Examples of Funeral Resolutions


A funeral resolution is a formal acknowledgment of the relationship between the deceased and a church community. It is delivered at a funeral to honor someone who has died by elaborating on his spiritual qualities and good works.

Two Printable Funeral Resolution Templates

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Informal Funeral Resolution

An informal resolution is one that is made by a friend or family member during the funeral service. It is a more intimate account and may include Bible verses, quotes or poetry significant to the departed person.

Pastoral Funeral Resolution

This pastoral resolution should be read by the pastor or presiding member of the clergy at the church funeral service. It is a more formal summary and specifies formal tributes or memorial actions to be taken by the church.

Outline of a Typical Funeral Resolution

Resolutions can be long biographical and professional narratives, but a more typical funeral resolution follows a simple formula:

  1. Title - This includes the name of the deceased.
  2. Introduction of Faith - This brief section states the person died and lived according to Godly or spiritual principles.
  3. Whereas Statements - These statements give the reasons for the resolution. Each statement begins with the word "Whereas..." and there are, at a minimum, two or three 'whereas' statements. However, these statements should be succinct. The entire resolution shouldn't take more than two pages, start to finish.
  4. Therefore Statements - These are the actions the congregation will take to 'resolve' the death. These 'actions' might include ways in which the death may be viewed by those grieving, or specific periods of mourning to be observed. The content is determined by the person presenting the funeral resolution, perhaps in consultation with the family or the church. Limit "Therefore" statements to one or two.
  5. Complimentary close - A simple "Respectfully submitted by..." statement will do. A Bible verse may be added here if the resolution has not included scripture or poetry.

Respect and Affirmation

Hallmarks of effective funeral resolutions are respect and affirmation of the spiritual life led by the deceased. Resolutions are meant to include the wider congregation and community and pay tribute to a deceased member. A copy of the funeral resolution is typically kept on file in the church to which the deceased belonged. Secular resolutions to honor a public figure or colleague might be delivered by an elected official on the floor of a government chamber, at a civic event or in a memorial service. Those resolutions, which tend to be biographical and nonreligious, remain in the archives of the organization. In both cases, copies are presented to the family or heirs of the deceased.

Examples of Funeral Resolutions