Grief Poems for the Holidays That Will Make You Emotional

Published October 21, 2018
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If you're missing someone who's died this holiday season, find comfort in poetry about these unique feelings. Whether you're experiencing grief at Christmas or grief in the new year, there's a poem out there that captures your mood.

Mixed Holiday Messages

Trying to celebrate holidays after the death of a loved one can feel confusing with all the well-wishes. This short poem shares how those Christmas wishes can feel for someone who's grieving.

How can I have a Merry Christmas
when you are gone from me?

A holly, jolly Christmas - impossible
with your absence as an obstacle.

Tidings of joy are false
when sadness is my holiday default.

Seasonal Sorrow

Holiday bereavement poems can be about an actual holiday or the time surrounding it. This long poem is great for supporting a grieving friend because it shows you understand that coping with grief during the holidays extends far beyond the actual gatherings.

It comes and goes,
as the cold snow blows,
drifting aimlessly
until piling on my heart.

Anger, sadness,
pain and guilt,
all gifts I bring unwillingly
as the holidays impart.

I try to hide
my grieving heart
beneath gifts and decorations,
but eventually, they come apart.

The holiday season
comes on quick
and leaves just as fast.
Although seasons and grief depart,
they linger in the heart.

Darling, the Love of My Life

Inspired by the classic Christmas song, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, this poem speaks about grief and hope in a slightly humorous way to lighten your spirit.

Darling, the love of my life
had a very loving heart
and if you ever saw it
you would cherish every part.

All the other Christmases
used to be full of joy and hope
Now without my darling,
I'm not sure I can cope.

Then this foggy Christmas Eve
My angel came to say:
"Darling with your heart so bright,
won't you find holiday love tonight?"

Then all the Christmases gained joy
as I learned to celebrate with glee,
Darling, the love of my life,
You've helped bring holidays back to me!

All I Want for Christmas

Poems about grief and healing during the holidays are most meaningful when they come from the perspective of the deceased like in this Christmas bereavement poem.

I want only one thing for Christmas,
It's the only thing I need.
To see your smile
Curving naturally
Late on Christmas Eve.

As night fades into day
I have one wish,
One hope for a Christmas miracle.
That your heart is filled with love
thinking of me celebrating from above.

Popular Poems About Grief During Holidays

Many great poets have suffered the heartache of trying to enjoy the holidays while grieving. These poems capture different experiences of holiday grief that might better fit your scenario.

Grieving Through the Holidays

While the holiday season is supposed to be a joyous time to gather and make memories, for some it is a time of sadness and loss. Poems about grieving through the holidays can help the bereaved find support and comfort during an emotionally confusing time.

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Grief Poems for the Holidays That Will Make You Emotional