Moon in Aries Signs Reveal Energy and Drive

Published March 11, 2020
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The Moon represents your emotional life. It speaks of your emotional needs and responses. It's your subconscious self, your conditioning, memories, and habits. The Moon shines by the light of the Sun. However, regardless of the Sun's sign, those with an Aries Moon have the heart of a warrior and an instinctive urge to be emotionally independent.

The Energy of a Moon in Aries

Your Moon's sign is an indicator of what you need to feel emotionally content. An Aries Moon's greatest emotional contentment is when they can act independently, decisively, and feel challenged. These are courageous, spontaneous, energetic, enthusiastic, determined, and passionate individuals who are quick to fall in love, quick-tempered, and quick to forgive. They are fighters, and when their emotions are aroused, the force and drive that an Aries Moon can put into any effort can often surprise others.

Common Traits

Those with the Moon in Aries:

  • Crave new challenges, physical or mental
  • Are courageous and self-reliant
  • Are not particularly empathic and sensitive
  • Are raw, direct, and honest
  • Hate waiting, it makes them anxious and nervous

Bad Aries Moon

Individuals with an Aries Moon are known for being impulsive, careless, foolhardy, rash, and daring. Their emotional responses can be so swift and often so intense, that before they realize it they are expressing extreme feelings whose impact on others can be considerable. What gets an Aries Moon in trouble:

  • Being so optimistic and self-confident that they are naïve about what they can actually accomplish.
  • Being Impatient and seeking instant gratification.
  • Having a hair-trigger temper and not holding back

Aries Moon and the Twelve Sun Signs

The Sun and Moon are two of the most important considerations in astrology. The Sun and Moon work together. The Sun sign reveals an individual's conscious "wants." Your Moon sign reveals a person's subconscious "needs." The Moon in Aries bequeaths each Sun sign with added energy and drive.

Full Moon During Sunset

Aries Moon/Aries Sun

This combination creates an explosive personality that's dynamic, independent, and self-confident. They can be extremely impatient with people, sometimes to the extent of being overly intolerant and hot-headed.

Aries Moon/Taurus Sun

This combination creates an individual with great strength of will that can operate like a bulldozer. A Taurus Sun with an Aries Moon individual is much more assertive and less placid than most people with a Taurus Sun.

Aries Moon/Gemini Sun

The combination creates an individual that's always in motion, both physically and mentally. They can be fun companions and dangerous opponents. They fight with words, act on the whim of the moment, and are a bit on the selfish side.

Aries Moon/Cancer Sun

A Cancer Sun is ruled by their Moon. When the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon in Aires, the person can be like a steam roller. They are ambitious, enthusiastic, moody, and impulsive. They also take things very personally, can get upset over nothing, and have unexpected outbursts of anger and rage.

Aries Moon/Leo Sun

The combination produces an individual with a strong personal drive. They want what they want, are exceptionally courageous, and there's little they're hesitant to undertake. They're also fierce, hot-headed, and easily excited.

Aries Moon/Virgo Sun

This combination produces a "do it fast and do it right" individual, who's high-spirited, combative, critical, and demanding. They are not particularly sociable and are inclined to quickly voice their dissatisfaction about anything and everything.

Aries Moon/Libra Sun

This combination produces an individual who speaks softly but carries a big stick. For this reason, they often are more assertive and forceful that they appear to be. You could say they possess diplomacy as well as vigorous invulnerability.

Aries Moon/Scorpio Sun

This combination produces an individual that is very passionate, energetic, rash, and forceful. These are people who know what they want and are very straightforward in how they go about getting it. They are fighters who attack a problem head-on with little concern for tact and diplomacy.

Aries Moon/Sagittarius Sun

This combination produces an ambitious, independent, and inspiring person. They are easily excitable and have a pioneering spirit. They have boundless energy when it comes to their personal ambitions and satisfying their need to be at the forefront of all they do.

Aries Moon/Capricorn Sun

This combination produces a forceful, driven, and purposeful person, who has a strong drive to succeed in everything they do. However, they are also individuals that can "bite off more than they can chew" if they are not careful.

Aries Moon/Aquarius Sun

This combination produces an individual who wants to go "where no man has gone before." Firm and decided, with leadership potential, they are revolutionary visionaries who have the energy and motivation to push their vision forward.

Aries Moon/Pisces Sun

The combination can produce individuals who are fighting angelfishes. Timid on the outside, but feisty on the inside. While capable of great sympathy, they can be overly self-protective and fight for their own interests.

Aries Moon and Relationships

Astrological synastry involves understanding how planets in one chart aspect planets in another. Do they get along and have a mutual understanding with one another? When your Moon is compatible with your partner's Moon you feel comfortable and at home together. An Aries Moon individual has an emotional temperament that's firey, quick, and hot. They're passionate, fall spontaneously in love, and are protective, exciting and generous lovers. However, they can fall out of love just as quickly if their lover does not understand their inner warrior.

Moon in Aries Compatibility Chart
Moon Sign Emotional Nature Compatability
Aries Tempestuous, impulsive, bold Compatible?
Taurus Stubborn, pleasant, courteous Incompatible
Gemini Energetic, curious, versatile Stimulating
Cancer Friendly, sociable, domestic Challenging
Leo Self-confident, self-reliant, ambitious Harmonious
Virgo Helpful, retiring, shy Competitive
Libra Social, harmonious, peaceful Challenging
Scorpio Possessive, brooding, serious Competitive
Sagittarius Idealistic, adventurous, jovial Harmonious
Capricorn Practical, reserved, cautious Challenging
Aquarius Intelligent, tolerant, independent Stimulating
Pisces Sensitive, impressionable, reclusive Incompatible

Incompatible Moon Signs

Although it's nice to have compatible Moon signs, incompatible Moons is not the kiss of death to a relationship. It only means you and your partner will need to be aware of the differences. There are many variables in the birth chart and human beings are complicated. As an example, suppose one partner has an Aries Moon and Venus in Cancer, while the other has a Cancer Moon and Venus in Aries. Yes, the couple's differing emotional needs present a challenge, but in astrological synastry, their Moon/Venus exchanges equal emotional love.

Aries Moon and Mars

Those with an Aries Moon are warm individuals with sunny dispositions. However, they have their own unique take on emotional matters. They don't whine and are not cuddly sympathizers, so it may seem they don't care, but they really do. Ruled by Mars, they're fighters who act to do something about whatever the issue is. An Aries Moon is never indifferent.

Moon in Aries Signs Reveal Energy and Drive