40 Moving Death of a Spouse Quotes

Published December 15, 2020
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Death of a spouse quotes can ease your grief with memories of the love you shared. Quotes about a deceased spouse can provide comfort and pay tribute to the life you had together.

Death of a Spouse Quotes

Death of a spouse quotes serve as a way to remember your beloved. Losing a spouse is one of the most difficult emotional pains a person has to endure, but there is solace in remembering what your spouse meant to you.

  1. You were the light of my life and your love still shines bright.
  2. The memories we shared comfort me every day.
  3. Although you are no longer with me in life, I still feel your love.
  4. I honor our life together by focusing on the joy we shared.
  5. I felt your love every day and still feel you near, loving me.
  6. I never wanted to be without you, but your love comforts me.
  7. Life without you by my side is possible because I still feel your presence.
  8. You left this world, but not my heart.
  9. In my grief, my tears give testimony to the love I have for you.
  10. I get through each day without you because of the love we shared.
  11. Even death did not end our love.
  12. Ours was a great love story that we will continue together some day.
  13. When we meet again, I shall hold you in my arms and never let you go.
  14. Our love was our bond, and even death could not break it.
  15. Your death left a gaping hole in my life that I fill with the love we shared.
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Losing a Spouse Quotes

Losing a spouse quotes can offer you a way to channel your emotions. The right quote can brighten your day with a happy memory of the life you shared.

  1. Everything reminds me of you and makes me feel connected to you.
  2. I will cherish you forever.
  3. You are never out of my heart or thoughts.
  4. You may be gone, but I can still see your face and hear your laughter.
  5. I shall always love you, even in death.
  6. You were more than a husband; you were my best friend.
  7. Even though you died, I still feel you near, watching over me.
  8. I know that someday we shall be together again.
  9. When a spouse dies, it's no longer us, just me.
  10. Not even death can steal the love I feel for you.
  11. Death may have robbed me of you, but it didn't rob me of our love.
  12. A spouse's love is stronger than death.
  13. I shall never stop loving you.
  14. No matter where my spouse has gone, we still share the bond of love.
  15. Living without your beloved spouse takes courage.
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Wedding Anniversary After Death of a Spouse Quotes

Wedding anniversary after the death of a spouse quotes are another way to cope with such a painful loss. When you focus on a quote about your anniversary spent without your husband or wife, you can find consolation, knowing you had a life filled with love and happiness.

  1. On our wedding anniversary, I know only one thing; I shall always love us.
  2. Our wedding anniversary is not a reminder that you are gone, it is a reminder that the memories and the love we shared was real and powerful.
  3. My wedding anniversary inspires me to live without my beloved spouse because we shared a bond that lives beyond death.
  4. While your physical death robbed us of any future wedding anniversaries, death didn't rob me of your eternal love.
  5. Remembering our wedding anniversary proves to me that emotions are stronger than death and is why our love remains.
  6. On our wedding anniversary, I love you still and death is powerless to stop me.
  7. Whenever I think of you on our wedding anniversary, it is of the good times we shared.
  8. We spent a lifetime of wedding anniversaries and one day we'll spend eternity together.
  9. I find comfort in knowing that we'll be together some day and can celebrate our wedding anniversary once more.
  10. Each wedding anniversary is a reminder you aren't here to share my life, but my love for you lives on.
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Death of a Spouse Quotes Can Offer Comfort

When you are hurting and grieving over the death of a spouse, a quote or two may provide you with comfort. Death of a spouse quotes can offer a kind and soothing moment of solace.

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40 Moving Death of a Spouse Quotes