7 Key Signs That a Deceased Loved One Is With You

Published October 29, 2020
Deceased loved one is with you

Signs that a deceased loved one is with you are very specific, and people have been reporting different ways how to tell if a deceased loved one is around for as long as humans have existed. Compare these key signs to your own experiences and decide if you've been visited by a departed loved one.

7 Signs That a Deceased Loved One Is With You

When you know these key signs, you can recognize your loved one is attempting to contact you. Among mediums, psychics, and other energy workers, it's believed that signs or omens are easier to manipulate, requiring less energy than materializing as an apparition. While some people may find it frustrating not to have direct communication, others find signs very comforting and easier to accept. Some people believe a deceased loved one materializing could be very traumatic.

1. Scents, Fragrances, and Aromas

The fragrance of roses has a historical significance. It is the scent reported for Marian events. These are events when people witness the appearance of the Virgin Mary. It is also the aroma described during angelic visitations. Some people report smelling roses when they feel the presence of their deceased loved one.

Scents and Aromas Specific to Deceased Love One

Not everyone smells roses or other floral scents when they feel their deceased loved one nearby. If your grandfather smoked a pipe, you might get a whiff of his favorite tobacco. The same thing is observed with a loved one who smoked cigarettes. A deceased's signature perfume is often reported or the smell of freshly baked bread, fried chicken, coffee, and many other aromas associated with the deceased loved one. The family of a deceased mechanic reported the sudden smell of oil and gasoline burst into the room.

Steam and scent rising from a coffee cup

2. Dreams of Conversations With the Deceased

Another powerful sign that a deceased loved one is with you is dreaming about them. In this kind of dream, you may suddenly find yourself engaged in a conversation with your deceased loved one. You might dream of entering a room and finding your loved one there. Usually, the person dreaming is surprised in their dream and comments that the person is dead, so how can they be there. The disbelief is quickly replaced with joy at seeing their loved one again.

Dreams With Messages From Deceased Loved Ones

Sometimes, a dream of a deceased loved one has a specific message. Your loved one may appear in your dream to deliver a warning or to congratulate you on something that has occurred in your life. Other times, your loved one heralds an announcement, such as a pregnancy or a more dire situation, such as a death. Most of the time, a deceased loved one enters your dream to communicate with you that they are all right and they still exist in what is commonly referred to as the other side. Most people find this form of communication comforting and filled with hope.

3. Butterflies Messengers or Spirit Manifestations?

Butterflies are believed to be a deceased loved one's way of communicating. The butterflies are often viewed as more than direct messengers of the deceased. Some people believe the butterfly is the spirit of the loved one taking temporary physical form since it requires less energy than manifesting as an apparition.

Butterfly Lands on You

Many people report a butterfly landing on their arm, hand, shoulder, or leg while they are sitting. These individuals immediately feel a spiritual connection with their deceased loved one. Some people report receiving mental pictures of their loved one while others carry on a mental conversation with their deceased loved one. Some people simply feel the presence of their loved one.

4. Electrical Interferences

A very powerful key sign that a deceased loved one is with you can be seen in electrical interferences. It's believed that spirits must tap into an energy source in order to manifest into the physical, and the easiest power source is electricity. This sign is seen in flickering lamps and other lights. Light bulbs may suddenly go out and need to be replaced.

Batteries Drained of Power

Interruptions in electronic equipment, especially a sudden loss of power in battery-powered equipment and devices, is a common occurrence when a spirit is present. Paranormal investigators report new batteries in their equipment suddenly depleting when encountering spirits.

5. Pet Reactions

Animals appear to be highly sensitive to spirits. Pets often perk alert when a spirit is present. You may notice your dog whining for no apparent reason. Your dog may suddenly come to attention with ears perked up and tail wagging as though happily greeting your loved one. Some cats and dogs might respond in fear by hissing or barking while looking in a specific direction, yet you can't see anything. These are a few of the reactions that people have noticed in their furry companions while, at the same time, they have sensed the presence of their loved one.

Pit Bull dog with perked ears

6. Objects Out of Place

Another sign that is often reported by people when sensing the presence of a deceased one is finding an object out of place. This can be a set of keys suddenly appearing where the deceased person kept them. Keys moved from their normal place and set on a table, ottoman or on the floor at the front door. Coins are another object often found in unusual places, such as a quarter on the deck railing, a coin in your shoe, or a coin on top of a laptop. These are inexplicable and unreasonable happenings that appear as though someone placed the coin there deliberately.

7. Music as a Messenger of Hope

Music is an easy way for deceased loved ones to communicate with the living. The deceased's favorite song may play when you walk into their favorite restaurant, when listening to an online radio, or someone at the grocery store suddenly starts humming the song. You may be stuck in traffic and your thoughts turn to your deceased loved one when their favorite song starts playing on the radio. You may be having a difficult time when a TV commercial comes on with that song playing in the background and you suddenly feel the presence of your loved one. These are moments when your loved one is believed to be reaching out to you through music.

Deciphering Signs That a Deceased Loved One Is With You

People who experience moments where a specific sign appears to be connected to their deceased loved one. During these emotional moments, individuals sense the deceased is sending them love and a message of hope that life continues beyond death.

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7 Key Signs That a Deceased Loved One Is With You