgo's Sun is in Leo or Cancer, the individual is likely to be a little naïve and careless when it comes to love and money.
  • If the Sun is in Libra or Scorpio, Venus in Virgo will be more deliberate in their actions when it comes to love and money.
  • The traits of Venus in Virgo will be more evident when the Sun is also in Virgo.

Astrological House and Aspects of Venus

Venus in Virgo expresses itself the most readily in the area of life, astrological house, it occupies. When Venus is in aspect to other planets and placements, they can modify the traits of Venus in Virgo. Venus in Virgos house and aspects always add more complexity to any Venus in Virgo interpretation.

Celebrities With Venus in Virgo

Listed below are a few celebrities who have Venus in Virgo in the five possible Sun signs.

  • Robin Williams: Sun in Cancer
  • Kylie Jenner: Sun in Leo
  • Pink: Sun in Virgo
  • Julia Roberts: Sun in Scorpio
  • Sting: Sun in Libra

Your Birth Chart and Venus

Your entire birth chart reveals the complexity of your personality and understanding the influence of Venus is essential to understanding the part of you that deals with love, relationships, beauty, desire, values, and money. Venus is said to be in "fall" when she's in Virgo, this means she's uncomfortable and weaker in Virgo. All the pleasures in life that Venus represents do not come easy for an individual with Venus in Virgo.

Venus in Virgo Meaning and Personality