Year of the Ox: Meaning for Your Life & Personality

Published November 5, 2020
Chinese zodiac Ox

The second celestial animal of the Chinese zodiac, the ox, was of considerable importance to China's ancient agricultural culture. An ox meant prosperity and was noted for its strength, power, and stubbornness. It's believed that during the year of the ox, diligence, persistence, and honesty brings good fortune.

The Chinese Year of the Ox

The Chinese zodiac's year of the ox offers the people of the world strength of character and unwavering determination. This year is synonymous with hard work, determination, and the power to achieve the things you want to accomplish in life.

Different Types of Ox Years

An ox year occurs every 12 years. Each Chinese ox year is assigned to one of the five Chinese elements. This means there will be a year of the Wood Ox, Fire Ox, Earth Ox, Metal Ox, and Water Ox.





January 24, 1925 - February 12, 1926

Wood Ox


February 11, 1937 - January 31, 1938

Fire Ox


January 29, 1949 - February 16, 1950

Earth Ox


February 15, 1961 - February 4, 1962

Metal Ox


February 3, 1973 - January 22, 1974

Water Ox


February 19, 1985 - February 8, 1986

Wood Ox


February 7, 1997 - January 27, 1998

Fire Ox


January 26, 2009 - February 13, 2010

Earth Ox


February 12, 2021 - January 31, 2022

Metal Ox


January 31, 2033 - February 18, 2034

Water Ox

Each Ox Year's Elemental Focus

The five Chinese elements create a different focus for an Ox year's strength and determination.

  • Wood Ox year is the year to focus on personal growth and renewal
  • Fire Ox year is the year to focus on having a fun and friendly social life
  • Earth Ox year is the year to focus on financial security and security in general
  • Metal Ox year is the year to develop your mental strengths and intellectual abilities
  • Water Ox year is the year to surround yourself with family and close friends
The five elements

The Ox Personalities

In general, all five different oxen are robust, easy-going individuals who are genuine, faithful, and modest. Ox people are hard-working and down-to-earth individuals who can be very clever and creative with their hands, and are often prosperous in business. They aren't imaginative risk-takers. They are practical and think logically. Their success is due to their firmly resolved, strong-willed, and tenacious nature. The ox personality:

  • Has a stubborn streak, and this can cause arguments with others
  • Appreciates their home, which often becomes their place of refuge
  • Is slow to build friendships, but their relationships are usually long-lasting
  • Is dedicated and faithful to their life's partner

Wood Ox

Individuals born during a Wood Ox year are focused on personal growth. They're multi-talented, restless, and breezily move through life. They always want to do what's right and are always ready to defend the weak and helpless. They selflessly look after their friends in times of trouble. Still, they can also offend others due to their straightforward and strait-laced character.

Fire Ox

Fire Ox people are outgoing and lively and focused on socializing and having fun. While practical, they are also short-sighted, selfish, and shy away from close personal friendships. They work hard to gain some achievements at an early age. Still, due to their lack of decision-making skills, they are vulnerable to temptations, which means love and money can come and go quickly. However, they are lucky and can become prosperous due to an unexpected fortune.

Earth Ox

Earth Ox individuals are focused on creating a secure life. They are detailed oriented and good leaders who are honest, prudent, responsible, and dependable. They place great importance on cooperating with others, which means they often achieve great success with their friends' help. Earth Ox never makes promises they can't keep, shy away from difficulties, or do anything beyond their capabilities.

Japanese ox

Metal Ox

Metal Ox people are focused on developing their intellect. They are quick, decisive, and keep their thoughts to themselves. These are diligent, honest, gentle, and frank individuals who lead an active, busy life and prefer to do things their way rather than follow the rules and regulations. Metal Ox individuals are loyal to their friends and highly respected due to the good relationships they have with others.

Water Ox

Water Ox people are highly respected. They have sharp and penetrating observational abilities, are tenacious and wildly ambitious. These are individuals who make full use of resources around them to reach their goals. They are resolute and have a practical perspective on life. Financial success and social status are of great importance to Water Ox individuals.

Ox Celebrities

The famous individuals listed below represent the five Ox personalities.

  • Dick Van Dyke: Wood Ox
  • Morgan Freeman: Fire Ox
  • Meryl Streep: Earth Ox
  • George Clooney: Metal Ox
  • Tyra Banks: Water Ox

If You're an Ox

If you were born during the year of the ox, you're dependable, pursue your goals with great determination, and won't be deterred. You're also well known for your honesty and patience. You can be assured that family, friends, and co-workers relish having such a friendly, reliable, and stable person in their lives.

Year of the Ox: Meaning for Your Life & Personality