Suicide Poems to Help With Grief and Healing

Published October 30, 2020
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When you lose someone to suicide, trying to find solace in a world that has lost its color is hard. One thing that some people find comforting when they are grieving this kind of loss is poetry. Poetry can express the right words to make you feel less alone. Explore original poems that you can share with your family and loved ones to start healing together.

Poems About Suicide to Help You Grieve

If you have lost someone to suicide, you may have wondered why they chose to leave this world. Maybe you experienced feelings of regret or guilt. Perhaps you even felt angry at them for ending their own life. All of these feelings can take a huge emotional toll on your heart on top of missing your loved one. The poems below speak to the unique pain that comes with grieving someone who committed suicide. These unique poems can offer comfort to you or to the loved ones of the deceased and can validate that this confusion and anger are all a normal part of the grieving process.

Never Forgotten

I remember your smile,
How you shined so bright.
I didn't see the pain inside,
You hid with all your might.

I know the pain became too much to bear,
I know you tried to see.
But the darkness hid you in a shadow,
As immovable as a tree.

On the day you left,
A piece of my heart went too.
But I bask in each new dawn.
Because now I live for me and you.

Losing My Daughter

She told me inside she was dying,
But they all said she was lying.
That's just the heart of a teen.
Just try not to be mean.

But she took her life today,
Because she couldn't be okay.
It was a shot to the heart,
Blowing it apart.

After a long time, I gathered,
All those pieces that had shattered.
Now, I chose to live well,
But everyone I will tell.

My daughter you see,
Now her soul lives free.
And for me.
Missing her, I will always be.

Suicide poem


It's a question I ask myself every day.
It's a question I can't bear to say.


Did you think this was right?
Did you lose the fight?


Was the pain too much to take?
This decision did you make?


I think of you a lot.
A disappointment you were not.
I miss you every day.
I count the moments until I can say,
I love you in every way.

You Lost Your Fight

Every day you fought the pain.
Every day you tried again.

But after time, it dragged out down.
The darkness it was all aroun'

We know you tried to fight your way.
But what more could you say.

That beast gnawed at your heart.
Little by little it tore you apart.

I know you fought so hard to stay.
But in the end, it pulled you away.

Just know I know how hard you fought.
I'm so very proud of the strength you sought.

Now I'm finding a way to live,
In a world where you have no more to give.


You asked me to find strength

In a world that has gone black.
In a world where you don't come back.

You asked me to find strength.

When you are not by my side.
In a world where you have died.

You asked me to find strength.

So, I pull myself out of bed every day.
So I know I will find my way.

You asked me to find strength.

Even though you took your life,
With one swipe of the knife.

You asked me to find strength.

So I carry you in my heart.
That way I know we'll never be apart.


That morning you smiled at me,
As normal as can be.
We laughed as I walked out the door.
I didn't realize I wouldn't see you anymore.
For that day, you chose to go away.
I didn't get a chance to ask you to stay.
Now, I fight the anger, pain, and grief.
Our time together, it was much too brief.
Why, oh why, couldn't you stay.
But now I know you couldn't keep the pain at bay.
Goodbye, are words I carry with me.
Because in my heart you will always be.

Suicide poem

A Rash Decision

In a moment, from this world, you are gone.
I still have trouble trying to move on.

I wonder what possibly went through your mind that day.
I ponder the demons you kept at bay.

Were you afraid of the trouble you might get in?
Was the string holding you to this world too thin?

In the dead of night, I play over that day.
Could I have made you stay?

Because I can't answer that question in my heart.
I know I need to do my part.

So your story I tell far wide.
Because if I can keep even one child by their parent's side.

Then your memory lives on.
Even though you're gone.

Silent Battle

In your head, there was always a war.
A daily battle that tore you slowly apart.
I never realized it hurt so bad.
I never realized how scared and desperate you were.

Your face it smiled,
But it never really reach your eyes.
Still, you trudged through.
Only now do I know how hard you fought.

The raging battle to stay in this world.
In the end, it was just too much for your shoulders to take.
With your peace, my pain began.
Only then did I realize how lucky I was to have you in my world.

So in my heart, I cherish your soul.
I will carry you with me always.

The Best of You

You gave me the best of you,
But you didn't leave enough for yourself.

You gave me the best of you,
So you didn't have the strength to go on.

You gave me the best of you,
So your journey in this world was just too short.

Since you gave me the best of you,
Now I hold your memory forever in your heart.

Since you gave me the best of you,
I work each day to be the best person I can.

Since you gave me the best of you,
I give the best of me to your memory.

Your Soul Is Free

Your soul is free.
But there is so much here I wish you could see.

Your soul is free.
But there was so much left to say.

Your soul is free.
I should have realized you weren't okay.

Your soul is free.
But your death tore me apart.

Your soul is free.
So I keep you in my heart.

Your soul is free.
But I want you here with me.

Your soul is free.
I play over that decision you made that day.

Your soul is free.
I wonder if I could have made you stay.

Your soul is free.
But there is so much here I wish you could see.

You Couldn't Stay

In my head, the moment will always play.
But in this world, you couldn't stay.
I think of you every day.
It helps to keep the pain at bay.

Poems About Losing Someone to Suicide

Poetry can help you find the light through the darkest of times. You can read these as funeral poems after a suicide to comfort the loved ones of the deceased, or you can include them in a card to the family.

Grieving the loss of your loved one to suicide is a long and difficult road, and you don't have to go through it alone. There are online and in-person support groups that can help you process your feelings with other suicide loss survivors. You can also find additional resources from Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Suicide Poems to Help With Grief and Healing