Understanding Pisces' Ruling Planet

Published March 2, 2020
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Pisces' ruling planet is Neptune. Neptune is the planet that inspires dreams, visions, and desires. All of these can distract you from the negatives in life, but they can also distract you from life itself. Wherever Neptune resides in your birth chart is a slippery area of life. Because Neptune's world is a world of dreams, illusions, mirrors, gauze, and glitz, all of which can distort reality.

Pisces, Neptune, and Jupiter

Vedic and Traditional astrologers consider Jupiter the ruler of Pisces. Some modern Western astrologers consider them co-rulers of Pisces. Still, most believe that Neptune is the ruler of Pisces.

Pisces and Neptune

To understand the full meaning of what Neptune means for Pisces, you need a basic understanding of ruling planets. However, if you have a Pisces Sun, Neptune rules your Sun. If you have Pisces rising, Neptune rules your chart. If you have the Moon or other planets in Pisces, Neptune holds sway over them as well. Neptune also rules the twelfth house in a horoscope and the house with Pisces on the cusp.

Neptune Gifts

Neptune is to sets you free from earthly attachments. It inspires your search for bliss, as well as your desire for unconditional love. It's Neptune that bequeaths you with the ability to feel ecstasy, compassion, and empathy. Neptune is your urge to believe there is something beautiful and blissful both in life and what lies beyond the physical. It's Neptune that inspires marvelous art, music, dance, theatre, poetry, film, glamor, and romance. Neptune is the planet that makes the intangible real and dreams come true.

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The Liabilities of Neptune

Neptune can create hope beyond reason, dissatisfaction with what is, and a constant feeling there must be more. It can create vagueness, cloudiness, confusion, loneliness, and delusion, as well as the tendency to want to escape reality. The most negative manifestations of Neptune in a birth chart include deception, trickery, deceit, guilt, and addiction.

Using Neptune in Your Birth Chart

As Neptune circles the zodiac, it spends approximately 14 years in each sign, and everyone born during those 14 years has Neptune in the same sign. This makes the house Neptune occupies and the aspects it makes to other planets and placement in your birth chart more personally important than its sign placement. Neptune's job is to inspire you to do something that gives your life spiritual meaning and purpose.

Get Your Birth Chart

To use what's written below, you'll need a birth chart based on the date, time, and location of your birth. You can get one quickly at AstroSeek.com.

Neptune's House

There is a victim/savior aspect in whichever area of life (house) Neptune is located. This is where you're inspired to do something good and pure that brings heaven to earth. The brief interpretations below are not meant to be the last word, they are just a simple guide to get your intuition and imagination going.

The First House

If your Neptune is in the first house, you're a sensitive and impressionable person with chameleon-like tendencies and an angelic persona. Like a sponge, you can soak up the environment around you and are somewhat self-sacrificial.

The Second House

If your Neptune is in the second house, you're unsure of your self-worth and can be a person who will give the shirt off your back to others. You may only feel worthy when you're sacrificing your "wants" to help others.

The Third House

If your Neptune is in the third house, you're a "head in the clouds" idealist who experiences confusing and chaotic everyday interactions and are unsure of your ability to be understood. Yet, you're inspired to speak and write inspirationally.

The Fourth House

If your Neptune is in the fourth house, you may have a chaotic and confusing home and family life and often feel victimized by and isolated from your family.

The Fifth House

If Neptune is in your fifth house, there may be a longing and willingness to cast the self aside and be carried off by a fairy tale romance that leads you to be a martyr for love.

The Sixth House

If you have a sixth house Neptune, your everyday reality seems uncertain or chaotic. You could have difficulties organizing your daily affairs and then feel guilty that you can't keep your life in order.

The Seventh House

If you have a seventh house Neptune, you wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to others. You might often end up with people who are confused, distant, non-committal, or dependent, then play martyr or savior in your willingness to sacrifice yourself for the relationship.

The Eighth House

If you have Neptune in the eighth, you can have a blurring of boundaries when it comes to finances and partnership, which leave you open to deception and fraud. In one way or another, there is likely to be problems dealing with other people's money.

The Ninth House

With Pisces in the ninth house, you're probably more religious or spiritual than most. You could, however, be blinded by your faith, believe that anything is possible, and have lofty ideas that don't get off the ground.

The Tenth House

If Neptune is in the tenth you're often in tune with current trends and what the public wants but usually prefer anonymity.

The Eleventh House

If you have Neptune in the eleventh, you yearn for a feeling of genuine spiritual connection with friends or associates. Still, you often feel dissatisfied and lonely.

The Twelfth House

If your Neptune is in the twelfth, you're in touch with the angels and run the risk of divine discontent and guilt if you deny your spiritual nature.

Neptune Aspects in Your Birth Chart

When Neptune interacts with another planet in your birth chart, it softens, expands, glamorizes, and confuses the planet.

  • Sun/Neptune: You are a person who's not entirely knowable to yourself or to others.
  • Moon/Neptune: You are extremely emotionally sensitive and have a lack of emotional boundaries
  • Venus/Neptune: You create fantasies around the one you love
  • Mars/Neptune: You might have no limitations in regard to what you will or will not do
  • Jupiter/Neptune: You could have an exaggerated imagination and overwhelming visions.
  • Saturn/Neptune: You can envision your perfect world and take the steps necessary to create that world.
  • Uranus/Neptune: You can merge spirituality with technology
  • Pluto/Neptune: You can become obsessed with penetrating the unknown

Neptune in Relationships

In astrological synastry, Neptune contacts add bliss and romance to a relationship. But these contacts can also blind you to the faults of your partner.

Neptune in a Child's Chart

In a child's chart, the house placement of Neptune and its aspects can give parents clues as to where their child is likely to feel lost and alone as well as how to inspire them.

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Neptune Transits

Transiting Neptune dissolves what it touches. Like the ocean, its slow ebb and flow reshape the landscape of your life. Neptune's transits are powerful, but subtle and happen over time. Neptune slowly washes away what needs to leave your life. If you hang on too tightly, Neptune can cause tidal waves that bring more significant loss and destruction to your life. A Neptune transit is meant to bring you slowly to your knees so that you can be lifted up from its murky waters, filled with divine compassion and love for all.

Following Your Bliss

As Joseph Campbell said: "If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living." When and if you do your Neptune right, you'll be receive empathy, psychic ability, and artistic inspiration. Neptune's ultimate desire is for you to realize your own divinity.

Understanding Pisces' Ruling Planet