Sample Memorial Service Outline (With Templates)

Published September 2, 2020
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A sample memorial service outline can help you plan to say good bye to your loved one. You can plan a traditional memorial service or opt for something more personalized to suit the personality and wishes of the deceased.

Sample Memorial Service Outlines to Help You Plan

A memorial service can consist of a combination of many formats and ideas. These memorial service sample outlines show how a memorial might be organized including a listing of possible features. These are simply ideas; you can add elements based on what you think would best honor your loved one.

All-Inclusive Memorial Outline

An all-inclusive memorial service has something for everyone built-in to the presentation. Enlist the help of family and friends to divide the components of the memorial among them, so each is responsible for one part.

Greeting and Eulogy

Begin with a general greeting that segues into a eulogy speech, since a eulogy isn't confined to a funeral. The eulogy should illustrate the deceased's personality and portray their life. It's always best if the person being eulogized is presented in such a way that is endearing and evokes an emotional response. If this is too big a job for one person, enlist two people to share in presenting the eulogy so they can offer each other moral support.

Poetry Reading

A poetry reading is a nice way to eulogize a person. Select a poem that best fits the person's ideology and philosophy. If the deceased has a favorite poem, then you can use it.

Collection of Cards or Letters

Another nice aspect of a memorial is to get others involved. Part of the memorial can be dedicated to people sharing their memories of the deceased. Do this by using cards where they can write a brief account of the memory. For those who need more word count, encourage them to write a letter to the family of the deceased. Request attendees do this prior to the tribute. Provide a pretty basket or decorative box for them to deposit their cards/letters when they first arrive.

Photograph Album

Most people have at least one favorite photo of themselves and the deceased. Ask those invited to the tribute to make a copy of their favorite picture to add to a photo album. Place the album on a table with a candle and flower arrangement. Each person will then add their photo to the album.

Deceased's Favorite Songs

Put someone who knew the deceased well in charge of providing the music for the memorial. Two to three songs should be enough for a typical service. These can be something as simple as a playlist or live music. Provide attendees with a lyric sheet for each song and instruct them to encourage everyone to singalong.

Video Compilation of the Deceased's Life

If you and other family members and friends have video of the deceased, designate one or more people to work on creating a video show as a memorial tribute. Assign someone to take over the technical aspect and presenting it at the memorial.

Sample 1 - A Complete and Inclusive Formal Memorial Tribute

Simple yet Meaningful Religious Memorial Outline

Not everyone wants a big production for a memorial. This is especially true if the deceased wasn't one for elaborate events. Keeping a memorial simple can be just as powerful, especially when it has a religious theme.

Opening Prayer or Other Spiritual Reading

Open the memorial with a prayer instead of a eulogy. If religion isn't something the deceased practiced, then you can substitute it with some other form of spiritual reading.

Musical Rendition of a Hymn

If you decide to sing a hymn or two, choose one that best fits your memorial. Provide hymn books or printed copies of the hymns.

Scripture Reading

Select one or two verses of scripture chosen for their poignancy and relevance to the deceased. Make sure it is something uplifting and inspiring.

Another Hymn

Sing a second hymn that is somber yet spiritually elevating. You may want to consider having a soloist perform the hymn for an emotional segment of the tribute.

Closing Prayer or Poem

Depending on your preference, wrap things up with either another prayer or a spiritual poem. Choose something you feel attendees will find comforting and full of hope and promise of life after death.

Sample 2 - Simple Yet Meaningful Religious Memorial Tribute

Outline for Informal Memorial Ending in a Party

An informal memorial is best presented in a casual setting, such as a beach, forest, library, or backyard. The informal approach is ideal if the deceased was an informal casual person. This type of memorial can segue into a celebration of life party.

Greeting and Welcome

Designate a person as a host, who can offer a general greeting and welcome to the guests. Depending on the format of your memorial and the venue, you may introduce two or three people who wish to share memories of the deceased.

Sharing Memories

Allow five minutes for each person wishing to share a brief story about their relationship or experience they had with the deceased. These should be humorous or amusing stories that have a positive and upbeat message.

Toast to the Deceased

Everyone can share a toast to the deceased with raised glasses. This toast can be made using wine, beer, champagne, or non-alcoholic drinks. If the person was mischievous and enjoyed jokes or pranks, you can recite a limerick or joke that is appropriate. Just make sure it is one that the deceased would have enjoyed.

Celebration of Life Party

The last part of your memorial tribute is to announce there is a celebration of life party. Provide food and drink as you host live music with an invitation to dance as the deceased would have wanted. You'll want a live band for this portion of the tribute, even if it is just some friends the deceased used to jam with. Announce to everyone to join in the fun by dancing.

Sample 3 - Informal Memorial Tribute Ending In A Party

Sample Memorial Service Outlines for Honoring a Love One

You have many choices when it comes to creating a memorial tribute. You can make your tribute as elaborate or as simple as you desire by customizing it to fit the deceased's personality.

Sample Memorial Service Outline (With Templates)