Taurus Male and Virgo Female

Updated December 12, 2019

The Taurus man and the Virgo woman are both down-to-earth people who have a built-in practicality and an understanding of the material foundation upon which life rests. Both are dependable, reliable, productive, and excellent at making their dreams a reality in the physical world. So whatever form their relationship takes, business associates, friendship, romance, or marriage, it will be a relationship that requires little work or effort to make perfect.

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The Taurus Man

The fixed earth Taurus man is a calm, reliable, determined, and extremely loyal individual who has a strong need for stability and routine.

A Taurus man is:

  • Strong yet quiet
  • Masculine yet sensitive
  • Sexual yet unaggressive

Sensual and Romantic

There's also a sweet side to a Taurus man. He's sensual and romantic. He is also a lover of nature, music, creative arts, and all things beautiful.

The Virgo Woman

The mutable earth Virgo woman is something of an enigma. She's an earthy, feminine, sensual woman wrapped up in a defensive package that often makes her appear shy and aloof.

A Virgo woman is:

  • Sweet and has a gentle manner
  • Never loud or dominating
  • Meticulous, analytical, and constructively critical

Fixer and Doer

She's a fixer and a competent doer who knows what needs to be done, knows how to do it, and is willing to go along with or suggest new things.

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman in Love

A Taurus and Virgo will be friends before they become lovers. And when they do fall in love, the relationship is based on a rock-solid foundation. They feel "at home" with one another, and their earthy sensual passions run deep. These two play off one another beautifully. Neither is in a hurry to jump into bed nor to tie the knot, but both have marriage in mind.

Young couple in love

The Taurus Man in Love

The Taurus man is a passionate and sensual creature that loves being loved and is very physically demonstrative. He's a hopeless romantic who enjoys all the traditional trappings of courtship. He wants to be admired and desired. He will impress and turn a woman's head to win her heart. Simply put, the Taurus man is looking for a wife.

Putting Down Roots

A Taurus man is all about putting down roots. He wants:

  • A family
  • To find the perfect mate to grow old with
  • To have a beautiful home to share

Enter the Virgo woman.

The Virgo Woman in Love

A Virgo woman has a certain childlike innocence about her when it comes to romance. She's surprisingly sentimental and wants an old-fashioned storybook romance, complete with a dashing suitor who woos her, courts her, sweeps her off her feet and then walks her down the aisle. She's also thoughtful, practical, wants a love that lasts, and would rather be alone than settle for less than her perfect man.

A Virgo Woman's Perfect Man

Generally, a Virgo woman's perfect man is:

  • Strong and confident
  • Protective and loyal
  • Solid and unwavering

Enter the Taurus man.

In the Bedroom

As an earth sign couple, sex is important to their relationship. However, the success of their sexual relationship depends on the shy and less passionate Virgo woman matching the touchy-feely Taurus man's physical appetites in the bedroom. For the Taurus man, love, friendship, loyalty, and sex are all a part of the same beautiful continuum.

A Taurus Man Makes Love

The Taurus man does not just have sex, he makes love. For him, sex is a sacrament, a ritual, and the ultimate in sensual pleasure. Extended leisurely foreplay that often begins with wining and dining is the outward expression of his love and longing to be intimate. He simply enjoys looking at a beautiful woman, touching her, smelling her, tasting her, listening to her sounds, and making her happy.

A Responsive Virgo Woman

The good news is that a Virgo woman is instinctively responsive and submissive to the needs of her lover. Being Mercury-ruled, she's innovative, and mimicking comes naturally. Therefore, it won't be long before she'll be more physically engaging and revel in the slow sensual details of lovemaking that so delight her Taurus lover.

Unspoken Understanding

At its best, lovemaking between these two will be grounded and powerful yet respectful with a quiet unspoken understanding of what the other needs.

Taurus and Virgo Marriage

All the incredible compatibility these two have can be the foundation for a very successful marriage.

Stable and Old-fashioned

A Taurus man and a Virgo woman are both capable of great commitment and a stable marriage. Together, they're an old-fashioned couple who will love, honor, and respect one another until death do they part.

  • As the steadier and more emotionally easygoing of the two, the Taurus man will be the solid support for his more high-strung and fragile Virgo wife.
  • With his strength to rely on, the Virgo woman is free to do what she does best. She will make sure every detail of their life together has the orderly, peaceful, and soothing quality her Taurus husband desires.

An Abundant Life

This is a couple whose eyes are focused on the home front, not just on each other. They will encourage each other and work together to create an abundant and prosperous life for each other and their children.

Happy family

Taurus and Virgo Problems

Every person has their bad qualities, and most often, problems in a Taurus/Virgo relationship will center on one or another of each's most undesirable traits.

A Virgo Woman's Undesirable Traits

A Virgo woman can be:

  • A perfectionist who's overly critical and harsh
  • Fussy and naggy
  • Aloof and over-demanding

A Taurus Man's Undesirable Traits

A Taurus man can be:

  • Stubborn, slow, and/or lazy
  • Jealous and possessive
  • Bossy and domineering
  • Self-indulgent and self-centered

Overcoming Problems

A Taurus/Virgo couple may face some problems regarding these negative character traits. However, if a Taurus man is aware of a Virgo woman's perfecting, critical nature, and she's aware of his sensitivity and stubbornness, most problems can be avoided.

Biggest Threat

The biggest threat to this relationship is if the Taurus man succumbs to intense bull-headed fits of jealousy, quickly followed by possessiveness. However, if the less emotional and more flexible Virgo woman can provide him with lots of hugs, affection, and gentle words that reassure him of her love and fidelity, all will end well.

Taurus and Virgo Hate to Fight

Neither Taurus nor Virgo likes to argue. Fighting is just too disrupting to the peaceful nature of a Taurus man and too messy for a Virgo woman's need for order. It's the Virgo's woman's adaptive and problem-solving nature that is the saving grace of the few problems that might arise in this relationship. If she's careful not to nag too much and to make sure he's comfortable and well-fed and then uses gentle persuasion to coax him to loosen up, any problems will not be so significant that either needs to worry. Odds are theirs will be a long-lasting relationship that's happy and fulfilling for both.

Senior couple

Business Associates

Taurus and Virgo share a common ethical and moral background. As business associates, they are the perfect duo.

The Taurus Man

A Taurus man is a great guy to have on your team. He knows the importance of money, deals with the tangible issues, and can maintain the status-quo while slowly and cautiously moving forward. He's a hard worker and excellent earner but also has large spending habits and expensive tastes.

The Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman is a trouble-shooter and problem solver. She's the frugal bean counter who makes lists, keeps the books, and budgets carefully. Financial planning is her forte, and she knows where money will be well spent.

Taurus/Virgo Friendship

When a Taurus man is your friend, he values your company, enjoys spending time with you, and is exceptionally loyal. Perhaps the only friend as loyal as a Taurus is a Virgo.

Taurus/Virgo Leisure Activities

Given their strong earth connection, Taurus/Virgo friends enjoy many of the same leisure time activities. Both enjoy activities that get them close to nature, like puttering around in a garden, golf, walking, and hiking, or yoga, but for slightly different reasons.

Sharing a Round of Golf Example

A Taurus man and a Virgo woman might share a love of golf. However, a Taurus man is drawn to golf because of its slow pace and because it's played in a calm, earthy, outdoor setting that symbolizes wealth and high status. A Virgo woman also enjoys the earthy nature of the game. Still, it's the etiquette and precision required to manage the course that adds a special touch to her enjoyment.

Relationship Chart

Sun sign comparisons are an excellent place to start, but there' so much more. Synastry between two individuals is very complicated. Plus, when two people come together, their lives melt together, and an "us" is born. Yes, there's a chart of that "us." It's the composite chart of the relationship. This chart tells a couple what the character and independent life of their relationship will be.

The Composite Chart

The astrological composite chart is determined by calculating the closest midpoints between both people's planetary positions and creating an entirely new chart with new planetary positions and aspects. If you know the birth date, time, and location of two individuals, you can get a free astrological composite chart on astro-charts.

At Home Together

What independent life does a Taurus/Virgo pairing take on? The midpoint of a Taurus Sun and a Virgo Sun will almost always produce a Cancer Sun in a composite chart. This indicates that whatever form this relationship takes, whether business associates, friends, lovers, or marriage, these two will always feel at home with one another.

Taurus Male and Virgo Female