Obituary Poems to Commemorate Your Loved Ones

Updated May 28, 2020
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Obituary poems can add a special touch when you're preparing a loved one's obituary. Consider including one of these original poems to make your tribute more unique.

Obituary Poetry to Memorialize Loved Ones

The following obituary poems are meant to bring comfort to loved ones left behind and remind them there are still things to hold on to. Some of these poems can also be personalized with the deceased's name.

Not a Day Will Go By

By Kelly Roper

Not a minute, not an hour,
Not a day will go by
We won't think of you, (name of deceased)
And smile or sigh.

You enriched our lives
While you were here.
Now we must learn to live
Without you so near.

Time may soften the blow,
But your memory won't fade.
Not a day will go by
We won't wish you could have stayed.

When a Loved One Passes Obituary Poem


By Michele Meleen

Together we will mourn,
with sadness, tears, and fears.

Together we will love,
dear (name of deceased), ourselves, and each other.

Together we will live,
for him/her, for us, for them to come.

Together we will heal,
in memory of our beloved friend.

Forever alive in Your Heart Obituary Poem

Still Family, Still Friends

By Kelly Roper

Family or friends, our loved ones pass.
And though we can't reach out and touch them,
Call them on the phone or visit them at their house,
They are not completely gone from us.
For as long as we remember them,
We can reminisce, laugh at experiences we shared,
Visit them at their final resting place,
And speak to them from our hearts, knowing they hear.
They are still family. They are still friends.
Death can't change that.

Spiritual and Religious Obituary Poems

Some people are religious while others practice a more general spirituality. The obituary poems in this section reflect those beliefs.

God's Love

By Michele Meleen

God's hands reached far
to touch His child
softly, gently
they two will beguile.

In the Kingdom of God
peace fills the air
happy and tranquil
I know he/she is there.

God's hands reach far
to touch your heart
softly, gently
you are no longer apart.

Shine On Obituary Poem


By Michele Meleen

I am free to fly on wind,
to catch the breeze,
floating where I please.

I am free to shine with the sun,
to light up the day
in my own special way.

I am free without my body,
to live on in your memory.

Called Away Obituary Poem

It's Me

By Kelly Roper

When the sun breaks through the clouds
And a warm beam shines down upon your face,
It's me reaching out from Heaven to touch your cheeks
And whisper, "I'm alright."

When a gentle breeze finds you and
Refreshes your mind and body,
It's me caressing you and reminding you,
"You're alright too."

Obituary Poems for Specific Loved Ones

If you're in need of an inspirational poem about death for a specific family member who has passed, you may find what you're looking for in the collections below.

Funeral Poems for Moms

The loss of a mother can be life-changing for those left behind.

Funeral Poems for Dads

The following collections of poems can help commemorate a father.

  • Poems in Memory of a Dad pay special tribute to important males by showcasing their unique perspectives like those of military dads.
  • Funeral Poems for Dad points you to a comprehensive list of published poems for memorializing the men in your life.

Poems for Grandparent Obituaries

Use poems from these collections to express how you feel about the loss of a beloved grandma or grandpa.

Poems for the Death of a Child

The loss or death of a child can be one of the most difficult experiences in life. Ones of the poems in these collections might help express your grief.

Poems for the Loss of a Sibling

If you're writing an obituary for a brother or sister, consider adding a poem from one of these sources.

Commemorate Your Loved Ones

Add poems to obituaries as a means to express feelings, make a tribute to a loved one, or send a message about life and death. The emotional nature of poetry embraces the personal connections between the dead and the living. Even if you aren't a poet, there is an obituary poem out there that can capture exactly what you want to say.

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Obituary Poems to Commemorate Your Loved Ones