Venus in Capricorn Meaning and Impact

Published May 8, 2020
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The meaning of Venus in Capricorn has an impact on your love life with practicality being your highest priority when it comes to love, romance and marriage. Your finances and position in society are also greatly influenced and impacted.

Venus in Capricorn's Impact on Your Natal Chart and Personality

Venus in Capricorn bestows personality attributes, such as patience, loyalty, steadfastness, practicality, and trustworthiness. Along with these traits, you are often seen as selfish since you know what you want, and you aren't willing to compromise for convenience or to please another person. You have a plan, and no one is going to interfere with you reaching your goals.

Emotional Maturity and Accomplished Professional

With Venus in Capricorn, you are emotionally mature and enjoy the respect of your work peers and superiors alike. You are proud of your standing within your community and will do whatever is necessary to secure the status you seek. You cherish your reputation and protect it from any type of tarnish. This cautious lifestyle spills over into everything you do. You enjoy the status of being a mover and shaker within your profession and your social circle.

Friends and Colleagues

You are careful in selecting friends. You only befriend those you deem are of equal social standing since you're very protective of your status. You are genuine in your friendships and a very loyal pal. You are always ready to help your friends at a moment's notice.

Importance of Social Status

You might be called a social ladder climber in some circles, but this is a misconception since you're really just interested in maintaining your current status without any blemishes. If you rise in social standing that is an added benefit as long as it is without controversy.

Appearances Are Vital

The way others see you is very important to you and carries over into your personal life and the choices you make, especially who you date and eventually marry. You don't plan on living alone and desire to make a traditional home and have a family you can nurture. You have a lot of love to give to the right mate and will be an excellent parent to your children. They will find your practical approach to family life reassuring and trust the stable home life you create for them.

Venus in Capricorn Materialism and Status Symbols

Venus in Capricorn bestows a sense of materialism since it provides you with a visible status symbol that others can recognize. You want a nice home that is beautifully decorated to your taste. You pride yourself in knowing enough about art to have a few original pieces hanging on your office walls and in the living room so visitors can see. Your personal taste borders on conservative traditional.

Venus in Capricorn's Practical Approach to Love

Venus in Capricorn doesn't trust easily. This cautious nature means love is a slow burn that doesn't ignite until you feel you can trust your lover. You are very warm and loving once you make that commitment to your lover. You are very practical when it comes to love. You aren't the type to be impulsive with your heart and future.

Successful Mate and Stable Home Life

You're attracted to successful people and choose your life partner based on how he/she will impact your personal stability and financial status. You want a happy home and satisfying marriage/love relationship but are willing to sacrifice a hot passionate love if it means you can have a secure future with your spouse.

Happy family at home

Ideal Mate for Venus in Capricorn

The person you select as an ideal mate much have similar interests, be socially inclined and has a career path that is important. This is your ideal of an equal partner and you will share everything 50/50. You desire a true mate who shares your perspective on money, career and home life. You need a mate who will help you create that wonderful home and cherish it as a haven from the rest of the world.

Challenges With Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn can make you distrustful of people. This can interfere with your relationships, especially a love relationship. You will need to curtail this tendency and will find it challenging to open up to a lover, but once you do, you'll reap all the rewards that a loving relationship has in store for you.

Practicality Over Emotions

Your tendency toward practicality can give others the impression that you are cold and even calculating when it comes to relationships and your interactions with others. You will need to intentionally pay attention to how you respond to others, so your natural caring and warmth shine through. This can be awkward for you, but once you open up, you'll discover how all your relationships are enhanced.

Venus in Capricorn Is a Practical Yet Challenging Combination

The practical nature of Venus in Capricorn can create some challenges in your life. Once you understand how this combination may impact your life, you can make adjustments and changes to make your life easier.

Venus in Capricorn Meaning and Impact