Progressed Moon in Astrology

Published November 19, 2018
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Like the hands of a clock mark the times of the day, the progressed Moon marks the times of your life. It can help you to discover your current motivations, whether you're operating more inwardly or outwardly, and from a predictive standpoint, it can help you hone in on the areas that are open for change in your life.

What Are Progressions?

Astrology's Secondary Progressions (SP) use "a day equals a year" formula. They are like your inner clock that starts ticking the moment you are born. Your progressed chart is based on your birth chart and is used in conjunction with your birth chart. This chart reveals how you have evolved since birth and it's very personal. The Ascendant, planets and other points all progress.


  • The transiting Sun moves transits your entire horoscope each year. The SP Sun, your evolving sense of self, will only move through two or three signs of the 12 signs during a normal lifetime, it describes 30-year eras of your life.
  • The transiting Moon in the sky spends two-and-a-half days in each sign. Your SP Moon spends two-and-a-half years in each sign and moves around your entire birth chart about every 30 years.

Exploring Your Progressed Moon

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One of the best ways to begin working with progressions is to explore the sign and house placement of your progressed Moon. To get this information, you will need an astrologer or you a "do-it-yourself" Secondary Progressed chart. Astrotheme has a tool that will allow you to calculate the current sign and degree of your progressions (sometimes call Secondary Directions) and superimpose them on your natal chart.

The Progressed Moon Through the Signs

As the SP Moon moves around your natal chart, it focuses your attention and triggers events. And, like music, the sign it's passing through creates an ambient mood that lasts approximately two and a half years.

Progressed Moon in Aries

During the years your SP Moon is in Aries, you'll feel more active, alive, adventurous, courageous, confident, and enthusiastic about life. This is the "me-now" time of life. when you're motivated to seek out challenges and newness. Your ambient mood is one of urgency, edginess, and often competitiveness. The challenging side is being inconsiderate of others.

Progressed Moon in Taurus

During the years your Moon is moving through Taurus, the pace of your life slows down, you'll become mellower and long for security, comfort, and consistency. This is a "be here now" time when you're motivated to shore up the foundations of your life and enjoy seeing each day used to produce something tangible. Your ambient mood is laid back and stable. The challenging side is laziness and self-indulgence.

Progressed Moon in Gemini

During the years your SP Moon s in Gemini, you become restless, seek variety, conversations, information, and distractions. During this period of time, you skim the surface of life and all its variables. Its a bright, curious, and busy time when you'll want to learn more about everyone and everything you encounter. The ambient mood is scattered fascination. The challenging side is lack of concentration and follow-through.

Progressed Moon in Cancer

The years SP Moon is in Cancer are quieter and you'll be more emotionally vulnerable. There will be a greater need for emotional security and the comfort of what's familiar. The ambient mood tenderness and vulnerability. The challenging side is moodiness, brooding and indulging in self-pity.

Progressed Moon in Leo

During the years your SP Moon moves through Leo, you'll have greater need to be heard, seen, noticed, and praised. You'll be more confident and have an increased desire to create and to display your talents. The ambient mood is dignified playfulness. The challenging side can be insensitivity, conceit, and pretentiousness.

Progressed Moon in Virgo

During the years your SP Moon in Virgo, you'll be highly self-critical and drawn to improve yourself. There will be an increased need for clarity, precision, order, and routine. The ambient mood is humility and discontent. The challenging side is being nitpicky and overly critical of yourself and others.

Progressed Moon in Libra

During the years your SP Moon moves through Libra, you'll be more social, gracious and congenial. There will be an increased focus on how you appear to others as issues of relationships, negotiation, and diplomacy are brought to the forefront. The ambient mood is diplomacy. The challenging side can be becoming overly pleasing and passive

Progressed Moon in Scorpio

During the years your SP Moon moves through Scorpio, are years of self-scrutiny, serious self-analysis, and emotional upheavals. It's a private time in which you'll crave deeper experiences and deeper knowing. The ambient mood is dark and intense. The challenging side is fear, paranoia, suspicion, and brooding.

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius

During the years your SP Moon is in Sagittarius, life will become more exotic, chaotic, and expansive. You're resilient, ready for anything, and have a need for freedom of expression. This is a feel-good progression when you're ready for anything and everything. The ambient mood is good-humored. The challenging side can be an argumentative and know-it-all attitude.

Progressed Moon in Capricorn

During the years your SP is moving through Capricorn, there's a need for accomplishment, success, approval, and recognition. This is a period of time when you'll show up and do the job with dogged determination. The ambient mood is one of seriously getting down to business. The challenging side is being status-seeking and overly ambitious.

Progressed Moon in Aquarius

During the years your SP Moon moves through Aquarius, you'll become restless, want to find out who we really are in the big scheme of thing, and do something different. Networking, making contacts, and getting involved with a group of like-minded people is on the agenda. The ambient mood is eccentric, zany, and rebellious. The challenging side is being overly impersonal and cold.

Progressed Moon in Pisces

During the years when your SP Moon moves through Pisces, you'll become more introverted and reflective. Spending time alone, soul-searching and connecting with your inner world becomes a priority. The ambient mood is dreaminess and fluidity. The challenging side is feeling victimized, melancholic, and overly sensitive.

The Progressed Moon Through the Houses

When the SP Moon changes sign, it shifts your underlying mood, and when it moves into a new house, it shifts your attention to the matters the house represents. While your SP Moon takes two and a half years to move through each sign, the time it spends in each house varies depending on the size of each house.


If your SP Moon is in Capricorn and in the fifth house of your chart. You'll feel like (Capricorn) seriously getting down to business in fifth house matters: creativity, fun, romance, pleasure, or children, etc.

Forecasting With the Progressed Moon

More than just creating an ambient mood, the SP Moon highlights key natal and progressed themes and illuminates their meaning. It aids astrologers in predicting when major life events are likely to be triggered. It helps astrologers give context and detail when they attempt to understand you and your life's story. Prediction is never easy, but making an accurate forecast is easier when attention is given to the swift and ever-changing Secondary Progressed Moon.

Progressed Moon in Astrology