What Does Venus in Pisces Mean?

Published May 8, 2020
Woman in love

Learn what Venus in Pisces means and what to expect. You can be prepared for any challenges you may need to face in your romantic life.

Venus in Pisces Combination Is Romantic

The dreamer, Pisces meets Venus, the planet of love and its Roman namesake, the goddess of love. There is no better match for winning the most romantic combination in the entire zodiac! Venus in Pisces means playtime is here. This means not only are you charming, but you are accommodating to a fault. You spend a lot of time trying to please everyone.

Venus Exalted in Pisces

Venus is exalted in Pisces. The planet of love is at home in Pisces since it can express unconditional and generous love that only Pisces can provide a framework. Pisces is the ideal zodiac sign for Venus to exert all its prowess in the art of love, including attributes of compassion and divine love.

Love Unbound

Pisces is a sensual and loving sign unto itself, but when combined with the energies of Venus, the love factor is unleashed. Venus in Pisces is in love with the world. There is no corralling you, so any lover that is possessive is going to have a very upsetting and difficult time.

Venus in Pisces As a Lover

As a lover, Venus in Pisces is on the hunt for a soul mate, are at the very least someone who appreciates the same things in life as you do. Once you find that person, you are all in. You are charming and have a mystical dreamlike quality about you that potential mates find very alluring and seductive. Yours is an unconditional love that is often difficult for others to comprehend, especially anyone who is insecure and not as selfless as you.

Playful and Flirtatious

Venus in Pisces enjoys flirting and playing about. You view this as a natural part of falling in love. Of course, you fall in love much easier than most people and often with the wrong person, but you are willing to risk being hurt if it mean you end up with your one and only. The way to win your heart with kindness, tenderness, playfulness, and of course a big dose of romance.

Naive in Love

Venus in Pisces is overly trusting, thinking that everyone feels the same way and is as open and honest as you. Unfortunately, that isn't the case and if you aren't careful, you can be taken advantage of. This is especially true since Venus in Pisces is often attracted to someone who is struggling in life. You may feel that you can help raise the person simply by loving them.

Compassionate and Caring

While Venus in Pisces is very compassionate and attuned to the suffering of others. You instinctively want to make things better for the person and you will try. Unfortunately, not everyone can be saved by your generosity and unconditional love. This can easily backfire on you if your love interest isn't who you think they are.

Fear of Being Hurt

In spite of your giving and openness about love, you have an innate fear of being hurt. It's only natural when you expose yourself and allow yourself to be so vulnerable in giving your love. You may be elusive when it comes to completely committing to your lover. You may want to examine your feelings of insecurity and share them openly with your lover so you can find reassurance in their feelings and your relationship. This will allow both of you to have a deeper and more meaningful love relationship.

Understanding What Venus in Pisces Means to You

Venus in Pisces amplifies Pisces' natural tendencies of abundant love. When you understand the influences that Venus has in Pisces, you can be prepared for unfiltered expressions of love.

What Does Venus in Pisces Mean?