Casket Clip Art (Downloadable Images)

Updated April 25, 2022
Card with casket art and message

If you are creating a program for a funeral or memorial service, a memorial tribute website, or a scrapbook honoring the memory of a loved one who is no longer with you, you can enhance the design by adding a clip art image of a casket or coffin to the layout. If the person who has passed away was cremated, an image of an urn may be a better option. No matter which design you prefer, feel free to use the free images provided below for these types of projects, as well as any other non-commercial uses.

Free Coffin Clip Art to Download

To use the free images of caskets provided here, save each one that you want to use to your computer. If you use a PC, just right-click the image you prefer, then save. If you're a Mac user, press Control + click, then save. Once you have saved the image file, you can upload it to the document file or website of your choice.

Closed Coffin Images

If you're looking for an image of a closed casket, choose the option below that best meets your needs. The lighter image is a fairly basic wooden casket design, while the darker one is a more luxurious coffin featuring metal handles.

Light wood closed casket
Dark wood closed casket

Open Casket Images

If you'd prefer to use an image that depicts an open casket, use the images below. These images feature empty, upscale casket designs with the top lifted into an open position, as it would be during a wake or other type of visitation.

Open Casket Clip Art
Open Casket Clip Art

Urn Clip Art

Not every memorial service includes a casket. If someone is cremated, it's more likely that an urn holding their remains may be displayed. These clip art images of cremation urns may be more appropriate if there was not a traditional burial.

Brass cremation urn clip art
Cremation Urn Clip Art

Additional Resources for Casket Clip Art

If you are looking for a different design than any of the free clip art images provided above, there are other options to consider. Explore the following resources for alternate images of coffins and urns.

  • Casket with a cross: If you would like to include a religious theme in your project, this stock illustration from is a good choice to consider. It features a simple wooden casket with a large, gold-tone cross on the top. You can download the image for free.
  • Line art open coffin: If you'd prefer a line art image of a coffin, this basic black and white drawing of an open casket from Clipart Library is a good option. It features a simple, elegant coffin with quite a bit of detail, including a pillow. You can download the image for personal use for free.
  • Coffin during a funeral service: If you want to use an image that shows mourning family members viewing an open coffin with someone in it, this stock illustration from CoolClips may be a good option. It's a full-color image of family members gazing upon a loved one's casket in a church setting. There is a priest in the background. It's free to use with attribution; otherwise, downloads cost up to $1.50 depending on image resolution.

Create a Beautiful Tribute

The right artwork can help you create a beautiful tribute to a loved one. Consider incorporating the clip art of your choice into this free printable funeral program template to create a keepsake that the people who attend the service will treasure forever. You could also use these designs to add visual appeal to a funeral acknowledgment or thank you notes mailed to those who sent flowers or made a donation to a charity in memory of the person who died. Whatever kind of document you are creating, be sure to pair the imagery you select with comforting words appropriate for people who are coping with the loss of someone who meant a lot to them.

Casket Clip Art (Downloadable Images)