30 Suicide Quotes to Encourage Understanding & Awareness

Published October 30, 2020
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If you've lost a loved one to suicide, it's essential to focus on suicide awareness through original suicide quotes highlighting the silent struggle they lost. Provide comfort and healing to family members and friends by sharing these original suicide awareness quotes.

Suicide Awareness Quotes

When you lose someone to suicide, the crushing guilt and grief can make you question everything. Therefore, it's important to remember that your loved ones were fighting too. Use these original suicide quotes to spread awareness of the struggle those with suicidal thoughts face every day.

  1. It wasn't a choice of life or death. It's the struggle of not being consumed by darkness.

  2. Suicide isn't losing a battle to live. It's losing the epic fight against a mind that begs you to die.

  3. A shattered soul loses pieces every time it's glued back together.

  4. It wasn't a point of living. It was reaching the point where they could no longer fight.

  5. Being suicidal isn't about wanting to die. It's about quieting the pain inside.

  6. Living each day is one of the most extraordinary acts of courage.

  7. Though they fought to live, the world was just too much to bear.

  8. Suicide is one moment of weakness in a courageous fight for life.

  9. Strength isn't always enough when the weight of the world is pulling you under.

  10. Talk about them. Be proud of them. Losing a courageous battle doesn't make you weak.

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Suicide Quotes for Healing

Losing a loved one to suicide can be crushing. Not only are you grieving their loss, but the confusion you feel can be overwhelming. Use these original suicide quotes to promote healing to help you and your loved ones find comfort.

  1. The pain you hid overtook you like the darkness overtakes the sun. But I comfort myself in knowing that even on the darkest night, stars still shine.

  2. Though you left this world behind that day, you still live on through your place in my heart.

  3. When a family member takes their life, it wasn't because they were weak. It's because they tried to be strong for too long.

  4. Though you had to let go of this world to find peace, we hold on to your memory in our hearts, so you live forever.

  5. No one can ever understand the suffering going on in their mind. But the pain in your heart is a testament to their meaning in this world.

  6. It wasn't the tightness of your grip holding them to this earth; it was the strength of the fog of pain they couldn't take anymore.

  7. No answer will quiet your pain of loss. But through the memory buried deep with your heart, they will remain with you.

  8. In the all-consuming cloud of despair, it's hard to see the brightness you are trying to bring them.

  9. It isn't that you didn't reach for them. It's just that it was too hard to see your hand in the blackness.

  10. Within my heart, they live forever as a warrior.

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Suicide Quotes to Encourage Understanding

It can be hard to understand suicide even when you experience it within your family or yourself. Use these original suicide awareness quotes to encourage understanding.

  1. Fighting every day is not a sign of weakness. It's a sign of immeasurable strength. Convincing yourself to keep fighting every day is a courageous battle.

  2. While some climb mountains, others are carrying them. That is a challenging burden to bear.

  3. For some, finding hope is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest.

  4. Depression is a dark cloak that weighs 1,000 pounds. Each step taken takes an immeasurable amount of strength. The crushing weight is just begging you to fall.

  5. Hopelessness, if left unchecked, can quickly drown you in a stormy ocean.

  6. It's not that you didn't care enough; it's that they began to question what was enough?

  7. The thoughts of the mind are the strongest destroyer of lives.

  8. Those that lose their battle to suicide are not cowards. They just did not have the strength to keep fighting against their mind, making them feel worthless.

  9. The fact that someone fought so long shows you just how much they loved you.

  10. You can only hold someone's hand for so long before they must walk the journey alone.

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Suicide Awareness Quotes

Suicide can be challenging for some to wrap their head around. A loved one fighting with depression or suicidal thoughts isn't something you can see on the outside. Instead, it's a battle that many don't win. Spread awareness about suicide and the struggle fought around the world.

30 Suicide Quotes to Encourage Understanding & Awareness