Understanding the Pluto in Scorpio Personality

Published May 5, 2020
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Examining the personality traits for Pluto in Scorpio can provide a better understanding of your natal chart with this placement. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio and is quite at home when it shows up in this position in astrology charts.

Your Personality Traits With Pluto in Scorpio

The natural combination of Pluto and Scorpio provide you with some valuable characteristics, such as being an excellent problem-solver, multi-tasker and investigator. You seek knowledge and find science as well as philosophy your favorite topics of exploration. You also have an innate aptitude for all things technological.

Thought Processes and Assimilating Information

When Pluto is in Scorpio, your chart reveals how you question everything, to the point of often being accused of being cynical or at the very least a skeptic. These traits provide you with a questioning mind that leads you to favor a scientific approach to solving problems and analyzing challenges.

Mental Acuity for Learning and Career

You're able to assimilate new information easily and add it to your knowledge base without much effort. This ability makes you an excellent student. You may enjoy a career as a scientist, analyst, educator, philosopher, or investigator.

Quick Witted

This well-honed mental prowess makes you a witty companion and is a positive trait to have. You enjoy subtle humor that stimulates your mind. You also have an appreciation for good slapstick humor.

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Sharp Tongued and Cynical

On the negative side of Pluto in Scorpio, you can have a very sharp and even barbed tongue. Should anyone be careless enough to cross you, they'll quickly regret it the moment they face your verbal wrath. Your cynicism emerges when you are forced to tolerate a fool's folly. This happens rarely since you simply don't accept anything that is illogical or goes against your personal ideology.

Spiritual Struggle and Ultimate Journey

Pluto in Scorpio has a mission to rise from its inner power struggle against yourself to emerge as an amazing psychic and/or intuitive. This requires a spiritual journey to the depths of your psyche to reveal the hidden aspects of your very soul. This delving into self means you will discover all your hidden talents and propel you onto a deeply moving spiritual journey.

Natural Born Empath

With Pluto in Scorpio, you are a natural born empath. You can sense other people's feelings, In fact, your empathy can be so strong that you often mistake other people's emotions for your own. However, you can learn to distinguish between them.

Amazing Psychic Abilities

Your psychic abilities make you highly intuitive. You can read people and quickly zero in on those things they try to hide from others.

Learning to Soft Pedal Readings

Unfortunately, due to your analytical approach in problem-solving and investigating, you don't always possess the social skills to be tactful in this type of reading. If you're going to conduct psychic readings, you'll need to practice a softer and gentler approach whenever faced with unearthing another person's darkest thoughts and emotions.

Helping Others Through Empathy and Psychic Abilities

If your goal is to help others by using your gifts of empathy and psychic abilities, then you must use your empathy to assist you in how to bring up such personal matters in the course of a psychic reading. You can also use these skills in your personal relationships, so family and friends don't feel you have an unfair advantage over them.

Dealing With Deep Emotions

With Pluto in Scorpio, your emotions run deep. This can cause you to overreact and make you appear irrational to others, which can be negative. While you want to be true to yourself, you must also acclimate to some extent to the rest of the world without closing yourself off from everyone.

Overcoming Deep and Dark Emotions

Overcoming deep and dark emotions requires discipline that is challenging since Pluto in Scorpio focuses on the dark side of life. You may find this inner struggle exhausting as your thoughts and emotions often run the gambit of the positive to negative scale. Once more, mental and emotional discipline is required.

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Gaining Control Over Thoughts and Emotions

There are several practices for gaining control over your thoughts and emotions to prevent them from ruling your life. Meditation is an excellent practice that trains you to focus your thoughts and subsequently calms your emotions. Another wonderful practice is Hatha Yoga that incorporates your breath, mind and body to work in unison. There are many other techniques, such as tai chi, to explore and find the ideal one for you.

Pluto in Scorpio Generation

The phrase "Pluto in Scorpio Generation" refers to those born between the years of 1983 and 1995. It's believed this group of souls are individually challenged to purge negative thoughts and emotions that are seen as limitations to the soul's progression in spiritual growth. By transmutation, the souls within the Pluto in Scorpio Generation can move individually and collectively to a higher state of spirituality in soul growth toward their ultimate goal of being free of the wheel of incarnation.

Understanding the Pluto in Scorpio Personality

When you understand how Pluto in Scorpio affects your personality, you can gain a better appreciation for your feelings and thoughts. This paves a way for greater control and choice for soul progression through spiritual transformation.

Understanding the Pluto in Scorpio Personality