Cancer's Ruling Planet and What Its Control Means

Published February 11, 2020
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Cancer is ruled by the ever-changing Moon. Language brims with words about the compelling power of the Moon: moonstruck, mooning, honeymoon, moonshiners, lunacy. As the Moon attracts Earth to her, Earth manages to keep everything in place, except for the water. The human body consists of 55 - 78% water by weight. Human emotions, like Earth's oceans, swing and sway to the rhythm of the Moon. That's the power of Cancer's ruling planet.

The Astrological Moon

The astrological Moon represents your unconscious emotional response to events and people. As ruler of Cancer, the Moon:

  • Directly connects Cancers to their emotional body, mother, home, and family, as well as their childhood.
  • Strengthens their intuition, instincts, and habits.
  • Gives them a powerful "sixth sense."
  • Amplifies their most basic survival needs, their need to feel safe and secure and their need to nest, nurture and care for others.
  • Bequeaths them with a very long memory, makes them nostalgic, and enables them to learn from their past mistakes.

Astrological Cancer

As the Cardinal Water sign of the Zodiac, Cancers instinctively act on their emotions. More than any other Sun sign, Cancer is driven by their emotions and feelings.

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Cancer and Emotions

Emotions, such as joy, love, sadness, fear, or anger, are life's blood to Cancer. Emotions make Cancer feel alive and make their life a living, breathing experience. When a Cancer is emotionally overwhelmed, reality becomes distorted, and it's hard to think clearly, choose wisely, or consider the consequences. On the other hand, when they feel secure, cared for, and appreciated, they're happy and can be more objective. But like the ever-changing Moon, a Cancer's emotions swing and sway. Cancer can be sunny one minute and sad the next. Thus, their reputation for being moody.

The Moon as Ruler of Cancer

As ruler of Cancer, it's the Moon that makes Cancers feel alive by bequeathing them with ever-changing and powerful emotions. Everything about the Moon in a Cancer's birth chart has a powerful and direct influence on the characteristics of people born under the sign of Cancer.

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Cancers and the Sign of Their Moon

A Cancer's link to the Moon means they are deeply affected by the sign of their Moon. If you're a Cancer and want to know what you should be cultivating in your life, look to the sign of your Moon. Examples:

  • A Cancer with the Moon in Aries should be cultivating their strong, independent spirit because they'll feel the most comfortable, secure, and safe when they initiate and take the lead.
  • A Cancer with the Moon in Scorpio should be cultivating their ability to trust because they'll feel the most secure when they can share their deep emotions with others.

How Cancers Can Use Their Moon in Life

The Moon's sign determines Cancer's likes and dislikes and guides them to where and with whom they will feel safe, comfortable, and secure.

Cancer Infants and Children

While a child's Sun can inform a parent of what their child needs to become a self-confident adult. The Moon tells a parent about their child's emotional needs. For a Cancer child, who's governed by their Moon, having their emotional needs validated and fulfilled is of utmost importance. A Cancer child's Moon sign gives insight into what they need from Mom to feel safe, comfortable, and secure. Examples:

  • A Cancer child with a Taurus Moon is a placid and tactile child who needs to be touched and cuddled.
  • A Cancer child with an Aries Moon is a super active child who needs to be allowed to do things on their own.
  • A Cancer child with a Cancer Moon is ultra-sensitive, and more than any other child needs a safe and nurturing family life.

Cancer's Moon and Relationships

Romantic relationships always involve emotions, and a Cancer man or Cancer woman's Moon is an indicator of the kind of person they're attracted to in romantic relationships. As well as who they might ultimately choose to marry. Cancers have an amplified need to have an emotional connection with those they love, are drawn to people who validate their emotional nature, and with whom they feel comfortable and at home.

Cancer's Moon in Synastry

When a Cancer's Moon connects positively to another individual's Moon in astrological synastry, there's emotional harmony and free emotional expression in the couple's daily life. Cancer is all about nesting and these two can easily share living space and spend large amounts of time together.

If a Cancer's Moon is in:

  • Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, they can quickly form an emotional bond with others who have a Fire Moon.
  • Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, they will feel safe and secure with individuals who have an Earth sign Moon.
  • Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, they can be simpatico with others who have a Water sign Moon.
  • Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, they will feel emotionally validated with people who have an Air sign Moon.

Cancer's Moon and Career

A Cancer's career may be creative, entrepreneurial, or something entirely different. However, Cancer will find it difficult to connect emotionally to a job where they don't feel they are helping others and making an impact on their lives. The Moon, as Cancer's ruler, can guide them to seek careers related to its sign. As an example, Cancer with a Scorpio Moon might be drawn to medical research. While a Cancer with a Libra Moon might choose to be a wedding officiate.

The Moon's House

The astrological house in which Cancer's Moon resides can give important clues to the reason for their perpetual emotional unrest. This is the area of life where there's likely to be constant changes or ups and downs. It's also in these areas that Cancer should cultivate deep attachments and a real feeling of belonging and emotional fulfillment. As an example, if a Cancer's Moon is in the second house, financial security is essential. However, they can be frugal savers one day, spendthrifts the next, and be continuously be on an economic roller coaster ride.

Ruling Planets

Ruling planets are of paramount importance when interpreting a natal chart. This means to understand fully what Cancer's ruling planet, the Moon, controls, it's essential to have a basic understanding of ruling planets.

Cancer's Ruling Planet and What Its Control Means