Moon in Virgo Personalities Show Balance and Order

Published February 27, 2020
Virgo astrological sign

The moon in Virgo personalities show a need for balance and order. Virgo moons are perfectionists by nature and are constantly on the lookout for what needs to be fixed.

Moon in Virgo Personalities Show Balance and Order Are Needed

To the moon in Virgo personality, the world has a specific order that keeps things in balance. When that balance is disturbed, Virgo feels it and has an innate need to restore that balance. This need develops into a personality trait often referred to as a perfectionist.

How Virgo Moon Influences Your Character

The Virgo moon influences your character by bestowing certain characteristics, such as an analytical mandate that has you questioning, examining and analyzes everything. This generates a meticulous nature that desires everything to be a certain way in order to achieve perfection.

Moon in Virgo Personality Traits

Other Virgo personality traits this moon placement gives you include a practical nature that often views life through a rather pragmatic lens.

  • Virgo is represented by the Virgin maiden and maintains a fairly wholesome attitude and outlook
  • Virgo could easily be called the makeover king or queen, since this sign is always seeking ways to improve everything.
  • The humble worker describes how the Virgo moon doesn't seek accolades or the spotlight only to be of service.
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Positive Traits

One of the best traits the Virgo moon can bring to you is a keen analytic ability. This ability imbues you with another excellent trait as a problem solver. You are a cooperative and willing worker and derive happiness from a job not just well-done, but done with perfection!

Negative Traits

The Virgo moon's gift of analysis and perfection can also cause problems when these are expressed too vigorously. The challenge is to find a balance in life so these attributes don't spill over into personal relationships.

Overly Critical of Self and Others

Criticism is sometimes an issue that can get out of hand and become the norm instead of the exception. This includes self-criticism as well as that of others. The Virgo moon can become obsessed with finding fault in others, especially if you focus all your inner short-comings onto others.

Is Virgo a Moon Child?

Traditionally, Cancer is the sign for a moon child. However, in modern terms, it's believed that anyone who feels a powerful connection to the moon qualifies as a moon child. This connection is like a compulsion and out of the person's control with mysterious undertones that tetter on the edge of magical.

Virgo Moon Behavior

Virgo has good social skills and understands decorum and social mores. That doesn't prevent the moon in Virgo from exercising a critical observant eye whenever in a social setting. Virgo is frugal with money but cherishes quality products, clothing and furnishings.

Creature of Habit

A Virgo moon thrives in an environment where they have complete control. This ensures they can achieve their ultimate goal of perfection. To accomplish this personal mandate, Virgo moons develop specific habits that provide a feeling of control.

Penchant Towards Criticism and Advice

Virgo moons just simply can't help themselves when it comes to offering advice to other people. They see the overall problems thank to their keen analytical abilities and they are compelled to share this information.

Analysis and Solution

The assessment usually takes the form of criticism mixed with advice on how the person can do better. Unfortunately, the Virgo moons have such an overpowering need for perfection, their words are rarely tactful. Sadly, they often leave the object of their observation upset and/or angry.

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Self-Criticism and Worse

When Virgo moon takes the penchant for criticizing too far, they are most severe when it comes to self-evaluation. In fact, Virgo moon can have a less than healthy self-esteem and self-worth. If you fall into this category, it's important to take a step back, be kinder to yourself and recognize your finer qualities.

What a Virgo Moon Needs

The one thing that Virgo moon needs more than anything else is a way to find balance in an imperfect world. The constant need for perfection can make their life and the lives of those they love unbearable. Too much energy pushed in this direction will drive people away instead attracting them and encouraging them to get closer to you.

Control, Discipline and Routine

The need for control and discipline drive Virgo to create and follow routines. This framework provides Virgo moons with a sense of stability and security. Virgo moons find routines and disciplines reassuring. These repetitive practices have a calming effect on Virgo moons.

Neatness and Order

With the moon in Virgo, you find serenity and peace only when everything is neat and orderly. These disciplines convey a sense that there is order to the world in which you live and you are safe in an orderly environment where you know things are under control.

Micro-Managing Tendencies

Virgo moons are the ultimate micro-managers. They simply cannot help themselves since they have that undying need of perfection bugging them 24/7. Self-discipline is needed to teach yourself how to delegate duties and learn to trust others to do their jobs. In personal matters, the advice is to stop hovering over people, assessing them and offering advice to them. Just allow others the type of freedom you enjoy.

Are Virgo Moons Emotional?

Virgo moons don't express their emotions the way some signs do. Instead, Virgo moons internalize their emotions. If their routines are interrupted, Virgo moons will become irritated and may verbally state they are, but usually, they simply turn that nervous energy on themselves. This often results in an upset stomach. If the incident is really upsetting, Virgo moons may come down with a more serious illness.

How the Moon in Virgo Governs Your Health and Wellness

Virgo needs physical exercise in order to feel healthy. You can derive great enjoyment and a sense of well-being when spending time in nature.

Overcoming Nervous Tension and Anxiety

Virgo moons are prone to worrying. Constant bouts of anxiety take a toll on your health, so you need to find a physical outlet for your nervous tensions. If unattended, that tension can settle in your muscles, causes headaches, cramped muscles and other muscular problems.

What Is Virgo Moon Attracted To?

The Virgo moon is attracted to someone who has a sense of self and lives a disciplined life. They can be drawn to someone they view as project to help become the best they can be. The latter can create problems down the road, especially given this moon sign's tendency to assess and criticize.

Home and Orderly Lifestyle

If you are home oriented, meaning you enjoy creating a home and prefer to stay home instead of going out on the town, then you may be the ideal mate for a Virgo moon. But, wait, you also need to be a neat freak. Virgo moons will not be happy living with someone who lets clothes pile up in the laundry room or dirty dishes in the sink. An orderly lifestyle makes Virgo moon feel safe and secure which results in a happy life.

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Moon in Virgo Compatibility

If your moon is in Virgo, you have several possible compatible moon signs. Virgo is an earth element, so other earth element moon signs are usually compatible. Water elements are also good matches since water nourishes earth and earth provides form for water to keep it from flow everywhere. However, fire and air elements aren't usually good matches for earth element signs.

Virgo Moon Compatibility With Other Moon Signs

Moon Sign

Prominent Traits

Compatible or Incompatible

Virgo Moon

Perfectionist, detail-oriented

Compatible, possibly

Capricorn Moon

Practical, serious minded


Taurus Moon

Steadfast, doesn't like change


Cancer Moon

Emotional, moody, home and hearth


Pisces Moon

Emotional, psychic, moody


Scorpio Moon

Emotional, psychic, possessive


Leo Moon

Positive, larger than life personality


Aries Moon

Sincere, serious, intelligent, flirty


Sagittarius Moon

Playful, intellectual, enjoys humor


Libra Moon

Social, good conversationalist


Gemini Moon

Outgoing, fun-loving, intellectual


Aquarius Moon

Light, playful, humorous, social


Moon in Virgo Personalities Show Balance and Order

For a moon in Virgo, maintaining balance and order in life are paramount to happiness. You will discover many positive attributes this moon sign can bring to your life.

Moon in Virgo Personalities Show Balance and Order