The Scorpio Mother's Parenting Style

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The characteristics of a Scorpio mom make her one of the most devoted, protective, controlling, possessive, fearless or fearful, and neurotic moms in the world. These mothers are emotional, demanding, and demonstrative.

A Scorpio Mom's Style of Parenting

Scorpio moms are hard on their kids and expect a lot of them. A Scorpio mom is a no-nonsense mother who doesn't take motherhood lightly. Perhaps her most significant challenge as a mother is to learn to relax and put her own her fears and suspicious nature aside so she won't suffocate her kids or stunt their growth as individuals.

A mother's innate personality holds sway over her style of parenting, affects all the choices she makes as a parent, and has a strong impact on her children's development. A Scorpio mom is intense and has a more potent than usual influence on her children's lives. However, she possesses both strengths and potential weaknesses in her mothering style.

A Scorpio mom's strengths:

  • Dedicated and protective
  • Passionate about her children
  • Resourceful
  • Intuitive and observant

A Scorpio mom's weaknesses:

  • Fearful and suspicious
  • Controlling and manipulative
  • Unyielding

A Scorpio mom's style of mothering is to protect, control, support, and discipline her children, and to put their needs and concerns above her own. She involves herself in every aspect of her children's lives and believes she always knows best when it comes to her kids.

If a Scorpio mom has dealt with her fears, her mothering style can empower her children and give them confidence by helping them understand and find the courage to overcome all obstacles and fears. However, if she has not conquered her fears and found some trust in the world, her mothering style is likely to have entirely different results. Instead of encouraging her children to become ever more confident and fearless, they'll be led to become ever more fearful and suspicious.


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A Scorpio mom is always in full defensive mode, and she can be incredibly courageous in defending her children.

While they're toddlers, she gives them hugs and kisses, calms them down, and makes them feel physically safe and protected when they become frightened by new environments and unknown people or situations.

As her children get older and their lives become more complex, a self-aware Scorpio mom will naturally switch from the physically protective mode to a more emotional and teaching mode of protectiveness. She'll teach them by talking them through their problems and fears and encouraging them to be strong and brave through any hardship.


The urge to be protective of her children leads a Scorpio mom to control and direct every aspect of their lives. There's probably no mother more controlling of her children than a Scorpio mom. She's an authoritarian parent who rules the roost and leaves nothing to chance when it comes to raising her children. She's a 24/7 "my way or the highway" mom.

A Scorpio mom will:

  • Shadow her kids
  • Direct their behavior
  • Plan their activities
  • Never let her kids get out of sight

The Negative Potential

If a Scorpio mom is motivated by her fears and suspicions and takes her protective and controlling instincts to the extreme, she's likely to isolate her children and transfer her fearful and suspicious nature onto them. Then, as her children get older, they'll either resist, act out in anger, or withdraw and become fearful and stunted by her overly protective and controlling maneuvers.


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A Scorpio mom can be a wise counselor and confidant, who will keep all her children's secrets and help them when youthful problems arise. At her best, she will provide emotional support and teach them to meet difficulties with courage.

She's a mother who will spend many hours and a lot of money supporting and encouraging her kids in developing their talents. She wants the best for her kids and wants them to be the best they can be.

The Negative Potential

A Scorpio mom can be blind to her children's faults as well as to where their talents lie. She believes she knows what's best for her kids and directs and supports them to whatever she thinks is best. The need to control her child's adult future can cause a lot of trouble if she doesn't recognize and check this when they are young.

No Nonsense

A Scorpio mom is adamant about her rules, and once they're set, they're set in stone, and she's not easily swayed. She's frighteningly intuitive, and her observant nature helps her understand her kids and know when something's amiss.

It's challenging to pull anything over on a Scorpio mom, and when she says there will be punishment if her rules aren't followed, she means it.

A Scorpio mom is a disciplinarian who has a rigorous, old-fashioned, no-nonsense style of disciplining her children. She sets limits and sticks with them.

The Negative Potential

Unless a Scorpio mom learns to relax her rules a bit, she will begin to strike fear into the hearts of her children who have come to believe she knows and sees everything they do. This can lead them to become guarded and timid, fearing if they do the least little thing wrong, she'll know and there will be hell to pay.

Mothering and the Moon

The Moon and its aspects in an individual's horoscope represent their mother and how a child is imprinted by their mother's parenting style.

Children of Scorpio Sun mothers will have different Moon signs. But if a child of a Scorpionic mother (every Scorpionic mother does not have a Scorpio Sun) is born when the Moon is in Scorpio, they will have an emotionally intense and complicated relationship with their mom. They love her deeply but find her invasive. As children they are fearful, and as adults, they are self-protective and suspicious of others.

Those with the Moons in the other signs often have the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, either in aspect to their Sun or Moon or in some other way prominent in their birth charts. Others will have an 8th house emphasis in their horoscope. In every case, the individual will be passionate and intense, mysterious and deep, extreme and envious, and seductive and secretive.

What a child has inherited from their Scorpionic mom's parenting style can easily be seen in the Scorpionic tendencies in their horoscopes, i.e., Scorpionic mothers raise Scorpionic children.

Scorpionic tendencies have a range of expression.

  • At the unevolved level, a Scorpionic individual can be manipulative, coerce others, abuse power, and fight for control. They'll have resentments and grievances, fail out of spite, and can be the target of other people's projections.
  • At the evolved level, a Scorpionic individual can be a transformative healer who empowers themselves and others. These individuals have a natural gift for psychology, the healing arts, and for understanding what makes people tick.

Mothering With Astrology

From an astrological point of view, how a Scorpio mother should parent her children is described a child's astrological Sun and Moon. An astrologer would say it's up to the Scorpio mom to modify her style of mothering to better conform to what the infant or older child needs. In this way, she can mitigate any difficulties her Scorpionic style of mothering might cause to her children, and her success in doing this can empower her children to become strong, self-confident, and independent adults.

The Scorpio Mother's Parenting Style