The Scorpio Child's Personality (and How to Nurture It)

Published June 2, 2020
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Scorpio, astrology's Fixed Water sign, is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Scorpios are subtly aggressive, want to control and dominate, and are observant, emotional, intuitive, and secretive. A Scorpio child is innately emotionally intense, and even from birth wants to be in control and is strong-willed. Parenting a Scorpio child requires finesse.

Raising a Scorpio Child

Parents of a Scorpio child can look forward to raising an intelligent, passionate, intense, tenacious, and often possessive and vindictive child. Scorpio kids can be defined by their emotional extremes, parents can expect their child to wake up happy or wake up sad and stubbornly maintain that mood for the entire day.

A Scorpio Infant

A Scorpio infant is extremely sensitive, demanding, and strong-willed. They need a lot of attention, and if they aren't given the attention they desire, they cry loudly until they get what they want. Often, they seem to be crying for no discernible reason except to get attention. Even as infants, they love music and can be soothed by a musical mobile above their crib. However, what they want most is the soothing presence of mom or dad. A baby sling can be of great help to parents of a Scorpio infant. It will free up a parent's arms and hands and allow them to get things done while still allowing their demanding baby to cling to them.

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A Scorpio Toddler

The "terrible twos" can definitely be a challenge for a Scorpio toddler's parents. This is a child whose first work could be "mine." Scorpio toddlers have a strong protective instinct and don't like to share their parents or their toys. Parents can expect life with a strong-willed Scorpio toddler to be filled with many skirmishes over allowing other kids to play with their toys. These possessive kids can also become jealous when their parents give attention to other siblings. This may be a parent's first realization of how jealous, tenacious, and possessive their Scorpio child really is. Toddlerhood is the perfect time to be consistent, calm, and begin teaching a Scorpio child about sharing and giving.

Scorpio Children Need a Deep Emotional Bond

The intense nature of a Scorpio child's emotions makes them yearn for a deep emotional connection with their parents. Due to this inherent trait, parents need to have a hands-on approach with their Scorpio child. From birth, Scorpio kids benefit from demonstrations of strong physical parental affection. More than other children, a Scorpios child needs to feel and be told in unambiguous terms how special they are and how much they are loved. Scorpio kids might seem to be pretty high-maintenance, but once they're sure of their parent's love and support, they're on their way to becoming bright, happy children.

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Scorpio Children Are Introverts

Scorpio children have magnetic personalities and attract friends. Still, they tend to be introverted, so parents shouldn't be concerned if they prefer to play alone for hours or have only one favorite friend or sibling. They can also be a bit impolite and indifferent to strangers. Parents may have to teach them to be more considerate of others' feelings.

Scorpio Children Are Secretive

Scorpio kids are secretive children who tend to hold in their feelings and keep many fears and insecurities hidden inside. Parents must pay attention if their Scorpio child seems excessively quiet or is giving them the silent treatment. This is the time to sit down with a Scorpio child and gently coax them into telling you what's going on. If the Scorpio child is older, parents might have to keep track of what they're up to without being intrusive.

Scorpio Children Are Nosey

Scorpio kids carefully check out everything around them and can do this without seeming to do so. They love mystery, and anything hidden is very intriguing to them. A Parent may not be able to contain their curiosity about things that are buried, hidden, or taboo, but Scorpio children are also prone to ask nosy questions. So, if you have a Scorpio child start early teaching them what questions not to ask.

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A Scorpio Is a Child of Extremes

A Scorpio child can love and hate to the extreme. They can be brooding one day and smiling irresistibly the next. When they like someone, they give all, but if a Scorpio child has a falling out with a friend, they'll want nothing to do with them again. A Scorpio child is either all in or all out. They don't do anything by half measures. Likewise, when playing a game or solving a puzzle, they pour their entire self into the experience and expect no less from their playmates. A Scorpio child sets high expectations for themselves and for those they care about and are often difficult to please.

A Scorpio Child Can Be Vindictive

Scorpios can be vengeful. Hurt them, betray them or lie to them, and they strike back. This potential for vindictiveness is seen even in Scorpio kids. Parents are likely to be surprised to find out what great lengths their Scorpio child will go to get back at someone who's hurt them. The best way for a parent to temper a Scorpio child's revengeful nature is to help them learn to forgive. While a parent may never be able to get a Scorpio child to completely ignore this darker aspect of their nature, with patience, they may be able to learn and accept that everyone makes mistakes.

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Scorpio Children Can Read People

Most Scorpio kids have acute mental faculties that are revealed early in life. In addition to their penchant for staying ahead in the classroom, they have a surprising ability to read people. A Scorpio child is a bit psychic and has an ability to look straight into the heart of people and decern the truth. So, parents should remember to always tell the truth to a Scorpio child because as soon as they sense you're lying to them, it can be a very long time before you can regain their trust.

Scorpio Kids Need to Be Taken Seriously

There is nothing superficial or light-hearted about a Scorpio child, and they need to be taken seriously. Parents should talk to them openly, answer their questions, and tell them their thoughts. They should also ask their Scorpio child about their dreams and aspirations and listen intently to what they say. A Scorpio child can feel abandoned if parents don't listen and only offer superficial conversation.

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Scorpio Children Are Competitive

Scorpio kids are highly competitive and play to win. They want to be the best at everything they do and also want their parents present to cheer them on and support them when they compete.

Scorpio Children Are Creative

A creative outlet such as music, art, writing, photography, and even gardening, can be an emotional release for an intense Scorpio child. Many Scorpio kids have so much innate talent that they don't need formal lessons to play an instrument or to draw or paint. Parents only need to support and encourage their natural abilities.

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Scorpio Children Need Discipline

Scorpio children are incredibly strong-willed. Raising a Scorpio child takes a delicate balance of discipline and understanding. A parent can't be dictatorial, or a Scorpio child will learn that might is always right. On the other hand, if a parent succumbs to a Scorpio child's powerful will and manipulation, their child will learn to be scheming. The best way for a parent to deal with a Scorpio child is to be unconditionally loving and firm about rules followed by everyone else in the family.

The Best Tip for Nuturing a Scorpio Child

Early on, parents will notice their Scorpio child's strong emotions. This is the primary way a Scorpio child explores the world. Unlike the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces, the driving intensity of a Scorpio child's emotions can also overpower them and their parents. The best way to deal with it is to allow a Scorpio child to experience the full range of their emotions and encourage them to talk about their feelings. The most essential tip for a Scorpio child's parents is to teach them early on, by example, the benefits of open communication.

The Scorpio Child's Personality (and How to Nurture It)